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Three Growth Strategies For Your New Photography Business

These days, many photography lovers have chosen to follow their entrepreneurial dreams by opening a business. If you’ve taken this course of action and now want to ensure that your small business starts to flourish, know that making it happen is entirely possible. To ensure that your new photography business gets and then remains on the path to perpetual growth, be sure to implement the following strategies:

1. Find The Right Photography Product Retailer.

One of the most important steps you can take to keep your photography company in full bloom is to always have awesome products on hand. To make it happen, you need to find the right photography product retailer. The best retailers will offer a wide range of product options to ensure that they have exactly what you want. Companies like Black River Imaging accomplish this objective by offering all of the following products and more:

• photographic products (and photographic printing)
• albums and books
• greeting cards
• custom stationery gift products
• gift items
• sports products
• home decor

2. Market Online.

As many business experts know, marketing is an integral component of the company growth process. To ensure that more and more members of your target market become cognizant of your brand and seek to invest in it, they first have to learn of your existence. Online marketing has become a cheap and expedient way to put this growth process in motion. In fact, the term “growth hacking” has been appropriated to define and describe the process of using inexpensive online marketing techniques to continually interface with your target market. Some prevalent growth hacking strategies include:

• search engine optimization
• website analytics
• content marketing
• A/B testing

When you use growth hacking strategies consistently, you will likely find that you develop a steady stream of loyal clients while simultaneously witnessing a substantive increase in your conversion rates.

3. Mind Your Health.

If you’re serious about building a small business, you need ongoing energy and stamina. Growing your photography business can be incredibly fun, but it will also necessitate sustained effort. Since this is the case, make sure that you are taking care of your health by eating well, exercising regularly, and not overworking yourself.

photo print photo photo print_zpsst9fier1.jpg

Get Growing Now

If you’re ready to see your new photography business take off in a powerful way, you should know that there are numerous ways to make it happen. To ensure that your small business becomes the successful entity that you want it to be, make sure that you find the right photography product retailer, market online, and mind your health!

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DQ at SM City Lucena

Dairy Queen (DQ) finally opened a month ago here at SM City Lucena. I was so excited that I wrote a post  even the store isn’t yet opened. Finally Lucenahin can enjoy the delicious taste of DQ products. Too bad I didn’t see the opening of the store and really clueless when will it happen. Well, the store opened last September 25 and I went to the mall after that day. I thought it was the opening day but the staff informed me that it was already their second day. It’s been a month and I hope DQ will stay as long as SM City Lucena is here, hahah! Hope many will patronize the store because of their luscious soft-served ice cream and with the way they served up side down is different from other ice cream stores. Looks like I have big loved for DQ, lol!.

 photo dairy queen sm lucena_zpscnrl4ujz.jpg
The store is not big in fact it is located under the stair but
I think better place because many are passing in that area of the mall.

I saw my sister-in-law in one of the banks at the mall and asked her to taste DQ if haven’t tried. She was too kind to treat me a strawberry banana blizzard. This was the second purchased from DQ. The first was with my daughter and if I remember right she ordered chocolate with kitkat (hope I’m right). It’s important to bring camera all the time so nothing will be missed, hahah!

strawberry banana blizzard photo dairy queen strawberry banana_zpsslal31o6.jpg
The blizzard served upside down or it’s FREE,
Php 69 for smaller size

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Preparing for a Successful Industrial Project

Major construction projects require the use of specialty equipment. When it is your job to make sure all of this equipment shows up to the job site, you may wonder if it would be feasible for you to partner with a company that specializes in delivering, setting up, and inspecting such necessities. You can establish such a partnership by going online to the website and discovering what services and benefits the company can offer you. You can also check out your options for equipment like overhead bridge cranes that you and your crew can use to carry out the work safely and efficiently.

If your company does not already have such large equipment in its possession, you will need to partner with a company that sells this machinery. When you purchase the machinery from the company, you can have it delivered safely to your job site. Delivering such a massive piece of equipment requires permits and knowledge of local transportation laws that may be more than what your crew is prepared to handle. By dealing with the company online, you can have the equipment brought to your location safely and in a timely manner.

The company can also set up the equipment for you, ensuring that it will be safe to use and also set up in a way that abides with local safety laws. The permit that your company has for the project may require that the crane be set up so many feet away from the road, for example. Rather than risk setting up the crane in a way that violates the permit, you can allow a professional equipment handler to take care of this task for you.

If you do choose to set up the equipment, you may need to have it inspected prior to using it. When you want a fast and thorough inspection, you can find out about this service online. The business has inspectors who can come to your job site to look at the gear that you have set up and ready to use. They can tell you what has to be changed and what you must do to use the equipment safely. The company also has parts available in case you need to make repairs to any of the crane equipment that you are using for the job. You can find out more by going online.

