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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.

2011 thank you for the lessons

2012 bring it on …  hope this 2012 will bring more luck to us

Enjoy and have a safe new year.

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Late Christmas Greetings

I’m back! Merry Christmas everyone, sorry for my late Christmas greetings but as the saying goes “better late than never”.  Anyway, I was away not because I was busy last Christmas but because I’m not feeling well.  

December 24, Kyla and I are about to make Buko Salad for our Noche Buena. When I was cleaning the bowl I felt pain in my lower back. I thought we can’t make our buko salad but we still made it. After, this I immediately took a bath and dressed up because I wanted to go out to buy something for Kyla. But I felt the pain in my lower back again so I just rested. I thought it will fade in few hours but I was wrong. 

December 25 – The pain was still there and getting worse it’s hard for me to get up from the bed. But I tried my best to stand up because it’s Christmas I should not spend my day on the bed. Whenever, I am standing its hard for me to walk so in the afternoon, my mother and niece accompanied me to the hospital for check up. 

Thankfully, the doctor was there and had my check up immediately. To summarize, he said commonly it is muscle pain or UTI related. To make sure he asked me to take a test on my urine. After 30 minutes I got the result and thankfully i am negative from UTI. So the doctor just gave me medicines for muscle pain. He also gave me vitamin D for my nerves. 

December 27 – After two days of taking the medicine, I still feel the pain but not painful unlike the first and second day. Anyway, I have to take my medicines for 1 week and the vitamin for 1 month. He also asked me to drink lots of water. 

Well, I hope I can get better as soon as possible. I don’t want to spend my New Year lying on my bed; I don’t think it’s a good idea heheh. Anyway, I’m not sure if I can visit you back if not I will do it next time, just give me sometime to rest =).

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Nostalgia: Christmas last year

IF YOU HAVE TIME PLEASE VOTE THIS POST HERE –   –  just leave comment saying   I’m voting for Mona Abayle’s  entry.   Voting till Dec 31  only. Thank you in advance.

It’s so sad to know that Nostalgia meme is phasing out already. This is the last time that this meme will be seeing here in blogosphere. Honestly, I don’t join this meme regularly but if I have something to share I linked with this meme. Anyway, it’s really sad I don’t know why mommy/sis rose decided to end this meme but whatever her reason I will support her by joining this meme for the last time. Sorry for taking it so long before I finally write my last Nostalgia meme it’s really kinda busy these past few days.

Anyway, for the last Nostalgia meme – post anything that would remind you of the past Christmas or any experiences you have in the past.  Or you can share your thoughts about this meme.

Hmmm, let me share our Christmas celebration last year. Normally, we celebrate this occasion here at my mother’s house. The family is complete all the time well except for those who are living abroad. Aside from eating these watering foods, we have this game Pinoy Henyo (segment in Eat Bulaga) where winners will receive cash from my sister. Catching of coins and bills are much awaited every christmas. I got almost $10. Aside from these things Kyla and her cousins started their first Christmas exchange gift. Well, not sure if this thing will happen again reason below. 

We usually have happy memories during Christmas and New Year because we are complete. But this year I doubt if our Christmas and New Year will be merry because couple of months ago five of member of the family already migrated in Canada. They are my brother in law, three nieces and one nephew. Well, on a brighter note I’m happy because finally they will be living with my sister who is living in Canada for less than three years without her family. My nieces and nephew growing up without my sister who first worked in Paris,France for almost five years then transferred in Canada. So, for eight years my sister was living far away from her family. We are thankful that they are living in one roof now. We considered this as a blessing. Anyway, Kyla is missing her cousins already. I’m glad that facebook, chat and telephone are there because they are big help for us to communicate easily. I hope they will come back here very soon.

This is their family photo in Canada from left my BIL, three nieces and my sister. I don’t know why my nephew is absent on this photo so I uploaded his solo photo below =)

My handsome nephew =)

My share for Nostalgia.


