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Ways To Prepare For Gastric Surgery And At Home

The time before and after gastric bypass surgery is very different. Before the surgery, you’ll be able to eat what you want, but it’s likely part of the reason as to why you are overweight. After the surgery, you won’t be able to eat as much because the stomach is smaller, which result in fewer calories being consumed during the day. You can follow a few tips so that you’re comfortable before and after the procedure and so that you have the most success that you can.

Try to change your diet as much as possible during the time before your surgery. Your doctor might want you to lose weight on your own by eating fewer calories or exercising to show that you understand how the weight loss process will work and to show that you’re dedicated to the surgery. Before gastric bypass surgery Nevada hospitals perform, you’ll need to have a physical to ensure that you’re in good health. Start taking multi-vitamins a few weeks before your surgery, and try to stop smoking or drinking if you do these habits.

Pack a bag with comfortable clothing. You’ll probably be able to go home after a few days, but you’re going to need something when you’re in the hospital that easily fits over your head and arms because of the IV line and other equipment that you might be connected to after your surgery. Get any prescriptions filled before your surgery so that they will be at your home. Get the items you’ll need at the store before surgery, such as clear liquids, food containers for smaller meal portions and any supplies that you might need to change dressings on your incisions. Find someone who can take you to the hospital the day of surgery and who can take you home. It’s also a good idea to find someone who can stay with you for the first day or two to make sure that you can handle any pain and move around the house. Obey your doctor about lifting objects around the house and exercise. Follow up with your doctor to check your incisions and your weight loss progress.

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Preparing for a Renovation Project

Home additions and updates can increase the value of your home. They can also make life easier by providing additional living space or making your current space more functional. Renovation projects can cause some inconveniences while the work is going on. There are some steps you can take to avoid some of the stress that can occur during a renovation project.

Protecting Your Valuables

Most likely, some of your furniture will have to be moved around prior to the beginning of the renovation. You’ll probably need to pack up some of the decorative accessories you have in your home. Any items that are within the path of the workers are at risk of being damaged. To alleviate the worry over items getting broken, you can store the items. Storage units boston can pick up the items you want to store, take them to a storage unit and bring the items back to your home whenever you’re ready for them.

Creating Secure Locations

If you have pets or young children, you will need to make arrangements to assure their safety. You may want to designate a specific room to confine pets in while the work is going on. You can use safety gates to keep children out of the work area.

Readjusting Your Routine

While the renovation work is going on, you may need to make some adjustments in your daily routine. If it’s the kitchen you’re renovating, you may have to get creative with preparing meals. This would be a good time to use the outdoor grill. Outdoor dining and picnics can be a fun way to ease the stress of not having a kitchen to cook and eat in. It’s a good idea to budget for eating out more frequently during a kitchen renovation. A bathroom renovation could mean that more people will be sharing the bathroom that’s not being updated. This could require some adjustment to the morning or pre-bedtime routine.

Even though a renovation project may be a temporary inconvenience, once it’s completed you will be able to enjoy the completed project for years to come. Doing some pre-planning to protect your children, pets and possessions is the best way to make the renovation time as stress-free as possible.

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3 Personalized Gift Ideas

When gift giving season rolls around, and you are stuck for ideas, personalized gifts are usually a hit. Even when you do not know the recipient extremely well, if you know tidbits about them, that is a good start. If your gift’s recipient is a coffee drinker, consider checking out personalized latte mugs, because the best presents tend to be those that can be used. If you personalize the mug with the person’s name, they are more likely to use it often, and when it is used at work, less likely to be utilized by someone else.

Here are three more personalized gift ideas:


Now, if you know the gift’s recipient pretty well and they are more than a colleague to you, a nicer and personalized piece of jewelry, like those found at Tiffany’s, sends a special message. If you are searching for something for a co-worker, however, opting for a bracelet, charm or necklace found at a store in the mall is still considerate and usually budget-friendly. Whether you order a personalized piece of jewelry in-store or online, do not wait until the last minute. Once you have chosen the item, you will have to wait a few days for the engraving to be completed and delivered.

Luggage Accessories

High-end handbag retailers can monogram the owner-to-be’s initials on most of their goods as an extra personalized touch when requested. Personalized luggage accessories also make thoughtful gifts and are more affordable. If you will be gifting someone who travels often, adding their initials to luggage tags, passport holder or key ring is both generous and reasonably priced. You will be doing that person a favor because if they own a black suitcase, their luggage tag will help them find it more quickly among the other black suitcases on the airport carousel.


People who like to keep knick-knacks in their work space or around their home may appreciate receiving a personalized knick-knack as a gift. This is a broad category that includes coasters, soap and candles. You can even include napkins, socks and throws. Having these items personalized makes what could be a humdrum gift something special. Simply adding the recipient’s initials shows that some thought was put into the gift-picking process.

Gift giving does not have to be an arduous task. By personalizing jewelry, luggage accessories or knick-knacks you may make the recipient’s day.

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Create the Perfect Environment for a Good Night’s Sleep

It is usually not until a person starts experiencing trouble sleeping that they appreciate what a good night’s sleep can really do for them. If you have been having trouble sleeping lately, there are several steps that you can take in order to improve your sleep environment and get the best rest possible.

One of the things that you want to do is control the lighting in the room where you will sleep. Most people sleep best in a completely dark room. So you may need to purchase heavy curtains or find a way to cover doors in order to block streetlamps or light coming from other places in the home. Sleeping with an eye mask may be the best option if you cannot control others turning off and on lights and other things like that.

