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Paracetamol is important to keep

Daughter had fever last Wednesday night. Normally she sleeps at 8 pm when there is school the following day. That night she was unease and can’t sleep. I never thought she will be having fever that night because she played all day long after her school in the morning. Anyway, I already closed the light so she could sleep but after only few minutes she began to vomit. I opened the light hurriedly and I saw daughter threw up everything she ate on pillow, bed sheet and floor. I cleaned her first then later on her messed. 

Child doses of paracetamol are being revised following concerns that youngsters are regularly overdosing on the painkiller, it has been announced.

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I started to give her sponge bathing while sleeping. I learned this through my Caregiving class. If you’re kid has fever you should do something to lower her fever right away. So that’s what I did, giving paracetamol and sponge bathing. I don’t have ready ice so just wet small towel and placed it on her armpit, groin and forehead. There are times from 10 pm – 12 am that she wakes up and still uncomfortable. 

At 2 am the alarm clock waking me up, I was thankful because the little girl also woke up so I gave her another paracetamol. I thought daughter will not attending school but in the morning I checked her temp again and the fever has gone. I don’t give her a bath instead just cleaned her up. 

In the school I asked her teacher to check my daughter from time to time and text or call me if something happens. Good thing I don’t receive any text or call so after 3 hours I went to school to fetch her. When we got home she plays the whole afternoon again. At night I noticed she has slight fever but not similar to the fever she had the other night. I don’t give her paracetamol because her body temperature was only 37.3°C. 

In the morning she had a bath; I do this to remove the heat in his body. Ok, to make the story short she is fine now and been attending school with no absent since this school year started. As much as I desire, I don’t want her to skip her class because the school is giving an award to any students who can complete attendance for the whole school year. Last year she failed to get this award because she has one absent, so hopefully this school year she will complete her school days and don’t encounter any fever again. 

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My new prospect is Wii Games

In today’s world were technology is taking place to the markets, people are going crazy to get the latest model of gadgets. Not like before, people are contented on simple things. Looking back I have no gadgets while growing up maybe because that time we don’t have money to purchase one. So, I could say I’m so naive in using gadgets but I noticed in today’s generation even kids are enjoying different gadgets like wii games. Sometimes they are good players compared to oldies. My daughter hasn’t tried nor having one so I am considering giving this gadget to her. I am pretty sure she will like and learn it easily. I can’t question kids’ knowledge on gadgets because they learn it so hasty. Anyway, playing this gadget will also be our way of bonding so hopefully I can buy one in the near future.

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Pampering myself using nail colors

For the past days or should I say months I forgot to pamper myself. And now that school year is started it makes me busy everyday. My daily routine is sending and fetching my daughter at school and while at home I’m working online. I forgot already how to beautify myself. I realized still its important to make myself beautiful and I should not forget it even on a busy days. I have so many things in mind in order to pamper myself but I will do it one at a time. Maybe I will first go in a salon and have nail colors. Gosh, I can’t remember the last time I did this thing. 

Anyway, to pamper myself is good to hear but of course this is not easy to do if I have no money to use. Going in a salon weekly or monthly is money consuming. So I think I should learn how to put nail colors and just do it by myself. With this I can save more money. My friend told me about Julep, it is a boutique nail salon that is selling huge collection of nail colors and hand and foot products. So, whatever the personality of a girl whether stylish, strong, witty, gorgeous or diverse, Julep has something to offer. Their nail colors are non toxic so we can never be wrong with their products. I am thinking of trying one of their products and see for myself how good their nail polish products.

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Linking UnionBank account to PayPal

I have hard time linking UnionBank account to PayPal. My UnionBank ATM card was expired last month. I went to UnionBank to ask for replacement card. After a week the bank issued my new ATM card. I linked my new card to my PayPal account. I thought what I did was right so after linking it I transferred some of my earnings from PayPal to my bank account.

Normally, the money will appear to my bank account 2-4 days after I transferred it. But I was worried because 5 days has left and no money appears on my bank account. I checked my PayPal account again and I saw my money got back. PayPal said there is a technical problem in my bank. PayPal deducted 250 pesos on my account, sadness. 

I called UnionBank hotline to ask for some help. The operator then told me she doesn’t’ see any PayPal that link to my bank account. I was surprised to what I heard because I already linked PayPal to my bank account. She said I should link my account properly and need to deposit at least 200 pesos to my account so PayPal will be linked properly. So, that’s what I did. I went to Union Bank again and made deposit. 

So when I came back I browsed my PayPal account and linked my bank account once again. PayPal provided 4 digits code that appears to my bank account. Thankfully, I have enrolled my card online so I can make and manage my transaction online. So, I got the code and input on my PayPal and got my account verified once again. 

But for the third time my withdrawal was not successful super sadness because PayPal already got 750 pesos from my account. Last time I talked to UnionBank customer service, he said I should input my account number and not my card number. So that’s what I did today and hopefully before the week ends I will get my money already or else I don’t know what to do, super sad!!!!

