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ASUS VivoBook X540YA 15.6 battery life problem

Last Christmas I was excited because I finally have new laptop but the excitement turned sadness because the laptop has battery problem. My relatives in Canada are here for Christmas vacation. Before coming here I asked one of my nieces to buy laptop for me. I will pay her in installment basis. I can buy here because i have credit card but it’s cheaper buying in Canada.

When I first used the laptop i noticed the battery life last only for two hours. For me the battery life is not normal. So, i tried using it again the following day and the same issue it last only for two hours. Then, few days later i tried it again and pointed to the battery on the screen, i saw 4 hours. I don’t know what will be my feeling if i will be happy or not because battery life extends up to 4 hours. But while using i noticed battery drops faster and becomes two hours then three hours. So it really has battery problem.

Yesterday my niece went back to Canada and i told her to bring the laptop with her. She said she will send it back to the store. So, i’m hoping they will change the unit. By the way i got ASUS VivoBook X540YA 15.6″ Laptop. I really like it because it’s not heavy and it has wide screen. No questions also about the specifications and features, the only dilemma is the battery. Oh well, if my niece will get another unit I am not sure when this laptop will send it here in the Philippines. I heard her relatives from father side will be coming this August so maybe they will send it back here.

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Selling Off Assets that You No Longer Use

Until the last decade, timeshares were all the rage.  People purposely invested in these properties and relished in them as shared second homes.

The tanking of the real estate market and economy caused many people to lose their sources of income that paid for these timeshares, however.  They quickly came to realize how important it is to save money and how frivolous a shared second home is considering their current financial circumstances.  When you are interested in selling, liquidation, and timeshare termination of your contract, you can go online and learn how to get rid of this unnecessary asset today.

Working with a Reputable Company

Given the demand to sell unwanted timeshares, it is understandable that the market has been flooded with scam artists who promise to pay top dollar.  Once they gain the title to your property, however, they give you much less than what you paid for the timeshare or defraud you by not paying the taxes on the property.

As such, it can be important for you to do your research and make sure the business you partner with is reputable and trustworthy.  You can find out these details by visiting the company’s website and checking out its credentials.  Some of its credits include belonging to the Better Business Bureau among others.

Getting the Preliminary Details

Before you sell your timeshare, you want to know how much you could possibly get out of it and what it is truly worth in today’s market.  Along with doing your own research online, you can use the online form found on the company’s website.

You are invited to provide some basic details about yourself and the property you want to liquidate.  You can then be put in contact with someone from the company who might offer you a reasonable estimate of the timeshare’s worth.

It can be important for you to realize that you have full control over the transaction from start to finish and that you never have to sell the property for less than what you deem fair.  You also can back out of the sale before it is closed on if you choose.  The transaction is legally binding, and you have rights as the seller of the property.

Timeshares are no longer as enviable as they were 10 years ago.  You can liquidate yours to a company that offers fair pricing and is trustworthy.

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4 Go-To Gifts for Your Secret Santa at the Office

Secret Santa is a classic party game for the holidays, especially around the office. Everyone puts their name in the proverbial hat, shakes things around, and draws a name. This name is the gift recipient, and the drawer is the Secret Santa. So, shhh—don’t tell. Here are a few go-to gifts for the name you draw at the office for the holidays.

Wax Warmers & Candles in Yummy Scents

Vanilla, lavender, ocean breeze, or fresh-cut grass—all of these are mellow, beautiful scents that most people love. So, make candles and wax warmers your go-to. Or, if you want to go the extra mile, find out that person’s favorite scents and go from there. Track down the kind of scents that will uplift their mood and make them smile.

Trinkets, Classic Collectibles, and Meaningful Keepsakes

Baubles and meaningful knickknacks are always a classic for Secret Santa parties. Why? Because most trinkets are, in some way, collectibles. Do a little research into your gift recipient and find out what they love. Snag a keepsake that evokes positive thoughts. For instance, if your Secret Santa recipient is religious, opt for a guardian angel trinket. If they love jewelry, go for an inexpensive, but beautiful, wholesale gold filled chain. Or, if your Secret Santa recipient is a bookworm, get a classic collectible of a literary must-have.

Office Supplies and Life’s Basic Necessities

Have you ever searched for a pen at your desk only to come up empty-handed? So has everyone else. If you want to steer your gift towards useful, professional, and practical, go with a bundle of must-have office supplies for their desk space. Pens, pencils, staplers, paperclips—whatever you think they need on a daily basis. It’s not the most thoughtful gift sentimental-wise, but those necessities will come in handy.

