4 Ways to Prepare Your Backyard For Spring

Late spring is the ideal time to prepare your backyard for the upcoming summer. Summer brings higher temperatures and longer days, and the seasonal changes have a profound effect on your backyard environment. Before you enjoy your backyard this summer, you should thoroughly clean the pool, pressure wash the patio, mulch the trees and bushes and add fertilizer to your plants.

1. Clean the Pool

Your backyard pool was not too active in the winter or early spring, but you’ll want it in perfect shape for summer. Before you add chemicals to the pool, scrub off the mildew, clean with a robot, and remove any debris with a net. Next, shock the pool with chemicals and initiate a weekly water testing routine. Your family and guests will stay safe if you contact water testing manheim pa.

2. Pressure Wash the Patio

Throughout the winter and early spring, your paved surfaces and concrete areas have experienced a lot of abuse. To get your patio areas ready for summer, use a pressure washer to clean off the mildew and grime. Before you begin cleaning, put on protective eyewear and sturdy boots or shoes.

3. Mulch the Trees and Bushes

Mulch helps retain moisture, inhibit weeds, and provide protection from the heat. Before the summer heat becomes intense, replace the mulch around your trees and bushes. Remove the old mulch and add an inch of loose, hardwood mulch to your plants.

4. Fertilize the Plants

After you add a new layer of mulch to your beds, you should use an organic fertilizer with low nitrogen to kick start your plants for summer. Sprinkle the fertilizer around your plants and water thoroughly.

Although the searing heat of summer has not hit most of you, the dog days of summer will return soon. If you prepare your backyard area before the next season, you will enjoy a pleasant experience during a long summer.

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