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I think its Meteor Garden (Taiwanese series) days that I’ve been addicted to Asian series. After this I learned about Korean series and started to watch them couple of years ago. Honestly I love Asian series (Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese) than our own Filipino/Tagalog series because stories are not so complicated. It’s direct to the point and stories are not extended up to the point that you’re not interested already in the story.

I can’t count how many Asian series I already watched but here are some that I truly loved 🙂

Meteor Garden
Autumn Concerto
Autumn in my Heart (must see/ I cried a lot, lol)
Spring Waltz
You’re Beautiful (A.N.JELL)
Full House
Personal Taste
Stairway to Heaven
Boys over Flowers

They are just few of what I already watched. Right now I’m watching My GF is a Gumiho another cute/fantasy story. Here is one of the episodes, thanks to the owner of this video.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to watch these old and new asian series.

Love letter, Love story in Harvard, Sweet 18, Vacation
Princess hours, Winter sonata, Absolute boyfriend, Hana yori dango
Jewel in the palace, Dream high, Secret garden. Playful kiss
Coffee prince, Shining inheritance, Oh! My lady
I’m sorry I loved you, Marry me mary, 1 litre of tears
Smiling pasta, my sweetheart, Lavender, Pure Love

How about you guys? Have been addicted to Asian series too? Care to share maybe i can watch it too 🙂

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  1. high 5 Mon…i am overly crazy to Asian series too. Filipino series kasi, kong minsan masyadong OA na. hehehe peace.. your first two tops my list. right now, I am crazy in love with papa Vanness. i am looking forward for his new drama, the Material Queen.

  2. sobrang kinilig ako sa playful kiss and coffee prince. i dont know why basta super kilig. i cried a river sa 1 liter of tears. oh!my lady is not that great for me. Princess hours and sweet 18 are okay.

    try Devil Beside You/Me sis. maganda rin

  3. thank you so much Mona! finally, lumabas na rin ang baby! hehehe… anyways, ako rin, addict din ako noong araw sa mga Asian TV series, lalo na yung Meteor Garden and Lovers in Paris, tapos yung Boys over Flowers din.

  4. My sister-in-law watches them too. I’m just afraid to try, because I might go gaga over them and get hooked for life. I seriously need a cure for my anime addiction already (lol).

  5. try mo koizora kung mahilig ka sa nakakaiyak, both the movie and series, if you love animals naman tapos type mo si oguri shun, try dolittle (japanesse). sa korean, try mo pasta, lie to me (new), the greatest love (new), sungkyunkwan scandal, oh my lady, women who still wants to marry, the legend, city hall, oh and yonghwa and parkshinhye of you’re beautiful has a new series, heartstrings kaso 2 episode pa lang ang meron eh. sa taiwanese naman try mo sunny happiness ni mike he, meron din bago si rainie yang, ung drunken to love u kaso ongoing pa.

    di ko maisip ung iba eh, balik ako dito kapag naisip ko, hehe…glad to find someone na addicted din sa k-j-t dramas 🙂

  6. Hi! I’m a drama addict too! ;D I watched most of the drama you listed. ;D I love My Girl because I love Lee Joon Gi (Jun Ki). So I watched Iljimae and Time Between Dog and Wolf too, because he’s there. ;D Try King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo. Sungkyunkwan Scandal is also cute. Save the Last Dance is also one of my classic favorite. ;D I can go on and on…I’ll drop by again, and let you know. The Japanese Hana Yori Dango (It’s another Boys’ Over Flower version) is also nice. ;D

  7. I also love watching korean novelas Ms.Mona..ewan but it makes me giggle, cry,laugh..they really know how to make their viewers stuck to their world..hahaha..My gf is a gumiho is really cute..and I am looking forward to watching Pure Love cguradong maganda at nakakaiyak..magandang umaga Ms.Mona 🙂

  8. I was only able to fully watch 1 Asian Telenovela….Endless Love. That one with the love triangle composed of Johnny, Jenny, and Andrew. After that, I never got around to watching anymore like them because I got engrossed with other things. 😀

  9. full house and stairway to heaven lang yata ang napanood ko. ung autumn in my heart ba, yan ang endless love? make that 2 1/2 kasi hindi ko natapos ung endless love. hehehe.

    one of the koreanobelas that i watched was jewel in the palace. did you watch it sis? sobrang gabi na kasi un…


  10. kapatid ko adik sa gumiho..
    si kiana naman sa boys over flower na di ko maintidihan kasi mga 10times ng pinanuod..lahat na paulit2 sa abs..sinubaybayan..hindi pa nakuntento buy pa ng dvd..hanoh neh!

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