You Can Never Go Wrong with a Good Gift Card

Gift cards are go-to musts for Secret Santa. Why? Because, more often than not, you don’t personally know the gift recipient. Which means you can do your research extensively and befriend them entirely. Or, you could find out what they like, and get them a gift card to reflect their interests. Plus, if your recipient commonly goes out for meals on their lunch or dinner breaks, restaurant and eatery vouchers are always appreciated.

Unless you’re best friends with your coworkers, Secret Santa is always going to have an edge of awkwardness. However, with the aforementioned go-to gifts, you can take a bit of that edge off and make a better impression on the name you draw.

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Benefits Of Natural Wood Furniture

Contemporary furniture often incorporates a lot of metal and plastics into their materials. We’ve gone away from good, old-fashioned wood furniture in favor of cheaper, sleeker materials that might look terrific for awhile but will begin to chip and peel in only a few years. Compare that to natural wood furniture that is often in salvageable shape after a couple of hundred years. If you opt for contemporary furniture, you might have a sleek set of furniture for a few years but you’re purchasing what amounts to disposable furniture.

For some folks, this just won’t do. They’re making a return to the natural furniture Portland used to churn out at its beginning. Wood furniture gives households a warmth that contemporary metal and plastic furniture just can’t give out. It’s the durability also that exudes quality and elegance. You have a true piece of furniture when you have wood furniture, a natural object that like the trees in nature will stand for centuries to come, even if you have to refinish from time to time.

Taking care of wood furniture leaves it reliable and elegant year-round. It’s as simple as polishing and treating the wood so that it lasts as long as it possibly can. Aside from the sheer elegance and durability of wood furniture, you have furniture that is truly versatile. There are so many different types of wood that can enliven your household’s aura, and some of those pieces of wood furniture are homemade, hand-carved from people who take the time to create not just furniture but art. The beauty of wood furniture is one of its primary advantages, as you will never get that type of craftsmanship from a piece of metal or plastic furniture mass-produced in a factory.

Matching furniture can be a challenge when you have plastic and metal furniture, but with wood furniture, its timeless appeal tends to go with pretty much any other piece of furniture that you have. When you buy natural wood furniture, you’ll find yourself able to coordinate pieces of furniture much more easily than you can with cheap pieces of plastic and metal furniture. While not everyone can afford wood furniture – it naturally costs more than other types of furniture- if you can afford it, it’s well worth the investment. It lasts for centuries if you take good care of it, and it just looks beautiful.

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Thank You for Everything

So far 2017 New Year’s celebration was the happiest and memorable one for me. All my family gathered together to celebrate Holiday season. My sisters from Paris and Canada together with their family went home here in the Philippines to celebrate Holiday season.  This is not always happen in fact first time we celebrate New Year together. And the first time we got together again after so many years. 

Only few days ago that we celebrated New Year and what I remembered was just happiness. Normally, when I celebrate New Year, is only with my other siblings living here and now that my siblings from Canada and Paris was here to celebrate this special event was really blessing for the whole family.

I am so thankful for my siblings and their family for being so generous. My daughter and I received lots of stuff like clothes, shoes, school supplies, chocolates, cash and a lot more pasalubong and papasko. 

I want to extend my gratitude to my niblings. They were generous as well to my daughter and also my daughter’s grandparents for sending Christmas card and money. My daughter and I appreciate all your kindness. We can’t pay you back especially material thing, my daughter and I just pray that all of you will be guided and blessed by our Almighty God. Thank you again for everything.

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Hello 2018

This time, we are saying goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018. I must say 2017 has been a good year for me. I didn’t get everything i need but I was happy that the year passed without any big issues.

Talking about 2017, I wish i did write everything so I could share here. Anyway, i guess the most memorable one was celebrating my daughter’s 10th birthday in Singapore. It wouldn’t be possible if not with her grandparents. My daughter is still in minor age so i need to go with her, reason why i was able to see the beautiness and cleanliness of Singapore. I am thankful to them and appreciate everything they are doing to my daughter despite of my relationship to her father.

2017, i reached my 40-year on earth. I thank God for my life and i pray that He will give me long life, double or triple of this number.

Anyway, other than getting 40 and visiting other country, I was happy for everything in 2017. There were good and bad things happened but I was thankful that God was there guiding us and now, we are here welcoming 2018. I welcome the new year with full of hopes and blessings from up above.

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