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Korea Electronics Show 2011

Electronics has been part of our lives for so many years. It’s all started from the simplest to highly developed products. I remember twenty years ago our first electronic appliances were radio and television then years passing by we are introduced in so many electronic products that are useful in everyday doings.

There are many countries that provide different electronics products and one of them is Korea. Did you know that Korean electronics were ranked as 4th in the world electronics production? At first they started to make from the simplest product like vacuum tube then later on developed to higher products such as mobile phone and semiconductor.

In the year 1969, the first Fair of Korea Electronics products were took place. And after the successful fair each year finally 42nd Korea Electronics Show 2011 is open. The event will take place this October 12 – October 15, 2011 happening in Kintex, Gyeonggi, Korea. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy Korea and Gyeonggi province. If you are interested to see the event you can visit and do some registration.

Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011

So what is happening on Korea Electronics Show 2011? Well, 1,000 companies from 30 countries will participate in this event. Participants will present their major products like semi conductors, cell phones, computers and even convergence solutions. I am sure that this event will be successful again just like what happened last year. So don’t waste your time and be sure to visitKorea’s biggest electronics show. Don’t let this chance to fly away.

For more information you can visit their official website:

Follow KES in their official Facebook Page:

And KES official Twitter:

You can visit also the Report on Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010: and see Korea Electronics Show 2011 Brochure:

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Internet Connection

Since yesterday I have problem with my internet connection. It’s not because there is problem with my provider but because I haven’t paid yet my monthly bill. My bill was supposed to be last Friday and now its Monday already. No, its not that I don’t have the money the thing is I always forget to drop by in Sun Cellular office to settle my bill. So now I am using my sister’s computer, good thing it has internet. But sometimes this computer is so annoying. The more sites i opened the larger the possibility of getting hanged.  So bear with me if I couldn’t visit you. I will do it once I settled my bill. Have a nice weekend!

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GMA Kapuso Stars

Some of GMA Kapuso Stars went in SM City Lucena today. I think they were invited because of the 50th Anniversary of Lucena as a city. Among the GMA stars present were Dingdong Dantes, Jolina Magdangal, Marvin Agustin and Hiro Magalona. The Kapuso stars also invited Lucenahin to watch their new show in GMA Iglot it’s a fantasy series. It’s about a child who found a giant egg that contains a magical creature inside. The main characters in Iglot are former Kapamilya stars Claudine Barretto, Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin. This show will be aired on August 29 in primetime.

Anyway, when we went on the event center there were many people patiently waiting for the GMA Kapuso stars to come out in the stage. I have no idea how many people came to witness the stars but its copious so we didn’t stay in the main event. We just stayed in the food court though we still saw the celebrities but not too close. Well it’s better than to cram in many people. 

I took photo of the people watching the show this not covered all the people I only took photo on my front. Some of the children and even adult standing in the table of food court just to witness the GMA stars. 

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Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition

I heard about Junior MasterChef in Australia way back. I said that I will watch the episodes even in youtube but haven’t seen one. Now, that we have our own Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition for sure I will gonna watch it.  

Photo: Credit to Google

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo is the host of the show. It’s her come back in television after her pregnancy. Junior MasterChef is a kiddie cooking reality show I am so envious with the contestants because at their very young age (I think 8-12) they already have the guts on cooking. 

Joining the Queen of Soap Opera are world-renowned Filipino Chefs like JP “Jayps” Anglo, Fernando “Ferns” Aracama, and Rolando “Lau” Laudico.  They will be the ones to lead the kiddie chefs and judge the dishes up on their way to get the title “First Pinoy Junior MasterChef” who will gets a culinary scholarship and P1 million. 

The show will be aired on ABS-CBN this coming Saturday (August 20). The Philippines is the third country to produce its own Junior Masterchef in the world. The other two countries are United Kingdom and Australia.  

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Rainy weekend … New Badge

How is your weekend? Its been raining here since yesterday (Saturday) so Kyla just stayed at home yesterday while I went in the mall to buy something. Earlier this morning we attended mass in the mall and bought some Kyla’s stuff and baon (snack in school). The rain just stopped when we went out in the mall but it keeps on pouring from time to time. I hope tomorrow mr. sunshine will comes out. It’s hard to go to school if it is raining and beside we don’t have own car to send Kyla in school.

