PF: Kyla and her new friend

My Pink Fridays entry for today is about Kyla and her new found friend. My two weeks job in my sister Internet Café has been finished. Kyla met friend during the time I am working there, her name is Alyana. Anyway, these photos were taken in the shop. By the way this is the first time that Kyla wore this pretty Dora’s shirt (thanks Tita Malene for the shirt)

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J is for …

J is for Jollibee. It is the mascot of the well-known fast food chain here in the Philippines. They already have branches outside the Philippines. The first photo was taken last year we saw Jollibee in the mall so we don’t missed the chance to take a picture with this cute bee mascot.

The second photo is the Jollibee Shirt and Jollibee Cap. Two weeks from now Kyla will participate in Jollibee Kids Club fun activity for this summer. She will wear this shirt together with the cap. This activity will last for 5 days in Jollibee food store here in SM Lucena. I hope she will take part in all the activities this is her first time to participate in this kind of event. She is not the type of person who can mingle easily to other but I hope in this five day event she will learn a lot, gain confident and friends as well.

In the third photo Kyla is wearing her Jollibee cap, isn’t it cute? Wink!

But beyond everything my letter J stands for Jesus Christ, thank you for everything.

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RT: Cute smile and a prize

It’s Ruby Tuesday once again and its time to show or share photos with red touch. It can be big or small as long as it has red shade. I started to browse the camera to see if there is a photo with red. I’m glad that I found photos so now I’m linking it in Ruby Tuesday.

The first photo is my model hhehe, my daughter who is not always ready to smile in the camera. But in this photo she gave me a cute smile, wink! We bought this shirt when we are in Bohol, Philippines (super duper pretty place).

The next photo is the plastic of LBC. LBC is the one who delivered my prize that I won in blog contest recently.  What is the prize I got you can see it here.

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Yay! working away from home!

Yesterday I started working again in my sister’s computer shop. It’s been 3 years since the last time i worked with regular salary. After i gave birth with Kyla i stopped working and became WAHM/SAHM. Anyway, i don’t have regular job I will be working only for 2 weeks; the other employee has filed for 2 weeks vacation so I am just a substitute until she comes back.  My sister asked me if i can work again for that short period of time. I grabbed it since we are talking about moolah here :). And besides i can still work in my regular blogging routine even I am working in the shop. If there are customers to assist then that’s the time I will be busy but if not I can work on my blog and other earning sites.

I used to work here in computer shop 6 years ago if my memory is right, lol. So the kind of job I’m dealing now is not new to me. Anyway, this is just a quick update about my personal thing. Till my next post…Thanks for always visiting this humble blog 🙂

Huge Heart in SM City Lucena

Days are passing by so quickly time again for Mellow Yellow Monday as well as Ruby Tuesday. This is the first time I actually joined the two meme in one post. So here is my chosen photo, today is the last day of love month so I want to share this photo with you all. This was taken few days ago in SM City Lucena as you can see it’s a huge heart inline with the celebration of Valentine’s Day. The girl sitting in the bench is my daughter Kyla who’s not always game to pose in camera hehe. She’s looking in somewhere while holding her hat with some red colors on it. Anyway, I hope you can see also the yellow things here.  Some of the people passing by are carrying yellow plastic. Also the paintings have yellow color. There is yellow thing at the back of the red heart I guess it’s the small booth that sells mobile cards.

Do you think lockers are important?

Do you think lockers are important?  Of course yes, lockers are used commonly in schools but also used in our house, storage lockers, stadium lockers, and even benches lockers now are available. In our house it is more at ease if the things that are important to us are keeping locked. Same with our things in school; it is significant that they are stay protected. School lockerslet students to have a level of expediency in the school. Lockers are an ease for students making it easier for them to manage their things during the day. Students don’t need to carry their school supplies back and forth instead the students may leave their books and other school things in the lockers and just get it when needed.
So if you need one don’t worry much because there are many lockers for sale. And not only that they are sale for very low prices. Also there are various selections of lockers available in the marketplace. So you are free to choose whatever design you wanted. What I want in this site that I found is that they have full service team that would help you while choosing the right locker for you and will help you in installation after.

Sale, Rummage Sale, Discount, Deal … or anything you want to call it!

Are you running on the store when you see this word SALE? Well honestly I am 🙂 I am one of those who are rushing on the store to get some discounts. Anyway, this is not latest photo I think this photo was taken after Christmas, SM Lucena had their year end Sale. This is my entry for this week Ruby Tuesday.

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