The next thing you want to look at is controlling the temperature in the room. Most people sleep best when the room is slightly cool. If necessary, install an air conditioner in the room where you sleep. Or buy a fan that not only provides air movement, but will also create some white noise. Sleep with the proper amount of sheets and blankets. You want to be kept warm, but you do not want to be too hot.

Most experts agree that it is best to sleep in a room that has no noise or white noise created in the background. If you cannot control the noise in your home or neighborhood, you may need to purchase some earplugs in order to block out noise.

Take a look at your sleepwear. Sometimes individuals do not sleep good because they do not consider the type of pajamas they are wearing. Something as simple as removing your socks before going to bed may help you have a more comfortable night’s sleep. If you are a woman or a nursing mother, it may be a good idea to purchase an anti wrinkle bra sleeping. Just like the sheets and blankets you choose to use, you want to make sure that your pajamas will keep you warm, but that they do not make you feel too hot.

The pillow you choose to sleep with will have a large impact on how comfortable you are while you are sleeping. You want your pillow to have just the right amount of support in order to allow you to sleep comfortably and not have you wake up in the morning with a stiff neck.

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Caroling in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines, one of the Christmas traditions is to do caroling. It starts once the dawn mass begins known as “Misa de Gallo” or “Simbang Gabi.” Carolers mostly children will be on their feet singing Christmas carols from house to house spreading the spirit of the season through songs. They are using handmade instrument using tanzans, empty can, spoon and other materials that can make sound.  Popular songs in caroling are Jingle Bells,  Ang Pasko ay Sumapit, Pasko na Naman and other tagalog Christmas songs. In return carolers receive money from the homeowner. But, not all the houses are kind enough to give money because some are saying “tawad” or it’s like saying forgiveness because the homeowner will not give money to the caroler. Caroling happens only in December so I think we should give money to the carolers because kids are happy even you give them little amount.

Have you experienced caroling when you were a child? I did this in my elementary days together with my cousins and friends. We were happy with the money we got for 9 days of doing caroling and divided equally.

Well, its been raining since the caroling started last Dec 16, I hope kids will drop by in the house and serenade us with Christmas songs. I hope weather will be good because its been raining since day 1 of December plus typhoon.  We hope for a better weather in the coming days because Christmas already in 7 days.

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Tips to Consider in Home Makeover

No matter how much a home is enjoyed, over time it will inevitably being to show signs of wear and tear. Paint starts to fade, carpets become worn and tile can become chipped and cracked. At a certain point, it is wise to protect that investment in a home by planning a home makeover.

Creating a Dream House

A home remodel can be a large or small project, depending on the home and how long it’s been lived in. Some homes just need a little cosmetic work, like new wall paint and carpets, in order to look clean and refreshed. Some homes, however, may have some elements that have never really been right, and they may need some real remodeling in order to take advantage of the home’s potential. For some homeowners, a home makeover is the chance to finally get the details of a home right, and make an ordinary home into one that feels like a dream house.

Making a Plan

Sure, even thinking about planning a home remodel can be stressful, which is why it’s important to get in touch with an experienced local remodeling contractor to help make the project run successfully. A great general contractor can oversee planning and help to translate a client’s ideas into real plans that can be built effectively.

A homeowner can start making a plan by reviewing ideas in magazines or online home decorating sites. These resources can give the homeowner an idea of what a certain paint color or type of flooring will really look like in a room, so they can plan with that idea in mind.

Finding a Contractor

While in the past finding a contractor could be challenging, the good news is that today there are many online sites devoted to offering listings of contractors, along with samples of their past projects and reviews. When a homeowner finds someone who seems like a good fit for their project, they should set up a free phone consultation to discuss all of the details of the makeover. From there, an agreement can be drawn up and the real work of making a dream house can begin.

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Strategies For Cornhole

There’s nothing like going outside to enjoy the warmth of the sun and a few games with your family or friends. Cornhole is a fun game that you can play in teams or against one other person. You can often see cornhole tournaments at special events, like festivals, or as a stand-alone tournament to raise money for a worthy cause. If you follow a few tips, then you can enhance your skills while playing an official cornhole game at any time.

Don’t keep your bean bag bunched in your hand. Hold it flat on your palm when you’re throwing so that it doesn’t bunch up when it lands on the board. This will also help to ensure that it lands flat on the board and slides instead of landing in one place. It’s not a ball that you’re throwing on the board. You’re throwing a bag that you want to get to a hole. Try to aim the bag for the center of the board. If the board is designed right, then the hole will be in the center instead of off to one side. Try not to let the designs on the board take away your attention. Ignore them, and aim for the hole in the center.

The bags that you use in the game should be of the best quality. You want to use bags that are double-sided. One side is made of suede to allow for better sticking to the board while the other side is made of canvas, which allows for better sliding on the board. It might not sound like it would make a difference, but the clothing you wear can affect your throw. If you wear clothing that is too baggy, then the extra material can get in the way of throwing. Avoid wearing pants or shorts that have pockets on them because the bag could get caught in them while you’re bringing your hand back to throw the bag. When you’re throwing, either stand still and throw or move one leg forward. Don’t commit to a lot of movement as this can be distracting to other people who are playing, and it’s really not necessary. A lot of movement can also get you off-center, which can make the bag end up on the side of the board.

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