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Pintahan sa Banga “Jar Painting” in Pasayahan sa Lucena 2012

Every year one of the activities in Pasayahan sa Lucena is street and wall painting. This time instead of doing street and wall painting, the organizers of Pasayahan 2012 chose pintahan sa banga or jar painting. I learned there were almost 20 participants who participated in the elimination round but only 13 groups made it on the final round.

Jar painting contest started at around 10 am. Judges gave 6 hours allotted time to each group to finish their task. Contestants came from different schools in Lucena City which includes high school and college level.

This activity was actually for the benefit of the elderly in home for the aged. How this possible? After the participants painted each jar it will auction to the public. All the money will proceed to help elderly people in Lucena.

Anyway, it was started with this plain jar.


After 6 hours of painting the jar, finally the judges made a decision and chose entry #1 as the grand winner (photo below). The winning group received Php 10,000, second place received Php 7,000, third place received Php 5,000, fourth place received 3,000, fifth place got 2,000 and the rest got Php 1,000.


 Who could tell that a plain jar will transfer to a colorful jar? Doing this kind of activity shows only that Lucenahin has an artistry talent. 

Congrats to all the participants I wish my daughter has this kind of talent. I don’t wish it for myself because it’s already impossible, wink! Anyway, the 13 painted jars are available for auction at SM City Lucena and i think at Gaisano Mall.  

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Pasayahan sa Lucena 2012 – Flores de Mayo with Kapamilya and Kapuso Stars

Today is the fourth day celebration of Pasayahan sa Lucena 2012. For today’s activity Lucena had Flores de Mayo. According to them the event will start at around 3 pm, my daughter and I arrived in the place past 3 pm but I noticed Flores de Mayo hasn’t started yet. There are many Lucenahin and other people from nearby places came to witness the event. I heard others already complaining because of long wait, about two hours. Well what can we expect “Filipino time” is always Filipino time. 

Gladly, I have a bottle of water, lollipops and peanut so my daughter munches it while waiting. Finally, after two hours standing I heard soldiers playing instruments meaning Flores de Mayo will be starting in a bit. Anyway, the long wait is over and the event started. Fashion designers in Quezon dressed beautiful and handsome Lucenahin. I will share some of the photos in my fashion blog very soon. 

I heard other people shouted and I realized because there are celebrities who joined Flores de Mayo. As the celebrities go nearer in my place I saw GMA artist; Bianca King and her handsome partner. People from my back said the guy is from GMA as well. I am not Kapuso normally I watch shows in ABS-CBN so I know only few artists in GMA. Anyway, ten more partners passed by then other celebrities came out. People shouted and it is because of Bianca Manalo and Mateo Guidicelli. Wow, Mateo is really good-looking man but he is a bit darker, I know he is a mestizo, I guess because of too much exposure to the sun because its summer. Bianca Manalo is beautiful and sexy now I know why John Prats got in love with her. 

Aside from them I saw TV host; Cory Quirino, she is really a mestiza walking with the Mayor of Lucena City and others. Rene Salud who is a fashion icon also joined this year’s Flores de Mayo. Overall, even though we waited for so long it’s worth it because we saw celebrities and the different gowns created by Quezon fashion designers are really beautiful and should be proud of. 

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X-Loop Sunglasses for the Athlete Inside of You

Have you ever been playing a sport outside and missed a kick or catch because the sun blinded you? If your answer is yes, then you are in desperate need of a pair of X-Loop Sunglasses. X-Loop sunglasses are a brand of sunglasses that was developed solely for athletes and active people. They are made of high quality hard plastic and contain polycarbonate lenses that are designed for high impact sports. X-Loop sunglasses are available with polarized lenses for the highest sun protection for your eyes.

The main focus of an athlete is to win, and if you have sensitive eyes and are playing sports on a sunny day, then winning might not be so easy. Not only will you have to pay attention to the game, but you’ll also have to try not to be blinded by the sun every time you look up. X-Loop sunglasses are specifically designed with athletes in mind, and are guaranteed to help outside sports athletes be better at their games. This brand offers multiple different designs to fit your sport and the shape of your face. They also offer a variety of colors so that you can choose the style that fits you the best. All X-Loop  wholesale sunglasses are constructed with high quality products and are able to withstand high impact sports without being broken or damaged. Some of the frames are made of soft rubber and all of the brand’s sunglasses have anti-slip nose pieces to keep the sunglasses on your face even when it is 100 degrees outside and you’re sweating through your clothes. Many of the styles are made to wrap around your face and head so that they will easily stay on and stay in place. Nothing is worse than wearing sunglasses that end up constantly slipping off of your face. They won’t function properly if they don’t stay in place and allow you to focus on your game. These glasses will stay in place, and they are comfortable too. You’ll forget that you are even wearing them as you run down the field and score to win the game. 

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World’s Most Powerful Celebrities plus Lady Gaga’s concert in Manila named one hundred celebrities as The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities. I was surprised because Jennifer Lopez is on the first spot, followed by Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber (for complete list please check forbes site). Jennifer Lopez got earnings from her endorsement, clothing line, fragrances and earnings from American Idol as one of the judges. She has 6.6 M followers in Twitter and 12 M fans on Facebook, wow!

Anyway, surprised to see Manny Pacquiao because he is included in the list at number 33. Pacquiao is really blessed because of his boxing career. I hope he will use his earnings by doing good deeds to other people especially to his kababayan (fellowmen) hahah!

