Advanced Home Security Features Can Provide Protection When a Homeowner is Away

Burglaries occur every 15 seconds in the United States. Most of the home invasions result from forced entries, while about 30 percent of burglars enter homes through unlocked doors. Even when a homeowner invests in modern lock systems, the home is not 100 percent protected without additional security. Statistics show that most burglars determine whether there are security systems set up in homes before deciding to unlawfully enter. Thus, if a home is only secure with locked doors and windows, the intruder may be more willing to attempt the burglary.

A home invasion is one of the scariest events that may occur. Many homeowners in Phoenix and other cities across the country fear that their valuable items will be stolen and never located. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 12.7 percent of burglary offenses are cleared by law enforcement, and victims are able to reclaim their personal property. However, most victims never recover their valuable property.

Traditional Home Security Systems
Traditional security systems required the use of sensors attached to doors, windows and other entrances into a home. The sensors detected whether the doors or windows were opened or closed and whether these home fixtures were struck or tampered with. These types of incidents can trigger an alarm, and anyone inside or within a close radius of the home can hear the alarm sounding off. Eventually, many alarm companies established departments that notified homeowners when their alarms were set off. While these types of alarm systems provided a moderate level of security for the home, many victims were unaware of the intrusions if they were away from their homes for a period of time.

Modern Security Systems are Safer and More Convenient
Modern security systems are designed to allow homeowners to monitor their homes 24 hours a day seven days a week from any remote location. High-security cameras, audio equipment and motion detectors are also contemporary features included with most home security systems. Many security companies, such as University Lock & Security, have implemented more advanced features, including online monitoring access and instant text messages. These new technologies allow residents to enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of controlling their security systems and keeping track of what’s going on in and around the home.

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