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Slater Young: Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Season 4 Grand Winner

Finally after 5 months of living inside the house of PBB or Pinoy Big Brother the winner had been announced. Slater Young  from Cebu and an engineer announced as Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Season 4 grand winner. 

The Hot Engineer From Cebu: Slater Young

I don’t watch the show regularly but I was updated on what’s going inside the house because of the commercial and sometimes find time to watch it. From the start, I go for Slater because he is down to earth person, humble, smart and kind-hearted. He came from a well-off family but he maintained his good relationship with fellow housemates and showed good leadership.

Slater garnered 40.02 percent of text votes and went home with P2 million and other special prizes such as Crystal Clear Water Store Franchise, Appliance Showcase, Trip to Asian Tour, TFC International in the US and Sony Internet TV.

Congrats Slater Young … you deserved it!

Have you heard about Simsimi?

Have you heard about Simsimi? This is what I got …It is an application, which is used in both Android and iPhone to chat or communicate. It is a conversation app that most people find very interesting and was invented by a Korean technology company in the year 2002. So this was started for ten years already but I only knew about it when my niece shared it to me couple of days ago. She started to chat with Simsimi and looks like it has an endless thing to say. Ask Simsimi anything and everything and you will receive response immediately. I tried it earlier not with my cell phone but here online. 

Personally, I don’t like it. Well, others find it cute and funny but for me it’s no good. I noticed it gave answers that fouled already. I don’t know why other people are fond of chatting with Simsimi. But in my case I’m not really affectionate of it. I read a tweet from an actress that she is talking with Simsimi though she admitted it’s a nonsense conversation.

So have you tried chatting to Simsimi already? If so, how was your experience chatting with Simsimi? Anyhow, I’m not sure if I will visit Simsimi’s site again but for sure I will not have any conversation with Simsimi again, for me its gibberish and weird! Ok, whatever your opinion about it whether Simsimi gives happiness to you or not let us just respect our opinion. 

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Educational books for preschooler

Today is my daughter’s official vacation at school, I bought these educational books for preschoolers couple of days ago so Kyla will have something to do during her spare time. Some of the contents are her past lessons so these books will serve as guide or reviewer of Kyla especially this book Preschool and Kindergarten Skills. While the other book Beginning Reading will be her lead on reading. She still doesn’t know how to read only some words that she is familiar. Well, I hope this summer will be a productive one and she will know how to read so she will be ready in kindergarten level.

My Share for this week’s Mellow Yellow Monday, Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday 2.

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Why Filipinos Go Gaga over Magnum Ice Cream?

Magnum ice cream is finally here in the Philippines. Actually, they launched it last February 28 and from then everyone is talking about it. Filipinos go gaga over Magnum ice cream and it has been trending in Twitter and Facebook since it was launched.   

I first saw this Magnum ice cream in tv commercial. And from that moment I said I will try it. So last Sunday when we were in Supermarket I bought one; Magnum Chocolate Truffle. It cost 50 pesos quite expensive hah but it’s worth it. I love the taste so yummy. Magnum ice cream bar is coated with a thick layer of cracking Belgian chocolate. 

There are three flavors available here in the Philippines; almond, chocolate truffle and the classic. I liked the chocolate truffle that I tasted but many said almond flavor is more delicious. So I will definitely taste the other two flavors. 

My niece was here earlier and she asked me if I already tried this ice cream. My sister also bought this ice cream today. Everyone is hooked with Magnum ice cream. So have you tasted it? If not go visit leading supermarket (nationwide, I guess) and convenient stores. Price is 50 – 60 pesos depending in the stores.

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How to prevent fire?

Sometimes I don’t want to watch news. For the past days and months always bad news is being reported from simple to the most complicated crimes. Aside from that there is always report about Fire. I think the other day, victims were asking for help like clothes donation because nothing left to them. Sometimes not only our property is taken away but life of our love ones. I can’t imagine being in that situation for sure it’s hard to start all over again.

This month is Fire Prevention Month. The Bureau of Fire Prevention Protection (BFP) is calling on all citizens to be alert, watchful and cooperative to avoid fires. They also provide information and things to do in case of fire. Many cases the causes of fire are left candle, kids playing matches and electrical fault.

How to prevent fire? Here are some helpful tips to prevent fire provided by Bureau of Fire Protection.

