Missed Lots of Stuff Online

How can I continue my blogging stuff if I don’t have laptop. Well, I have but it is working badly for the past years. It takes hours to open a website. So, id rather not use it instead of wasting my time waiting for nothing.

Anyway, as much as I wanted to update this blog regularly but it is hard. I have good internet connection but it is useless. The other day my sister-in-law let me borrowed her laptop. So, I’m happy that I could share something today. I will not waste my time because my sister-in-law will get her laptop in no time. Aside from updating my blog, I made some changes like adding adsense. I don’t know why my ads disappeared. I also put Feedjit to see my visitors and I add Prchecker. This is the thing I missed. If I have laptop, I can manage my blog regularly. I wanted to visit different blogs because in return they will visit mine as well but it is difficult now.

Ahhh, I need new laptop as soon as possible. I missed so many stuff online especially blogging.  Oh well, as I said in my previous post, my niece bought me a new laptop last December, but there was battery issue. Sadly, the store can only replace the unit within 14 days of purchase. The only option is to replace the battery so I wish the store will grant this. My niece bought it in Canada so I will wait until someone bring the laptop back here.

ASUS VivoBook X540YA 15.6 battery life problem

Last Christmas I was excited because I finally have new laptop but the excitement turned sadness because the laptop has battery problem. My relatives in Canada are here for Christmas vacation. Before coming here I asked one of my nieces to buy laptop for me. I will pay her in installment basis. I can buy here because i have credit card but it’s cheaper buying in Canada.

When I first used the laptop i noticed the battery life last only for two hours. For me the battery life is not normal. So, i tried using it again the following day and the same issue it last only for two hours. Then, few days later i tried it again and pointed to the battery on the screen, i saw 4 hours. I don’t know what will be my feeling if i will be happy or not because battery life extends up to 4 hours. But while using i noticed battery drops faster and becomes two hours then three hours. So it really has battery problem.

Yesterday my niece went back to Canada and i told her to bring the laptop with her. She said she will send it back to the store. So, i’m hoping they will change the unit. By the way i got ASUS VivoBook X540YA 15.6″ Laptop. I really like it because it’s not heavy and it has wide screen. No questions also about the specifications and features, the only dilemma is the battery. Oh well, if my niece will get another unit I am not sure when this laptop will send it here in the Philippines. I heard her relatives from father side will be coming this August so maybe they will send it back here.

Photobucket to Imgur

I wanted to write about Photobucket when i saw my images not showing properly. But i can’t blog regularly and just have opportunity to write today. I know this topic was long overdue. Anyway,  Photobucket was a popular image hosting service which launched 2003, it was previously free for all users to upload and embed images all over the web.

All images in all my blogs hosted in Photobucket. At first I didn’t know that Photobucket was no longer free. So, I didn’t have any idea why all my images hosted in photobucket weren’t showing in my blogs. From what I read, photobucket wasn’t free anymore and you need to pay in order to host your image. Sadly, because i used their site for longest time and i find their site very easy to use. I don’t think their site will comeback for free again so i searched another program similar to photobucket and luckily found Imgur. After I signed up i started to use this program right away. I think similar to photobucket, this site is very easy to use. I hope this site will be available for free forever and won’t charge just like what Photobucket is doing.

Paid Blogging

When I checked my email the other day I saw email from one of my favorite sites that offer paid blogging assignments for my blog. I have been working on this site for a long time and happy and thankful to receive paid online tasks from them from time to time. There are times I just received one or two articles and I’m already happy for that. But now my eyes got bigger when I saw flooded pre-written articles from them. I think for the longest time I have been working from them, this is the first time I got many paidpost from them. Well, these are all from God above; I know He used this site as an instrument, so really really thankful for this blessing. God knows how much I needed this thing because it’s always in my prayer.

Before I used to write my own article but they offered pre-written article.  My choice if I will use the pre-written article, make changes or write my own. I prefer to use the pre-written article because it’s hard for me to write lately because of my offline duties. Also, I have problem with the laptop I am using so it is hard for me to update all my blogs regularly. Right now, I am renting computer and it is not easy to work here. It is not comfortable to work in a workplace not in the comfort of your own abode. Well, I hope to receive many paid opportunities online so I can buy new laptop and do my job online on a daily basis.

Missed Blogging

I missed blogging really! I was actively doing blogging and it has been my bread and butter for a long time. I used to get huge amount here and other stuff aside from money. But it is different now. It is hard even just opening this blog. Before I was complaining our internet connection but now the laptop I was using for long time ago is the problem. It is hard to work online if you don’t have good laptop and internet connection. By the way, I have good internet connection now and laptop is really my dilemma. This is also the reason why I haven’t updated this blog and other blogs of mine regularly. It was hard for me to let go my 2 blogs but I need to do it since I haven’t updated them and no income coming.

This laptop is still working but it takes time to finish just one update of my blog. If I have a copy paste task normally I can do that in less than 5 minute or less. Because you just have to copy and paste it but now it takes hours to do that. I guess one reason why this laptop is acting weird already is because this laptop was really old. I need to get one but it is not easy for me to buy because there are other important things to consider. There are times I need to rent computer just to update my blogs. Though I could finished my task in no time still it is not convenient to work outside your own abode. I hope to go back to my routine back days when I was actively doing online job.

