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How to Learn to Play the Organ

One of the most interesting instruments to play is the organ. My daughter has standard electronic organ. I thought it wasn’t playing already. Good thing the outlet was the only problem and when I put in another outlet the organ finally works again. My daughter has this organ long time ago. I think she was 2 or 3 when her grandfather bought it. She was 6 now but hasn’t learned to play the organ perfectly. But from time to time she’s using it. There’s a program in this organ where it plays repeated songs. She loves pressing the keyboards and create any sounds. It would be nice if there is someone in the family who has background in playing this kind of instrument. For sure it would be easy for my daughter to learn. Another thing, piano flash cards from musicians friend would be a great help. I should enroll her to a music school but money is always a dilemma. I might search online for sure there are many tutorials available. And I hope it’s not too late for her to learn. I can’t wait to seeing my daughter playing organ  efficiently.

kid playing piano photo kidplayingpiano_zps49131c68.jpg

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Uniforms for Different Jobs

Certain job positions require workers to wear uniforms that are used to present a company image. A  photo kids-chef-uniforms-6_zpsb0e09a87.gifuniform is supposed to stay true to a brand’s theme or overall reputation. For example, workers that are employed by upscale hotels and resorts are expected to dress in neat and professional attire. A front desk girl at a luxurious hotel might have to wear a blouse and skirt with matching colors that reflect a brand’s logo. Similarly, male workers at a hotel might be required to wear a complete body suit with a specific color scheme.

Upscale restaurants require waiters to  photo ladies-front-desk-hotel-uniforms-5_zpsb2a5aea3.gifwear black pants and a white dress shirt with a tie or even a tuxedo. Fine dining is all about a sophisticated experience and that’s what the waiters are expected to present. Catering halls and banquets may also employ well dressed servers that deliver food in trays and other custom packages. Individuals that are employed in the hospitality industry may be required to wear clothing specific to a job title such as chef or cook. Chef pants and coats are available in different colors to reflect the color scheme of a particular brand such as chain restaurant or upscale privately owned establishment. is an example of a supplier that sells job uniforms.

Bartenders may be required to wear something less formal but still stylish. For example, jeans and a casual shirt with a colorful tie are acceptable for a bartending position in any bar, lounge, club and other nightlife venue.

 photo unisex-v-neck-sweater-vest-10_zpsac22ba53.gif

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Queen of Ambition

I’m currently watching Queen of Ambition also known as Yawang / Night King / Wild King. It is a 2013 South Korean television series, starring Kwon Sang-woo, Soo Ae, Jung Yun-ho, Kim Sung-ryung and Go Joon-hee. The drama tells the story of an ambitious woman born into poverty who will let nothing stand in her way as she tries to become the First Lady and a hopeless romantic who will sacrifice anything for this woman. When this woman betrays him, he takes his revenge.

Queen of Ambition has 24 episodes and I’m currently on episode 20. So far I like the story but I heard it has sad ending. Oh well, many of Korean dramas has sad ending and it won’t be a reason for not watching them. I also heard that the story is almost similar to The Innocent Man. And I can say yes, when I was watching Queen of Ambition especially episode 1, I remember The Innocent Man that I highly recommended for you to watch the series. They were the same because the woman used a man for her to get her dreams but of course the story changes eventually. Oh, well i have to finish Queen of Ambition today because i have many Korean drama series to watch. 

Queen of Ambition photo queenofambition_zps04e7ba95.jpg
Queen of Ambition cast – Go Joon-hee, Jung Yun-ho, Soo-Ae, Kwon Sang-Woo, Kim Sung-Ryoung

Photo credit – Google

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Designs For Home Remodeling Projects

A kitchen is a very important part of the house and that’s why renovation projects are often done to improve function and appeal where food is made and served. Modern kitchen remodeling companies begin the process on a computer. Special design software makes it easy to create virtual blueprints for brand new kitchens. The process begins with creating a two dimensional floor plan that sets a general layout. For example, some of the most popular settings for an upscale kitchen include island and peninsula. Traditional layouts have an L or U shape.

Another important factor that is in kitchen designs is officially called the “work triangle” in the world of architecture. The work triangle is basically an imaginary shape that is drawn on a two dimensional floor plan of a kitchen. This imaginary triangular entity connects the stove with the kitchen and sink. The goal is to minimize the perimeter of the work triangle in order to increase the efficiency of cooking and preparing meals. In other words, there should be minimum distance between the most important fixtures and appliances of a kitchen space.

kitchen photo kitchens_zps4129ef04.jpg

After the two dimensional floor plan is completed, it’s time to create a three dimensional design of a kitchen. First, the front views of the cabinets are designed. Different panels are hardware can be mixed and matched and then previewed on a design software. The dimensions of the cabinets can also be manipulated easily to see how they fit with other appliances such as the refrigerator.