– Electrical wiring should be regularly checked by a licensed electrician.

– Unplug appliances not in use.

– Matches/flammable liquids/lighters/other combustible materials should be properly stored, kept away from children and pets, or disposed of completely.

– Candles or lighted mosquito coils should never be left unattended, and should be placed away from curtains, paper, and other materials that easily catch fire.

– Cigarette butts should be properly put out before disposing of them in trash bins.

– Contact numbers of the local fire department should be conveniently kept near the phone or stored in mobile phones.

– Fire extinguishers should be placed in easily accessible places and everyone at home or in the office should know how to use them.

– Fire drills, which include escape routes and mitigation measures, should be held regularly.

We don’t want to see our property slowly vanish and life of our love ones. So do our part, be alert and watchful. If no one is neglectful for sure we can prevent fire. 

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Cyndi Lauper Live in Manila

If you are a big fan of Cyndi Lauper this is the time you’ve been waiting for. Cyndi Lauper live in Manila, she will be performing at the big dome (Smart Araneta Coliseum) on March 17, 2012. 

For sure you want to sing and dance with her. Who will forget her songs like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Money Changes Everything, Time after Time, She-Bop and lots more? 

How I wish to watch her concert this is once in a lifetime but I’m kinda away from the venue. 

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How is your weekend?

How is your weekend so far? Yesterday, the family went to cemetery to visit my father who passed away 4 years ago. After, we went to mall to celebrate my niece birthday. We ate at Buddy’s first then after the kids played in Wonderpark. 

Today, Kyla and I started our day by attending the mass. After the mass we ate in KFC. I went out without eating my breakfast. After we ate, I let Kyla to play again in Wonderpark in just a short time. 

Next spot was supermarket; we bought her snacks in school before going home. 

Anyway, only two weeks ago and they will have their summer vacation. I’m thinking now what she will do this summer. One thing that is definite is her swimming lesson. I’m still thinking what other summer activity she will engage. But I will make sure her summer will be a happy one. 

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4th Death Anniversary

Today is my father’s 4th year death anniversary. My Kyla is just 4 months when he passed away. She’s now 4 years old and I make sure she knows my father while she is growing. Anyway, we didn’t visit cemetery today because everyone has things to do but we will go tomorrow. I missed my father … when he’s still alive I don’t normally say I love him in vocal but God knows how much I love him.

Anyway, on a lighter note my niece is celebrating her 11 birthday today. I wish all the best for her especially good health.

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Best Deals for Clothing and Fashion Stuff

We have three seasons in the Philippines. They are hot season happening every month of March to May, rainy season from June to November and cold Season during December to February. Now, the season here is hot or summer season. It’s the time where getaways take place. I guess clothes for cold weather like sweatshirts and jackets are already hidden from view and clothes for summer are already put out in your closet.

Anyway, now that summer is here we have different plans to enjoy it. And whatever the plan whether traveling, camping, going to beaches and other fun activity. It is important to wear clothes that are comfortable and fabulous looking wherever we are. If you feel that your summer clothes are already left behind or out of fashion then its time to get new summer outfit.

CouponCodes4u savings is a great help because they have huge discount and they are the best online destination for free coupons, deals and sales especially clothing and fashion stores. Like for example Bloomingdales store which offers best deals for clothing and fashion stuff like latest trends, style guides and amazing offers. I am excited to visit their site because currently they are offering different Deals at Bloomingdales . For sure with their wide selection of products like tees, shorts, dresses, denim, swimming attire, sunglasses, handbags, and sandals I can get something for me. Bloomingdales is one convenient store for anything. Anyone can shop at Bloomingdales because they ship anywhere around the world. So wherever you are, you are free to access on their wide selection of their products. I’m happy because they are already serving Philippines plus I can pay with our currency. And they promised no extra charge or hidden charge which makes your purchase expensive. So, my dear readers don’t let this huge discount offers pass without using it. Start browsing coupon codes site and especially Bloomingdales for your clothes and fashion needs so you will have a great summer experience.

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Transferring to a New Hosting …

You might not see this blog tomorrow and in the coming days because it will be transferring to a new hosting. Anyway,  will surely go back in a short time, hope so =). Thank you for visiting this blog and giving your time doing Entrecard drops here. I will find time to visit you back. Happy blogging!

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