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How to ease boredom?

Time flies, it’s been two weeks since my daughter started kindergarten. As I said on my other blog she cried during her first day but thankful because it just lasted for 1 day. When she came back the following day all the tears went away. 

Since the classes started last week, I am waiting for my daughter for 3 hours in school. Parents or guardians are not allowed loitering in places near the rooms. The school provided two particular places for the guardians and parents to hang out while waiting for the kids. Sometimes waiting for 3 hours is really impatient especially if there is no one to talk to. I am not sure if I will continue waiting for my daughter until her dismissal for the whole school year. I might go home or go somewhere else just to let the time pass. Sadly, the malls usually opened from 10 am and my daughter time is 8am – 11am so going to the mall is not advisable especially malls aren’t near to my daughter’s school. 

Anyway, I am also considering staying at school and just bring things that could ease my boredom like bringing laptop. Sadly, the battery life of this laptop is only for 1 hour, I don’t think I can do more with that time limit. Charging is not allowed so useless to bring the laptop though I am using broadband but still useless. Well, instead of laptop, I might bring magazines or books but sometimes I don’t have patience reading, what’s wrong with me, hahah! Other nannies are fond of reading tagalog pocket books so yesterday I borrowed one so I will not notice the time while waiting but I don’t know what’s wrong because I just started reading from page 1 and haven’t turned the next page. I think pocketbook is not for me. Talking to other mommies is the best option but I am thinking if this is really the best. Waiting for 3 hours talking to other mommies or guardians without doing something productive is useless for me. 

Well, any suggestions how to ease boredom while waiting, will appreciate much =).

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Thanks … Firmoo!

This is just a quick post. I would like to say thank you again Firmoo a Global  Online Optical Store for giving me all these stuffs in exchange of sidebar link or blogpost. 

 Aside from sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses, you can also avail their bifocal eyeglasses. So check them out. You can read more about Firmoo on my Fashion blog.

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We received package

We received package from my sister. She is living in Paris, France with her family for more than 20 years now. She was worried because she assumed the package will arrive last month (May). Well, finally her package arrived safely and still well-packed. I heard rumors that some of the packages are not arrived in safe condition and sometimes one or more contents are missing.

Anyway, just like the previous packaged we got. Delivery man took a photo of my mother together with the package as proof of delivery. My mother asked why the package arrived so late. Delivery man said it’s not easy to pull out something in the customs and need proper documentation. When the delivery man left, my mother opened it right away. Inside the box are used and new clothes, chocolates, shoes and more. My daughter is very happy seeing her new toy doll with accessories.

Well, this is one of the advantages of having relatives abroad. I know my sister worked hard just to send us all those stuffs in the package. I am thankful because I have sister like her who is kind and generous. Just like my other sister who is residing in Canada with her family too.

Prayers and love are the only things we can repay them.

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Nephew loves guitar

My nephew is a guitar lover. He bought his first guitar way back 4 years ago. From the very moment he has the guitar it’s always in his side. He carries it wherever he goes but when he migrated to Canada he left his first guitar here and now my other nieces are the ones using it. I heard my nephew already bought an electric guitar, I might tell him about roland effects pedals Musicians friend. This could make the sound of his electric guitar more pleasant to the listeners. 

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Advantages of having BDO Reward Card

Daughter needs to bring small shoebox in school. This is for her grooming kits. I remember last year her teacher also asked them to bring shoebox so I got her old shoe box and wrapped it with Dora designed wrapper. It’s hard in my part because I don’t really have talent in wrapping plus its time-consuming. So this time I decided to buy small storage box instead of wrapping shoebox and killing my time again.  

There are different brands and colors available at SM. Good thing there is small storage box that I actually needed. The price is 80 pesos; the saleslady said the item is already on sale. I don’t think twice and grabbed one. Upon paying, the cashier is asking me if I have SM Advantage card or BDO Reward Card. It is a kind of privilege card that can be used to pay for your purchases if accumulated certain points.

Anyway, I asked the cashier if I have already points or money earned in my card. She said I have 69 pesos and it can be used already to pay my purchase. That’s what I did, but I only used 60 pesos and paid the remaining 20 pesos. It’s like I paid it for only 20 pesos. I’m thankful because I have my BDO reward card which is really helpful especially if you have so many points earned.

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Boots for my brother

Almost everyday gasoline has price hike so instead of using the car my brother prefers to use his motorcycle. In this way he can save a lot because motorcycle doesn’t consume much gasoline. Aside from that he can avoid traffic. He loves his motorcycle and been using it for almost 7 years now. I am thinking of giving him an Alpinestars Boots this coming Father’s day celebration as a gift so he can partner it with his motorcycle. I’m sure he will love it because it’s comfy and durable. 

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