Bad Day!!!

Yesterday was the fight of Pacquiao Marquez III. Our very own Manny Pacquiao won in this controversial fight. But, I will not talk about it because for sure you watched it.

Manny wins but I’m lost, (sad),. I’m talking about my blog.  A month ago my travel blog was born. After just a month it has PR1 already. But yesterday to my dismay I got a problem with that blog. As far as I remember I added some code in my header but resulted to big problem. Last night, I opened it but can’t access and gave me errors. I’m asking for some opinions about this problem to FB group, contacted the one who made my header and sent message to the person who provided my hosting and domain. They all answered but no clear solutions. Till, my provider sent message and said he has to re-install my blog. All my posts for a month will be deleted and I guess including my PR1. The bad thing is I forgot to back up my blog. Oh, my!!!! So ladies and gentlemen; ALWAYS BACK UP your BLOG.

Aside from that I have problem with my laptop. I think it was infected by virus. Waaahhhhh, what a day??????? Right now I am using my sister’s desktop. I’m not sure if I could visit you guys but will try. I’m not comfortable using this desktop because it’s really slow.

Anyway, hope I could find good technician so I can use my laptop again and back to my regular routine online.  Wish me luck enough for crazy things like these … plsss!!!

6 thoughts on “Bad Day!!!”

  1. Hi sis sorry to hear that. My computer is not fully recovered also from spyware., anyway with regards with your blog all you need to do is delete the theme in your cpanel an everything will be okay if the problem is your header or theme. Sometimes nangyayari rin sakin yan especially when I edited a premium theme.,

  2. hi mona,

    I hope I can help you in recovering your posts as long as you have access on your hosting site.

    If not, check my latest post on how to recover deleted or missing posts (How To Recover Your Lost Published Posts Or Even The Whole Blog). Let me know if you need some help.

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