Bottle Feed and Face Paint

While browsing what pictures are stored in this laptop I saw this cute picture of Kyla. This was taken last June of 2010, (so exactly one year after). Kyla attended birthday party of our neighborhood. I am counting how old Kyla was in this photo and based on my calculation she’s exactly 2 and 7 months. At this age Kyla was still feeding on a bottle. I’m not sure but I guess one month after she was already bottle free. And have begun drinking milk on a glass but its not easy at first. But after I talked to her that her bottles were having trouble. I mean I said that it has unpleasant smell already so Mama needs to throw it. I’m glad that she understood easily.

Anyway, this is the first time also that she had this paint on her face. When I asked her if she likes to have the paint on her face she agreed immediately without any hesitation.

Well, time flies really now she is 3 and 7 months already and in less than two weeks she will start her first schooling. So, good luck little girl … Mama is here at your side always.

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12 thoughts on “Bottle Feed and Face Paint”

  1. Ang bilis talaga ng panahon.. Wow magsoschool na pala si Kyla, my son don’t want to atend pre-school wahhh kaya kinder na lang sya next year.

  2. Ang ganda ng pagka gawa Monz…ang cute ni kyla na dumedidi pa hehe…walang akong entry nito kasi ginabi na kami ng uwi from bday party. lolz

  3. hehehhee…ang cute ni kyla…dede po!…joke…ang bilis naman palang i wean si Kyla…I had trouble weaning akesha from baby bottle.

  4. that’s a cute one…and i love her face paint. anyway, all the best for her, school’s fun and i’m sure she will be fine! have a great weekend! 🙂

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