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Listen With Your Heart – A Thank You To The World

We still remember Yolanda, the super typhoon that struck in the Philippines specifically in Tacloban last November 8, 2013. All the flustered victims were asking for help and refuge. We, all the Filipinos were thankful for all the aids we have received from all over the world for the victims of Yolanda whether in-kind or cash donations, rescue, medical assistance and pledges from more than 50 countries. Thank you everyone (Filipinos and non-Filipinos) for all the assistance, no words can ever express how thankful the Philippines. And because of your continuous support Filipinos will definitely survive, move on and rise again.

Now, it’s time to show the whole world our heartfelt appreciation through this song “LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART.” It is a collaboration of Filipino artists featuring some of the most famous in the international music scene like Lea Salonga, Lani Misalucha, Arnel Pineda and Billy Crawford. Other singers who joined were Jaime Rivera, Angeline Quinto, Yeng Constantino, Juris, Bugoy Drilon, Liezel Garcia, Jovit Baldivino, KZ Tandingan, Marion Aunor and Wynn Andrada.

Video Credit: Youtube

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Preschool Amazing Talents

Earlier at my daughter’s school, all the preschool students showed their talents through dancing, singing, story telling and modeling. This is line with the school foundation celebration. The girls from my daughter’s class participated through a dance number. They were asked to wear semi formal outfit. While my daughter’s boy classmates showed a medley dance number. They were cute with their glasses and toy guitar, an exceptional fender custom shop bass wasn’t used of course. Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching tomorrow’s activity which is kite flying.

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Good Luck Michael Christian Martinez

Michael Christian Martinez photo michaelchristianmartinez_zps8c7b161c.jpeg

photo not mine

I’m excited to watch Michael Christian Martinez recital in the men’s figure skating competition of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He is the first Filipino figure skater to compete in the Games and also the first Southeast Asian to see action in the event.

Michael Martinez, ranked fifth in the world in the junior division, made a ticket to Sochi with a seventh-place finish in the Neblehorn Trophy Tournament in Germany in September last year.

He will compete with his idols such as three-time world champion Patrick Chan of Canada, 2010 Olympic bronze medalist Daisuke Takahashi of Japan, European titlist Lorent Amodio of France and US champion Max Aaron.

It will be aired live on TV5 at 11. Actually, it’s now airing and already saw our very own Michael Christian Martinez on the ice rink. I think his at number 5, the first one from Canada is already performing. Well, good luck Michael Christian Martinez, you are already a winner no matter what.

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Guitar Amplifier

I’m admiring those people playing guitar very well. This was the instrument that I wanted to learn when I was young but for some reason it didn’t happen. Anyway, my nephew has a regular guitar and an electric guitar. I’m not sure if he has an amp that could helps the sound of his electric guitar more powerful. I saw this bugera 2×12 at WWBW that looks interesting. You can have different sound if you connect this to your electric guitar. Well, I have to ask my nephew and he might want to get this amp.

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Facebook Celebrating 10th Year, A Look Back

Happy birthday Facebook =). It has been 10 years since this social networking site was started. Mark Zuckerberg together with other co-founders; Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes founded the site on February 4, 2004, so it has been a decade already. From the day it was started up to January 2014, facebook has 1.23 B users. Did you know that the Philippines is one of the big users of this site.

Anyway, at first, the founders had initially limited the users to Harvard students, but later expanded the membership to colleges in the Boston area, the Ivy League and Stanford University. Now, facebook allows anyone who claims to be at least 13 years old.

No question why Facebook has been a popular social networking site because you can do many things if you are a member. Numerous games are available; you can keep in touch with your family and friends whenever and wherever using chat features. These are just some of the many features of Facebook. Anyway, happy 10th year anniversary facebook, I’m sure all your active members are waiting for more good features.

By the way as Facebook celebrating its 10th year, they come up with this A Look Back. The latter is an experience that compiles your highlights since joining Facebook. Depending on how long you’ve been on Facebook and how much you’ve shared, you’ll see a movie, a collection of photos or a thank you card. I saw my look back and wasn’t aware that I’m a member of this site for 4 years already. Well, I’m not an active user and most of the time I open my account because of blog hop only. Here’s the image of my “A Look Back” but you can watch the video on youtube. 

 photo 36a621e5-1ab1-4958-9830-5c5d6a7559f8_zps5f58b3d7.jpg

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