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Double Celebration

Two days ago my nephew was graduated from High School. On the same day my mother was celebrated her 70th birthday. The family had simple double celebration at home with the usual foods like spaghetti, chicken, fried lumpia, cake and ice cream. It was simple celebration yet everyone was contented.

My nephew


See everyone was contented


Looks like this little dog wants to celebrate with us

Congrats again Harold, good luck in everything.

And to my mother who is very supportive to me and Kyla, Happy happy birthday. More and more birthdayssssss to celebrate and good health.

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ABC-Wednesday: K is for …

It’s ABC-Wednesday once again and we are in the letter K.  So for my letter K i guess you know it already. Do I need to give a clue? Anyway, she’s my model here and in my 2 other blogs. I guess you know who I am referring to. My daughter KYLA is my letter K. She is my source of happiness everyday though I will not say that we are always in good time. There are times that I am angry with her especially when she is badly behaved. My patience is not enough sometimes but I maybe angry with her but it don’t last longer. Being her mother I felt that I am bad especially when looking at her crying. I just hope that God will give me guidance it’s not easy to raise a child especially you know that you are alone.



Kyla is less than 4 months old in the first photo but she knows how to make a peace sign heheh, the other photo is her latest snapshot.

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Kyla in KFC

Kyla posing with lolo KFC hehehe.

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Kyla in her wacky and cute smile

This is Kyla everytime I tell her to smile in the camera she often give me a wacky shot/smile first.

C’mon Kyla give me a nice smile …

Finally heheh, i’m linking this post to Mellow Yellow Monday. Kyla is carrying her stuffed to; Hetty is part of Jollibee mascots.

After more than 16 hours finally electricity in our place got back ..

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No electricity :(

This is a quick post we don’t have electricity since I woke at 7 AM. It’s now 9.43 PM :(.  It’s almost 14 hours :(.   Thanks that I have few more battery left in laptop I am able to check my account.  Thank you all for the comments left I will visit you back once we have electricity. It’s too dark outside :(.  God bless everyone.

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Received new book

I think less than a month somebody left a comment in one of my posts with the name of Kuya Kevin. I’m not familiar with his name so I immediately went to his blog. I found out that it was not really just a personal blog but his blog/articles are about relationship issues, which led to the publication of two books wow.

After I left comment with his post I got an email from Kuya Kevin asking me if I want to receive his written book. Who would say NO to that, it’s free and since I’m beginning to love books I immediately answered with YES. So right after that he asked for home address. Then couple of days ago he sent another email saying that the book will arrive in a day or two. I am excited because I don’t join any contest or whatever to get this.

So yesterday, LBC man was asking for me I don’t expecting anything but this book only. I’m excited to read it so immediately unfastened the LBC plastic. Look what I got, LEARNING THE HARD WAY (True Stories of Heartbreak, Healing, and Hope). This was written by Kuya Kevin I thought he was a Filipino because he is using Kuya but he is an American originally from Alabama (USA). He lived in Manila since 2002.  Kuya Kevin is a campus minister and an author also of BASTA LOVELIFE: Making Wise Relationship Decisions. You can read more of his devotional thoughts and articles by visiting KUYAKEVIN.COM.

Going back to the book I received you can read stories about:

  • Mutual Understanding and Sign Seeking
  • Pregnant and Abandoned
  • Trapped in Adultery
  • Confessions of a Porn Addict
  • Life after Abortion
  • Sexual Sin and Strongholds
  • Dalagang Ina Dalawang Beses
  • Living with HIV

Kuya Kevin Sanders responds to true stories in Learning the Hard Way: Stories of Heartbreak, Healing and Hope.  His books are now available in bookstore.

Again, Kuya Kevin Sanders thank you very much for this book, God bless you.

Visit his site and be guided in the right way at KUYAKEVIN.COM

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PF: Kyla and her new friend

My Pink Fridays entry for today is about Kyla and her new found friend. My two weeks job in my sister Internet Café has been finished. Kyla met friend during the time I am working there, her name is Alyana. Anyway, these photos were taken in the shop. By the way this is the first time that Kyla wore this pretty Dora’s shirt (thanks Tita Malene for the shirt)

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Congrats Hannah

As of this moment maybe my Niece is accepting her diploma. She just finished her Nursing Course, so another stage of her life has just finished.

Congratulations Hannah and good luck in whatever career you may undertake.

Going back… we’re happy when she was born, the first niece in the family. She is growing as a pretty and hard working student. I don’t have the pictures when she was born so i just grabbed this one when she was pre-schooler (i guess).

The next photo is during the time she reached her debut we are all excited and because that time Kyla is celebrating her first birthday too.

Time flies really from her childhood turned to a pretty debutant and now part of 2011 Nursing Graduates. We are proud of you 🙂

The last two photos were taken today before heading to the Graduation Ceremony. Congrats again and way to go … 🙂  Accept this as my gift to you, lol.

Anyway, i’m linking this post to Nostalgia Meme happening every Thursday. Thanks Sis/Ate Rose for inviting me before and so sorry that just linked today, wink!

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J is for …

J is for Jollibee. It is the mascot of the well-known fast food chain here in the Philippines. They already have branches outside the Philippines. The first photo was taken last year we saw Jollibee in the mall so we don’t missed the chance to take a picture with this cute bee mascot.

The second photo is the Jollibee Shirt and Jollibee Cap. Two weeks from now Kyla will participate in Jollibee Kids Club fun activity for this summer. She will wear this shirt together with the cap. This activity will last for 5 days in Jollibee food store here in SM Lucena. I hope she will take part in all the activities this is her first time to participate in this kind of event. She is not the type of person who can mingle easily to other but I hope in this five day event she will learn a lot, gain confident and friends as well.

In the third photo Kyla is wearing her Jollibee cap, isn’t it cute? Wink!

But beyond everything my letter J stands for Jesus Christ, thank you for everything.

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RT: Cute smile and a prize

It’s Ruby Tuesday once again and its time to show or share photos with red touch. It can be big or small as long as it has red shade. I started to browse the camera to see if there is a photo with red. I’m glad that I found photos so now I’m linking it in Ruby Tuesday.

The first photo is my model hhehe, my daughter who is not always ready to smile in the camera. But in this photo she gave me a cute smile, wink! We bought this shirt when we are in Bohol, Philippines (super duper pretty place).

The next photo is the plastic of LBC. LBC is the one who delivered my prize that I won in blog contest recently.  What is the prize I got you can see it here.

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