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Typhoon Sendong ravaged Mindanao

I wasn’t aware that Typhoon Sendong ravaged Mindanao from devastating rains, flash floods and landslides that have left a shocking trail of devastation. Yesterday we were in Manila and got back home the following day at 3 am. I wasn’t really aware that our kababayans were badly affected by typhoon Sendong (International name Washi). Just seen the news today on TV Patrol Weekend, I was really shocked because Sendong killed almost 400 lives in almost part of Mindanao especially in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City. Still there are hundreds of people missing. Many of our kababayans also lost their homes and possessions. Residents said it happened so fast, at a time when people were fast asleep.

I remember last time I was talking to blogger friend Genny from Davao she mentioned that their place especially Mindanao are rarely affected by storm. It is true because number of major storms strike yearly in our country but Luzon is the one that always affected but I seldom heard that Mindanao and even Visayas region are visited with storms annually.

I felt sorry to all the victims especially because Christmas is coming. Wonder how they will celebrate Christmas because of what happened. Well, praying here that typhoon like this will not occur again.  Anyway, if you read my post and wanted to help, this is the thing I can do to help the victims. I searched over the net on where to give donations whether in cash or in kind. Feel free to help and let us back smiles to our kababayans in Mindanao. (I got the following informations here


DSWD – Volunteers needed at DSWD Cagayan de Oro (Masterson rd, Upper Carmen) to repack and deliver relief goods. Call +63906-615-0095 or tweet @DSWDserve. 

Iligan Bloggers Society. Meet at RizalPark at8AM onDecember 18, 2011. Look for Erika Cruz 0905-280-2002


Rock Ed Iligan. Running a soup kitchen in Iligan now. Donate any amount so they can continue to serve hot meals for homeless families in the neighborhood to BPI Loyola 3080.0073.44. Tweet @rockedradio or @RockEdIligan for help 

Red Cross via credit card & bank deposit. Visit 

Red Cross via Globe. Text RED < amount > to 2899. You may transfer P5, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500

Red Cross via Smart. Text RED < amount > to 4143. Valid donation amounts 10, 25, 50, 100 

Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro needs donations in CASH, FOOD (noodles, canned goods, etc.), BOTTLED WATER, and CLEAN CLOTHES. Details here:

Iligan Bloggers Society is asking for cash donations, canned goods, noodles, bath and laundry soaps, toothpaste, rice, used clothings, slippers. Details here: 

ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya. Donations accepted in cash and in kind. Details: 

Globe G-Cash. Text DONATE(space)AMOUNT(space)MPIN(space)SLB and send to 2882 

La Salle Greenhills. Donations will be accepted startingDecember 19, 2011 (Monday) — Donations in cash and kind can be received at Gate 2 of La Salle Green Hills at343 Ortigas Avenue, MandaluyongCity 1550. You may also call any of the following telephone numbers for further inquiries:

Aluimni Office — 721-2729, 722-7750, 725-4720

GS Principal — 721-2482

HS Principal — 721-8914

Buildings and Grounds Office — 721-8904 (Telefax)

La SallianMissionOffice — 726-5851 (Telefax)

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Christmas decorations

Christmas in the Philippines is not complete without Christmas decorations. You can see different decorations anywhere you go from simple to intricate ornaments. And speaking of Christmas decorations as I promised last night I will post our Christmas decorations in the house. Starting with our Christmas tree, for this year we chose red and gold poinsettia. It has Christmas lights and I bought the red star on top. So what do you think? You can leave your honest opinion about our Christmas tree, hehe …

We have this bell hanging in the living room. My mother bought this one; I was surprised because this bell cost $15.

This small Christmas tree is not new we used this last year but still looking good. You can put this in any place that is visible like in your table.


Another decoration hanging outside our door.

Outside you can see these decorations. You can observe the beauty of these decorations at night because Christmas lights are up.

You want more? Well, we have this lightning Santa and his reindeers. It looks like they are moving because of the effect of the lights. People passing by can view this outside. I think we used this for three consecutive years already.

