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Masskara Festival

Finally after so long I was able to upload this postcard. I think less than a month when I received this postcard. So sorry mommy Sheng it took so long before I post it in my blog. Been busy with offline things that I don’t have time on working online. Aside from that I have problem with my USB so I wasn’t able to upload the photos.

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Ogio Bags

Have you heard about Ogio? Well they are known in selling bags specifically backpack. Ogio bags are comfortable and lightweight to carry. Not only that a backpack ogio can hold many stuffs because it has large compartments. It is easy to carry with the style that you desired. So if you are a traveler or just a simple person and wanted to have a comfortable bag Ogio can provide it. They offer bags for golf, work, backpack, travel, athletic and bags for women.

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Typhoon typhoon go away …

For two days already classes were suspended here in our place. Though were not really affected by typhoon Juaning still Quezon province was under Signal No. 2.  So DepEd suspended classes from preschooler to high school department.  But we only experienced some rainy showers but beyond that nothing awful things are happening right now. But I heard in the news that many casualties were already reported in the nearby places that were truly affected by this typhoon. So sorry for those who have been affected I hope our government can do/ready and learned from the past experiences like in Typhoon Ondoy. 

Anyway, this typhoon still in our country but another typhoon was predicted by PAGASA. I hope this will not turn into a typhoon I don’t think our kababayan (fellow countrymen) are ready for another one.

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My Fierce Wife

I haven’t finished watching Korean series Pure love a.ka. 49 Days but now I have another Taiwanese series that I’m eager to watch. I’m talking about “My Fierce Wife” that will be aired in ABS-CBN next week. The story is about a girl who was happily married with one daughter until her husband cheated on her with her own cousin. The ensuing divorce became a battle of love and wits. This kind of story is interesting for me so definitely I will watch it but will finish first Pure Love I’m on my half way now =) … the Asian series obsessed strikes again.

The Fierce Wife

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Personalized Photo Purse

Personalized item is really fascinated nowadays. You can see them in almost everything like for example personalized keychain, mugs, t-shirts, writing accessories, bags and purse and many more. Speaking of bags and purse I found a site that make your bags or purse into unique personalized thing. Seeing your photo or photo of your love one in your purse or bag is really great thing and make you inspire in whatever you are doing. Anyway, everytime I go somewhere I always have my purse with me. Now that I learned that purse can be personalized as well I wanted to have it. Photo purse is good idea and it’s unique because you have your own picture with that purse. You can even put some text messages or design it by yourself.

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PR1 wootwoot!

Its time for celebration heheh … I’m surprised to see that this blog has PR1 now. I think two weeks ago when Mr. G updated pagerank and sad to say that there’s no changes with my PR from PR0 it remains PR0. But I heard in other blogger that Mr. G once again updated so I immediately went on their site and voila my PR0 turns PR1.

Does it mean more opps online? Well I hope so because I really need it so badly, ahahah … well thank you so much Mr. G and please don’t dwindle it in the near future 🙂

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If only it’s true

Almost everyday I received email from different people saying I won in a contest or raffle. Some said I won because my email address was selected. Other said that I won in lottery but I don’t play lottery especially online. But of course I don’t believe on them because in the first place I don’t join their contest though I joined so many contest online I only join those sites that are legit and most of the time contest in blogosphere.

Well if only the emails are legit enough maybe I’m one of the rich people in this world, heheh. Because the money they said was really huge amount. Right now I checked my email and guess what I won in Mercedez Promotion, lol. Well I know they are just spammers or maybe one of the many people who are trying to swindle other people but sorry I’m not that kind of person who will just believe and fall into their trap.

This is just one of the many emails i got.
See how big the money … If only it’s true hmmm.
Your Mail ID has won £1,000,000.00 (ONE MILLION POUNDS). in the Uk Award


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Pinay SAHMs’ $800 Birthday Giveaway

Three Pinay WAHM’s are celebrating their birthday this month. So they decided to have Bonggang Birthday Bash. They are giving away up to $800 So without further ado I’m joining this contest and hoping to get any of the prizes. So what are you waiting for join now. For more information just click the contest badge.

Pinay WAHMs' $800 Giveaway


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Lets Eat in a Shoe House

Want to eat in a Shoe House? This is the new dine in place here in Lucena, its located near International School for Better Beginners (ISBB – Kyla’s school). The Shoe House just opened couple of days ago and now open for dining, isn’t it cute?

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First Television

 Looking back, twenty years ago our first appliance was Radio then later on my sister bought television. It is just black and white but we were contented already. Before that we watched tv shows in our neighborhood. There are times that I haven’t finished the show because neighborhood will closed the tv already. So it’s very frustrating that time. So when we had our first television we were really pleased.

Photo: Credit to Google

I don’t remember when the day that we had colored television but what I thought is that technology keeps on coming and offering new features. Because of the many features, it seems people should have information technology degrees to use their TV remote, and have attended sound engineering schools just to turn on your surround sound.

We should be educated somehow to use the new technology that keeps on coming. Or else we will not enjoy the features of it. Good thing there is site that you can lean on and read about information technology degrees and other related courses.