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Book Parade Costume Ideas

Book parade is happening at my daughter’s school once a year. Last year it happened after my daughter’s 7th birthday. I didn’t think twice but let her wore Sofia the First gown. It was her themed on her birthday. I think book parade happens during November so I really need to think of a costume. It’s already second week of October and time flies really.

My daughter and I are thinking of a tooth fairy costume. She always wear princess costume so I’m thinking of something new. I have always seen fairy costumes but not always a tooth fairy.   I will research more of this costume and consider it as my daughter’s book parade costume. Stores already selling costumes for Halloween and I don’t see tooth fairy costume, most of the time fairy costumes only.  I haven’t seen any tooth fairy costume selling near my place so I think I need to be created on this thing. If not tooth fairy costume, I’m also thinking of just simply a fairy costume or daughter’s old snow white costume back to princess, hahah!

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What You Need to Know About Radon

Radon gas is one of the deadliest in the world. But what do you really know about this silent killer, and how can you be sure you’ve taken the right measures to protect your family? Here are just a few things you should be aware of when considering radon and the threat it brings into your home.

1. It’s completely undetectable.

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that can only be detected through the use of special equipment. You won’t know if radon is in your home unless you have your property professionally evaluated. If you suspect that you’ve been exposed to radon, contact someone immediately.

2. It’s radioactive.

While less potent than a nuclear site by itself, radon is actually considered deadlier than a nuclear site because it represents such a big threat to the modern homeowner. You could be breathing in radon for years before you get sick.

3. It’s a big source of lung cancer.

Behind smoking, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) thinks that more than 20,000 people die from this each year in the U.S. alone.

4. It costs the country a lot of money.

All those healthcare costs are a big strain on the U.S. treasury. According to studies by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Surgeon General’s Office, radon-related medical treatment costs somewhere around $2 billion a year.

5. It’s everywhere.

One in three homes has a dangerous level of radon. This isn’t even including homes with radon levels under 4 pCi/L, the officially-recognized cutoff point for danger; one in three homes is above 4 pCi/L. Radon is a genuine epidemic for air quality.

6. Children are especially vulnerable.

No one is quite sure why children are affected by radon more than anyone else, but doctors think it may have something to do with their faster breathing rates. Their cells are another possibility; the cells of children divide quickly, making them more vulnerable to radiation in all its forms.

These are just a few warnings about the dangers of radon. If you’re scared, that’s a good thing; let your fear motivate you to actually have your home tested. Even if the tests come back negative, at least you’ll gain the peace of mind that your property is radon-free and safe for your loved ones.

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Continue the Blog or not

My sister-in-law wanted to give her blog to me. She’s been using this for a long time. I’m the one who taught her how to do blogging. Now, that she is busy with her offline task she can’t manage her website from time to time. She asked me if I wanted to continue this because it’s  expiring next month. I’m thinking if it wise to continue her blog. I have 5 blogs running and not all of them are managed properly. So, I’m thinking if I will accept the blog or just let it go. Renewal of blog is not cheap compared before and I don’t know if I will be benefited from her blog.  Well, I have still few more days to think. I hope I would come up with the right decision.

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How to Determine When It Is Best to Replace an HVAC Unit

Replacing an old HVAC system is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. For this reason, most homeowners try to put off replacing the HVAC system for as long as they possibly can. However, there comes a time when homeowners realize that they have no option but to make the investment and install a new heating and air-conditioning system. The following are some of the things that Northern Virginia electric professionals have seen that indicate a home’s HVAC system needs to be replaced.

Look at the Age of the System

The age of an HVAC system plays a large role in when it should be replaced. Some professionals opt to use the 5,000 rule. To follow this rule, simply take the age of the equipment and multiply it by what it costs to repair a damaged unit. If that number exceeds $5,000, then it is time to replace the unit. If it is less than $5,000, then it is worth it to repair the unit. For example, a 10-year-old unit that has a $40 repair equals out to $4,000. It is okay to repair this unit.

The average life span of an HVAC unit is approximately 15 years. Any unit that is reaching that age range and that is experiencing multiple malfunctions should be replaced. Units that are older than 10 years do not have the same Energy Star rating as newer models do. This means that they run less efficiently and will increase a homeowner’s monthly energy bills.

Other Things to Consider When Replacing the HVAC System

Something else to consider when determining whether or not to replace an HVAC system is the effect your current system is having on your energy bills. If a homeowner notices that their energy bills are rising every single year, it is probably time to invest in a new HVAC system.

Also, a homeowner should factor in how much longer they plan on living in their current home. If a homeowner has a unit that is functioning fine and they intend on living in their home for the next 30 years, they may be able to put off replacing the HVAC system for a few years. However, if a homeowner is looking to sell their home, they may want to replace an older system with a newer one as this will increase the value of the home and its appeal to potential buyers.

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