Thankful for the opportunity to earn

I’m glad this blog is receiving paid tasks from time to time. I feel blessed because i don’t regularly updating all my blogs but still getting tasks. It is not huge but already a big help and every single cents coming to me is a blessing. There is a site that I’ve working for years already. This site is giving me tasks from time to time. Recently, they did a little changes in the site especially in giving payment. Before they used to pay every first week of the month but now i have to reach a certain amount to get my payment. The good thing is there are also ways to get your payment right away but you need to pay a little amount. I think this fee is a monthly payment. I didn’t reach the payout last month so i wasn’t able to get the money. I don’t think I could get the payment this month also because my total earnings is still short. I hope next month i will receive more tasks so i can reach the payout already and receive payment as well. Oh well, I’m glad i don’t need the money now. I will just think I am saving money and for sure i will get my earnings not too long.

Working on this Blog again

I’m glad this blog is working again. I was tagged on Facebook to do back-up of my blog. My hosting provider migrated to a newer server. I did my back-up and I thought everything will just go smoothly. Few days after, my hosting provider mentioned that we already transferred to the new server. But there was problem because all database passwords have undergone reset. We were advised on how to deal with the issue but I wasn’t confident to do it. I’m glad my provider is always willing to help. I waited patiently but was also alarmed because I saw wordpress installation. My mistake, I did install my blog again and when I opened it I saw “hello world”, everything I posted from the start (January 2011)  disappeared.

I have other blogs but this one receive more task so I’m really alarmed and thinking pessimistic. What if this blog won’t work again? Is this the end of my blogging? What will happen to me? I commented to the post of my provider and asking if possible to resolve the issue asap. I have pending task and will expire in few days. I didn’t get an answer to my provider so I was worried and thinking negative again. I saw many blogs were already up and I felt my blog wasn’t seen. It has been two weeks, so I messaged my provider and luckily to receive response right away. I emailed to her the back-up of my blog and my provider tried everything to bring this blog working again. I’m so, thankful that my provider is always there to extend help to us. As I said this blog receives more task than my other blogs so this blog is really important to me.

Decided to Let Go my Health Blog

In less than 2 months I have to say goodbye in one of my blogs. It is not easy to let go my health blog but I need to. I’m doing blogging for a long time already and this is my source of income. So, it is important that all my blogs are earning enough. My health blog is not doing well for a long time. It doesn’t give enough earnings so I need to say goodbye to this one. I don’t think it is worth to continue my health blog because as I said it doesn’t give enough earnings and we know that in order to run blog, you need to pay domain and hosting. Where will I get money to pay these? I think better to stop; anyway, I still have 4 blogs currently running.

In the coming days, I will get some of the contents of my health blog and put it here or in my other blogs. I just realized it is hard to let go blog especially if you’re managing it for years already. This is the second time I will do this. The first one wasn’t hard to let go because the blog wasn’t old. Just managed it for a year and decided to let go because I didn’t receive any earnings from that blog. My health blog was long time ago and received earnings way back but not for a year. Anyway, I hope this is the last time I will say goodbye to my blogs. So, please advertisers wherever you are, I am here to work for you, hahah!

Busy with Youtube

Hi everyone … I’m back! Sorry for not visiting this blog and my other blogs lately. I will try my very best to continue all my blogs. So what keeps me busy? I’m still busy online but this time as a youtuber. As I mentioned before I have youtube account way back 2011. I created it because it was needed in one of my tasks online. I wasn’t a regular user but I uploaded videos even when I started youtube. I heard I can link my adsense account so I did it. I didn’t receive huge money, maybe less than $10 for 4 years, hahah! Well, I heard from others that they earn pretty well. So last December 2015, I decided to manage my account again. Since I’m a korean fanatic, I made compilation of photos and turned into video. It became a hit and received earnings. Not big compared to others but big help already.

By the way for 4 years I have 3 subscribers my videos before were rarely seen. When I started uploading Korean stuff, my viewers and subscribers increase day by day. I have 1,633 subscribers and my 32 videos reached 1M views as of today.

thepigrabbit photo thepigrabbit1 dashboard_zpsp7kcll8h.jpg

I’m planning to create another channel but this time I will focus on foods. I wanted to share the foods I am cooking. I’m not a good cook but I believe practice makes perfect so if I do this thing regularly, I might be a chef (just kidding). Oh well, if ever please support it.

Continue the Blog or not

My sister-in-law wanted to give her blog to me. She’s been using this for a long time. I’m the one who taught her how to do blogging. Now, that she is busy with her offline task she can’t manage her website from time to time. She asked me if I wanted to continue this because it’s  expiring next month. I’m thinking if it wise to continue her blog. I have 5 blogs running and not all of them are managed properly. So, I’m thinking if I will accept the blog or just let it go. Renewal of blog is not cheap compared before and I don’t know if I will be benefited from her blog.  Well, I have still few more days to think. I hope I would come up with the right decision.