ABC-Wednesday “B”

Its time for ABC Wednesday, the first time that this blog is joining. Actually i joined last week but my post is in my other blog, you can see my A entry here. Now, this blog is participating this meme and i will start with the letter B. My entry is about being BUSY. While doing some works online, my little kyla is BUSY with her stuffs. And now she and her playmate is BUSY coloring some books. So this is my entry for this week ABC-Wednesday.

20 thoughts on “ABC-Wednesday “B””

  1. Hello Mona! I love seeing baby blogs. They make me want to create one too. 🙂

    Your blog is so earthy by the way with all the leaves on the header and footer.

    Is this your second personal blog?

  2. hi mona! dami mo ng followers sa new blog mo! ako lima pa lang.. hehehe… di ko pa kasi ini-introduce. kasi tatlong posts pa lang ang nasusulat ko… sana bumisita ka rin doon and follow me na rin. tapos i’ll add you na rin sa links sa new blog… thanks mona! have a nice day!

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