New Badge

Yesterday I installed the new template and happy that you liked it too. Now it’s about time to change my badge to go well with my template. Thanks RyheAnne for providing one =). I already updated my badge in Adgitize and sooner or later it will be available in adgitize network. So please have time to click it … thanks in advance.

Anyway, wherever you are I hope everyone is safe. Enjoy the rest of weekend. 


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New Template

Nope you’re not lost it’s my blog “Living the Beauty of Life” I just decided to change the template. Working on my previous template sometimes makes me feel lazy and I already tired looking on that template. So finally I have my new template with the help of sis Ryheanne of it’s not just a BLOG (one of her multiple blogs) …. Thanks a lot sis, I love it! And please sis bear with me if I have some question regarding tweaking and coding because I’m very naïve on doing it. 

Maybe later if time permits I will change the badge of this blog. I’m still advertising this blog in Adgitize, if you see it while blog hopping please have time to click it. Meanwhile, please continue on clicking my current badge… thanks in advance.

If you are tired of your old template and wanted to have a new look better contact RyheAnne. Again, thanks much =)


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School Activity for next week

Finally after almost two months of waiting Kyla handed her first ever school ID. She always asking me about her ID and I told her that it will be given very very soon. So this is the time =). She was happy while showing it to me after their class.

We have a little review of her past lessons today. The other day we reviewed her Math lessons now we focused more about Science subject. I’m glad she’s always participating everytime we have a review. I hope by Tuesday (August 16) examination day everything would be all right. I believed on you Kyla … you can do it … Fighting heheh.

After their examination they will celebrate Filipiniana Culminating Activity on August 18. Each level from Nursery to High School will have presentation of the different Folk dances here in thePhilippines. I already bought her costume they will wear Kimona, Skirt and pair of abaca slippers. (I will make a separate post of her costume in my fashion blog). Anyway, I’m excited about this because this is the first time that I will be seeing her performing in school. This is also the first time she will dance in front of many people. I hope there would be no tantrums on that day.

School Activity for next week

Monday – regular classes from 8 am to 11 am
Tuesday – examination from 8 am to 10 am (first batch)
Wednesday – no classes (for first batch)
Thursday – Filipiniana Culminating Activity
Friday – I think its Quezon Day or Lucena Day ( so I’m still waiting for an announcement regarding this holiday)

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Howard Miller Clocks

Clock is very important to us so it is necessary to have it in the house, office, school and other public places. I have one in the room but sad to say it always gives me wrong time. Maybe it has problem with the battery or the clock itself. Maybe I should read more about the 30% Off Howard Miller Clocks offer I might get one.

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Runny Nose

Yesterday little Kyla was not feeling well but she’s not sick. She just has runny nose after we went out to buy her snacks in school. When she woke up this morning the runny nose became worst however she still attended her class. This afternoon she was feeling uncomfortable because it kept on pouring.  I’m glad that even though she’s not comfortable with her runny nose still she’s very attentive when we have a review of her previous lessons. We only reviewed Math subject for today this is for her preparation in their first quarterly assessment test happening next week. My schedule for her review would be one subject at a time so she will be focused and will not be tired after.

Anyway, it’s really hard to see your child when she’s not feeling well. And when you knew that she can’t tell exactly what she feels. I’m glad it did not result to fever she will miss so many activities if she will be absent on her class. I already gave her some Vitamin C so I hope it will work. Right now she is sleeping like a princess =) I hope by tomorrow everything is fine. Good night!

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Marilyn Monroe Quotes

I’ve been writing about the different quotes for the past couple of days. Normally I read quote when I’m feeling sentimental or upset. Good thing that there are many available online for free. I didn’t know that there are Hundreds of Marilyn Monroe Quotes. I never thought that Marilyn Monroe  quotes were left after she died. I will be headed in the site later meanwhile have to take a break here.

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