Last year, Lady Gaga is on the number one spot now down to number 5. Speaking of Lady Gaga do you think her two days concert in Manila will take place? Some of religious group here is having a protest to not allow Lady Gaga’s concert in our country. They said Lady Gaga is an anti Christ because of the theme of her songs and the way her video songs make. However, fans of Lady Gaga are all excited to see their idol performing live. So we will see if her concert will gonna happen this coming May 21-22 at MOA (Mall of Asia).

So, what is your stand about Lady Gaga? Remember, she is recently banned performing in Indonesia.

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Affordable Underwater Camera

Yesterday I watched one of the shows on NewsTV sorry I can’t remember the name of the show. It’s my first time to watch the show; I don’t know why I was interested to watch the review of underwater camera. Well I guess because in time for summer yeah it’s not the end of summer though there are rainy showers already.  Aside from that it is very affordable, I can’t believe that we can buy underwater camera for less than 5,000 pesos. The Kodak underwater camera is 5,500 pesos (the one I will share).

The host and three other people reviewed three different underwater cameras. I will just concentrate with Kodak Playful Waterproof Video Camera because they chose it over the two other underwater cameras. 

The Kodak Playful Waterproof Camera is handy and trendy. It can put in any pocket or purse because of sleek design. It has 720p HD video, record up to 10 hours of HD with expandable SD/SDHC card slot that can hold up to 32GB. It has built-in USB arm for easy sharing. It can plunge up to 10 ft underwater for up to 2 hours.

Aside from the beautiful features what I like with Kodak underwater camera is the price. As i said earlier for only 5,500 pesos you can have this waterproof camera. Well, looking forward to buy this kind of camera. For me its useful especially during summer so must buy for me. There are many things we can see underwater but it’s not possible with regular camera so hoping to own one. And its nice to keep souvenir photos or videos underwater. 

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Happy Mothers Day to my Mom!

Happy Mothers Day to my mom … Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for being there for me from the start ever since you gave birth to me and until now I have my own daughter. Sometimes we have small argument but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. God knows I felt guilty whenever I had tantrums talking to you. I think in every relationship it is normal but it doesn’t end there because our love and care for each other is always there. Happy Mothers Day again, Nanay … thank you, thank you … thank you for your unconditional love. May God bless you good health and long life.

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Spongebob Mega Tumbler from Mister Donut

My sister gave Kyla this Spongebob mega tumbler from Mister Donut. I think you need to avail 20 pieces of smidgets for 120 pesos to have this Mega tumbler. Well, it’s cute and still usable after you consumed smidgets.

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First time to taste Chilled Taho

When we visited Liliw, Laguna we had the chance to taste their chilled taho. This is the first time I tasted chilled taho. We often buy taho here in our place but the taho we tasted in Liliw is different because it’s cold/chilled and it’s like a jelly. For 10 pesos we enjoyed a cup of chilled taho. I really liked it because it’s luscious.

Taho is very popular in the Philippines. It is a snack food made of fresh soft tofu, arnibal (brown sugar and vanilla syrup), sago (similar to pearl tapioca). In our place and other parts of our country you can see magtataho (taho vendor) selling taho in the morning. But when we visited Baguio City I learned that taho is not just selling in the morning but even in the evening especially to public walk places. Baguio Taho is also different because it has strawberry flavor well they are famous for strawberry so that is not really surprising. 

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K+12 in the Philippines

I always wanted to post about the issue of  K+12 in the Philippines but I don’t have the chance to do so. I guess this is the proper time for me to share my opinion about K+12 because in one month school 2012 – 2013 will start. 

What is K+12?

This is the new education policy that DepEd revealed last year. It is popular in other countries like USA, Canada and Australia were they called it K-12 (K to 12). Now, our government is trying to follow this range of education. So, there is a need to attend kindergarten, six years in elementary (Grades 1-6), four years of junior high school (Grades 7-10) and two years of senior high (Grades 11-12). Students can choose an area of specialization in the final two years. It aims to lift our country’s basic education course to world standards and generate high school graduates ready to be employed even without a college degree.

My Opinion:

I think the new education policy is fine because it will improve the quality of education in our country. But are we ready for this change? I doubt because yearly problems in school arises like lack of teachers, classrooms, school facilities, lack of school supplies and books in the different parts of our country.

Let us consider also Filipino families who are poor and can’t send their children in school what more if two more years will be added.

Anyway, the new education policy has been implemented so I don’t think we can stop it. But I hope our government will provide enough school equipment, appropriate instructional materials and address the different school problems so the aim of lifting our basic education will meet.

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Happy to make a good deed for others

After we attended Kyla’s swimming lesson; we feasted at Jollibee. After I ordered our meal I paid exact amount but after a minute the cashier is giving me change that almost times three of the amount I paid. I’m kinda surprise and talk to cashier that I don’t have change anymore. After I said this to cashier I think for a while if I really gave exact amount. Well, for me I really bestowed exact amount so it’s a mistake in the part of this cashier.

While eating I’m thinking of what had happened, what if I grabbed the money what will happen to the cashier? For sure she will pay for it but of course I will not do that crazy thing. Though I don’t have enough money I will not use the opportunity to take advantage with other people. With regards with the cashier I hope she learns from what had happened. She should say thank you also because I don’t feel that she is thankful for what I did, hahah!

Anyway, I am happy because for me even in a simple thing I made a good deed for others.