I hope you enjoy looking our Christmas decorations even just on photos =). Anyway, care to share your Christmas decorations? I’m sure all are set because nine days more left before Christmas.

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Artificial plant

Ten days to go before Christmas I forgot to post our Christmas decorations. Anyway, I will share first our artificial plant in the house my mother decided to decorate it with Christmas ornaments. Little Kyla is so excited to help and happy to see that this artificial plant turned Christmas tree =).


Anyway, promise to post other decorations in the house maybe tomorrow. Just really tired because we attended Christmas celebration presentation in Kyla’s school earlier. Then after that we went to mall to buy Christmas gift wrapper. I prepared everything today including her simple presents to all her classmate and teachers. I got backache after, lol. Well, have to sleep now …sorry I’m not able to comment you back but promise as soon as my time permits to get online again I will visit your blogs =). Have a safe night!

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Spaghetti recipe

Last time I cooked spaghetti for merienda. I used simple ingredients but turned out delicious (for me). Well, Kyla finished her plate so I guess its delicious hahah. Anyway, here is the simple spaghetti recipe I learned from the back of spaghetti sauce =).


  • Spaghetti noodles
  • Salami
  • Celery (stalk)
  • Carrot (optional)
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Tomato ketchup
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Magic Sarap

How to cook:

1. Cook spaghetti noodles according to package direction.

2. In a separate pot or frying pan sauté onion and garlic. Add carrots, salami and celery stalk.

3. Then add spaghetti sauce, tomato ketchup and some water.

4. Put salt and pepper to taste and magic sarap

5. Just wait for the sauce to boil then its ready.

6. Add this sauce to your cooked spaghetti noodles.

7. Serve while still hot.


Adding carrots are optional in fact it’s not belong on the recipe. But i learned from other bloggers that carrots are also good in spaghetti so I tried to put some left over carrots. You can add cheese also but this is again optional. You can see I don’t put cheese but still the taste is good.  This spaghetti will not cost much. I only cooked ¼ kg spaghetti noodles. In total my expense was more or less Php 100. Good for 3-4 persons already.

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Kepler 22b – Newly discovered planet

Have you heard about Kepler 22b planet? This is the new planet that has been discovered by NASA scientists. They believe this planet has several similarities to Earth. It is sitting outside our solar system and said to be the ideal place for life. The temperature is not too hot and not too cold at all. The temperature is about 72 degrees could be just right for life.

However NASA still does not know what the planet is made of, however, it could be mainly rock, gar or liquid. But the problem is Kepler 22b is about 3,600 trillion miles away from Earth.

So do you want to live here if given a chance?

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Philippines may experience Wet Christmas

It was said in the news that our Christmas will be a wet one. Well, for the past few days our place already encountered rains. But despite of this still thankful because we don’t have much rain here unlike in other part of our country. During this season almost everyday we are out to shop for Christmas stuffs but with this kind of weather I don’t have the guts to go out. Can you believe at this time I haven’t started shopping. Only few days to go before Christmas but I don’t feel of going out. Even just roaming the place and see some Christmas decorations in our place.

Anyway, Filipinos may experience a wet Christmas this year because of the prevailing La Niña phenomenon.  “This December the northeast monsoon will be the dominant wind system so it will be cool and wet,” Graciano Yumul, supervising undersecretary of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA).

So how is the weather in your place? Have you started your Christmas shopping? 

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I love white clothing

Are you one of the many people who love to wear white? I remember anchor Korina Sanchez once featured her collection of white clothing in her Rated K show. I was surprised to know that she loves white especially in clothes. Anyway, I don’t have to go far because I myself love to wear white. In fact I have numerous white shirt collections in my closet. The color white symbolizes purity, innocence and liberty reason why I love to wear white color. 

Well, if you are like me who adore white clothing and wanted to wear it especially this Holiday season or even just in any occasion worry free because you can find them at The White Company shop in London. They have wide collection of white clothing for women. I browsed their clothing collection and super love it. And now they are offering 30% off on selected lines this is good deal especially today that we have so many expenses this Christmas. 

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