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Kyowa Electric Oven – KW-3307 and Features

Last time I shared our newly purchased Kyowa electric oven (thanks to my niece). Anyway, It was still in the box when i showed it last time. So here it is our new Kyowa electric oven model KW-3307.

kyowa electric oven photo kyowaelectricoven_zps71c79abd.jpg

18 liters capacity

Bake, roast and toast

With rotisseri function

Durable stainless steel body

60-minute timer with bell alarm

Temperature and heater control switch

Removable tray for easy cleaning

Large and see-through heat resistant glass window

With baking accessories for convenient cooking experience

Accessories include are:

kyowa electric oven accessories photo kyowaelectricovenaccessories_zpscc71ce8c.jpg
Bake pan, Bake rack, Rotisserie spits,  rotisserie handle

Bake pan support

It has function knob that allow to select heater setting for a variety of cooking needs

Upper / lower heating elements ideal for cooking cakes and pastries

Upper + lower heating elements ideal for cooking breads and pizza

Rotisserie and heating elements ideal for cooking and roasting whole chickens, pork chops, loins, and more.

* I already used this oven and baked banana loaf bread, I will share my experience using this mini electric oven next time. Anyway, maybe some of you already read this post in my other blog. I just copied this post from that blog and will copy also other entries. My other blog is expiring this month and i don’t have planned of renewing it. Renewal fee is a bit expensive compared before and since the blog doesn’t receive compensation, i think I need to close it already.

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Makeup Trick

Applying makeup is a true art form. For centuries, women have used makeup to accentuate their features. Powder was used to create a pale appearance in England and other parts of Europe. Women in Egypt lined their eyes. Geishas have extensively used makeup on their faces. Makeup has come a long way. There are extensive colors and makeup trends have changed over the years. There have been various techniques over the years that have surfaced to create better application so that makeup would last and last.

Applying foundation is one of the hardest aspects of makeup application. It is the goal of nearly every woman to apply foundation so that it appears like normal skin. If a woman has acne scars, hyperpigmentation or other discoloration and texture issues, applying foundation can be more troublesome. There are a few methods for foundation application: fingers, sponge, brush and air brush. Having an air brush machine can make foundation appear flawless; however, not every woman is able to afford such a machine. Applying foundation with fingers or sponges produces inferior results compared to applying foundation with makeup brushes.

tod thin brushes photo todthinbrushes_zpsb721274c.jpg

Different types of brushes produce different results. In general, round-bristled and soft brush produces excellent results in applying foundation. It helps to blend in foundation seamlessly. Apply foundation in circulation motions to blend it in well. Also, the key to foundation application is not meant to cover every portion of the skin with a thick layer. There are some foundations that cover better than others, and stronger-bristled brushes allow for thicker application. Foundation can make or break a face. It’s worth it to put it on the right way and get the right brushes for you.

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