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One Peso Fare Reduction

For a commuter like me one peso fare reduction is something to thankful. I ride on a jeepney everyday and it’s my main mode of transportation. The minimum fare was Php8 for a long time but Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) issued for 1 peso decrease and 20% discount for senior citizens, students and people with disability (PWD). This applies for those in NCR, Region 3 and Region 4.  I think for every first 4 kilometers and additional fee if beyond. LTFRB implemented this fare decrease because of the continuous rollback of oil price in the world market. I think started since October last year and until now despite the ongoing tension between Saudia Arabia and Iran.

It’s really helpful on my part and I feel 1 peso discount is a huge thing for me who valued money a lot. I hope this fare decrease is for a long because this is helpful not just for me but to all the commuters. Since I heard the news, I give only Php7 but I noticed many are still paying the previous fare. The driver doesn’t say or mind giving back 1 peso. Even the students are giving Php7 which I think 6 pesos is enough. Oh well, I will stick to the right fare. We all wanted to get discount in everything and have to grab this until it is applicable. This is how I give value to my money because it’s not easy to earn a single cent =).

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Movavi Video Suite Review

Trying to create your very own videos can be tough – especially if you have little or no experience in doing so. Most of the software that you encounter will be fairly technical, and you may end up spending hours and find that you haven’t really managed to do much – let alone create the kind of videos that you want.

One of the best ways to start creating videos is by using the Movavi Video Suite. It is different from other video making software options mostly because of the fact that it emphasizes the user experience. In other words – it does everything in its power to make creating videos as painless a process as possible.

Regardless of whether you want to improve videos that you’ve already recorded, or create your own video from scratch by capturing footage directly from your screen or from a webcam – the Movavi Video Suite is more than up to the task. In fact, it will also give you the option of turning your photos into a video slideshow, or digitizing video from analog sources too.

Once you have the footage that you need for your video, you can then edit and improve it in a variety of ways. The features and tools that the Movavi Video Suite brings to the table will ensure that you have no shortage of options, such as:

  • Cutting videos into segments and getting rid of unwanted footage or merging clips together to form a longer video.
  • Enhancing the quality of videos and correcting issues by stabilizing shaky parts of the video, sharpening blurry areas, and much more.
  • Adding special video effects to transform the visual appearance of the video and stylize it in various ways.
  • Including audio as voiceovers or background music and managing the sound levels and properties from within the software itself.
  • Placing stylish transitions between scenes to jazz up the video.
  • Inserting customizable text as subtitles, captions or watermarks and animating them too.
  • Optimizing the video with the help of hundreds of presets that are tailored to various devices and platforms.

Movavi photo movavi_zpsvmejk22x.jpg

While these features may sound advanced, each of them adopts the same user-friendly approach as the entirety of the Movavi Video Suite. Give them a try and you’ll be able to see that for yourself and get an idea as to how easy it will be to create videos you can be proud of.

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Considered myself as a Youtuber

I’m not doing blogging regularly; instead I enjoy making youtube videos lately, hahah! I started my youtube account way back 2011. That time, the only reason was to open an account because I need an account to comply on my previous task online. By the way, you can see my account here, I need subscriber so please do, hahah! The named thepigrabbit1 came from a Korean drama; You’re Beautiful starring Park Shin Hye (one of my fave Korean actress) and Jang Keun-suk. I was watching this drama when I made my youtube account and one of the funny scenes was Jang Keun-suk made changes with the two stuffed toys, pig and rabbit. He said he needs to make surgery with the toys by taking the nose of the pig and transferred to the nose of the rabbit. So, I didn’t think of another name and put thepigrabbit1.

When I started my youtube account, I tried to upload videos of my daughter activities in school. I noticed only few viewers so I think of making videos more appealing. But I didn’t give attention of my youtube account because I prefer blogging. I don’t know but after 4 years, I check my youtube account again and started uploading videos. This time, I tried compilation of korean drama because I’m a real fan of Kdrama. I uploaded video last week of December 2015 about upcoming korean drama 2016 and was surprised to see viewers around the world. I think the highest views I got from my previous videos was 500 something. This time when I uploaded korean stuff, I have viewers regularly and got 30K viewers and counting. Wow, from 500 to 30K. For me it was a success, hahah! I know its far from other youtubers who got million views of their single video but 30K views and I’m claiming it will rise in the coming days, this is something to rejoice, hahah!

I made another korean drama just part 2 of the previous one and it also receives views regularly. The last time I checked, it has 8K viewers. I really can’t believe it. Also, from 3 subscribers for 4 years, now I have 50 something. And I believed it happened because of the korean drama I uploaded. It’s not easy to make videos because you need to give your time. Another thing, I’m not the owner of the images I have used and youtube is very strict to that. I believed I’m using public photos so it passed youtube guidelines. If you need to put music or song to your video, youtube is very strict to that and they can check if it is copyrighted. If you didn’t comply with the rules or guidelines there’s a possibility of removing your account. So, if you want to share videos as well be careful in uploading videos and make sure to comply with their rule and regulations to avoid account termination. I hope it wouldn’t happen to me because I’m enjoying youtube lately and receiving earnings as well.

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Reason Why Finding a Reputable Plumber is Important

Plumbing problems come in all sizes. They are never pleasant to deal with. Unfortunately, they are something that every person will encounter during their lifetime. How you choose to deal with them will determine how much stress and grief you have to endure. There are many plumbers in this world. There are large companies and people who work alone. The task of finding a good want is often not easy. They all claim to be honest and experienced when you see their ads on TV. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Here are some of the biggest reasons why finding a reputable plumber is important.

1. The job will be done right

Dishonest plumbers will often do a bad job and hope that you will never notice. Some of them are not based in your area. They use substandard materials to perform the job. By the time you realize that something is wrong with the plumbing they supposedly repaired, they will be in a different state. A reputable plumber will be a person who has worked in your area for many years. He has developed a great relationship with the community. Many people recommend him to their friends and family members. This is the type of plumber you should strive to hire. If there is a problem with the work performed by a reputable plumber, he will keep coming back to your home until the problem has been fixed properly. He will not charge you for these repeat visits.

2. You will not be overcharged

Hiring a plumber can sometimes cost a great deal of money. This is why you must be very careful not to get ripped off when it comes time to hire a plumber. Reputable plumbers value your business and they want you to hire them again the future. Therefore, they will give you an estimate that is reasonable and fair for the amount of work that they are doing. A reputable plumber Bolingbrook IL can be contacted by paying a visit to

3. They will tell you if they damaged something

Even the most experienced plumbers will make mistakes from time to time. The plumber that you hire might accidentally cause some damage to your home during the course of your work. It is important that you are alerted to the damage right away if this should happen to a plumber that you hire. The plumber’s insurance should cover the damage.

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