Fashionably Safe Styles for the Biker in all of Us

Whether you and your guy are new to riding or you have been traveling the country on two wheels for years, it is important to dress in clothing that is both fashionable and safe. Safety always takes top priority, but this doesn’t mean you have to look like a crash test dummy. Use the following suggestions in order to ride in style.

The Basics

Your basic clothing should be comfortable, but there are limits. Riding down the highway in shorts and flip flops is never a good idea. Pants should be long. Jeans are best because of the durability denim provides. Your shoes are one of your most important pieces of gear next to the helmet. Make sure they cover your ankle and offer good support like eagle footwear does.


Outerwear keeps you warm and helps protect you if there were to be an accident. Leather is your best friend. It will keep you from becoming scraped up if you go down, and it is nice and warm. Don’t worry about getting overheated. You’ll feel chilled on a bike even on a warm spring day. Outerwear should include a jacket with vents, chaps, and a good pair of gloves that provide warmth without restricting the movement of your fingers.

The Extras

There are certain articles of clothing that you need to have with you on your ride that you may not necessarily need when you head out. First on the list is a good rain suit. The dollar rain ponchos just won’t cut it. Have a one piece suit or a jacket with pants that doesn’t let water in at the waist. Many include gloves and boot covers to ensure complete dryness.

Having the proper gear for your next ride will keep you safe and comfortable. Knowing the right pieces to have, and how to keep a stylish look in the process, is key to looking and feeling terrific wherever the road takes you.

4 Tips For Choosing a Tailor

Tailors can help you with everything from bespoke suits to altered evening gowns. But what if you don’t know where to start in your search, and how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right tailor even after you’ve begun the hunt? Here are just four tips for putting your clothes in the right hands.

1. Ask for Referrals

This is the way that tailors were found by your grandparents and great-grandparents. People went to the same tailors that made their father’s trousers or altered their aunt’s wedding dress. Today’s recommendations usually come from friends, neighbors, co-workers and online blogs rather than family ties, but the principle is still the same. Find a tailor that has good word-of-mouth among your associates.

2. Look at Their Samples

Most tailors have some kind of gallery or portfolio where they show off their skills and styles. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. It might be easily accessed online; it might have to be studied in the boutique itself. By looking at what they’ve done in the past, however, you can figure out if they have the experience necessary to create something for your future.

3. Get a Quote

No two tailors will have the same labor costs and fabric prices, so don’t be surprised if your queries about rates are met with answers like “it depends.” Just ask for a ballpark figure to give yourself a general idea of how much their work will cost you. Whether they charge by the hour or by the garment, it pays to know in advance what kind of figure that you’ll be looking at on your credit card bill.

4. Establish a Deadline

You can’t walk down the aisle in a fitted wedding dress if it’s still hanging in the tailor’s shop on your big day! Make sure that you talk about timelines before you commit to any one tailor in particular. This is especially important if you’ll need to attend multiple fittings for a custom-made outfit; without your measurements, they can’t start sewing, and if they can’t start sewing, you’ll be waiting on a garment that never comes.

These are just a few tips for finding and selecting a custom tailor DC. Whether you need a simple alteration or an elaborate ensemble, these guidelines will ensure that you only choose the smoothest hands to work on your clothes. Good luck!

Why are People Consumed with the Desire to Appear Younger?

The desire to appear younger can be attributed to many things. However, it is likely images seen on a daily basis through television, the Internet, and magazines that influence us the most. Every day we are exposed to images of young, beautiful, and successful people. The need to appear younger has become an obsession.

Solutions for the Aging Process

Billions of dollars are spent on cosmetic surgery each year. From liposuction to face lifts, tummy tucks, and hair transplants, the quest to appear as young as possible continues. When it first became available, only the wealthy could afford to have cosmetic surgery. Today the cost of these procedures is more affordable.

People are living longer and finding it necessary to undo the damage they may have done when they were younger. Years of exposure to the sun, lack of sleep, smoking, and other factors contribute to the lines and wrinkles that begin to appear as people age. There are a number of ways to improve the skin to erase signs of aging. One example of a company that offers the best product for sagging neck is Neck Cream Center.

Looking Younger Helps in the Job Market

Looking younger is not only desired to help people feel better about themselves, but employers often seek younger employees. Workers are not retiring at the same age as they did in the past. Many have to work to make ends meet. Retirement is not always enough.

While it stands to reason that older workers have more experience, employers often think that they do not keep up to date with changes. Therefore, it is important to look as young as possible when going to a job interview. Many career counselors and others recommend several ways that older workers can appear younger.

Other Reasons People Want to Look Younger

Aging may be a natural process, but today people want to look and feel younger. They do it for a variety of reasons. It may be for work. Entering the dating scene again is another. Men seem to prefer younger women. Everytime you turn on television, we are being bombarded with pictures of women in their 50s that actually look like the are in their 30s.

Fighting the aging process is not a new battle. The search for the “Fountain of Youth” has been ongoing since the 16th century. There is no doubt that looking younger gives people more confidence.

6 Tips to Save on Your Next Great Outdoor Adventure

Everyone should aim to take at least one great adventure per year. A change of scenery reawakens the mind, boosts happiness, and gives a purpose to hard work. The great outdoor adventure also creates a dialogue between nature and our inner selves. This helps grow the soul, body, and spirit. Now all you need to do is save for this serene outdoor trip.

Pick an Activity

You may define an outdoor adventure as sleeping on the beach of a tropical island. Someone else may define it as a weekend fishing trip. The term ‘outdoor adventure’ means different things to different people, which gives you a broad range of activity choices.

Narrow your choices by picking the adventure that matches your personality and budget. If you need help picking the adventure, close your eyes and visualize the activity that brings the most zen into your life. Make that one the focus of your trip.

Set a Budget and Start a Savings Account

Set a trip time limit. Decide between an immediate trip (one that occurs within a few days or weeks), or a long term trip (one that occurs months or a year in the future). Immediate trips probably won’t cost you a lot, so you do not need to save that much. However, future trips may require a bigger budget.

Breakdown all your expenses: write a list of all your potential trip costs, everything from transportation to food. Next, add at least two to three hundred dollars extra to your estimation for emergency expenses.

Open a new savings account, and set an automatic deduction amount that helps you reach your goal before the trip.

Make Extra Money

Sell clothing that you no longer wear to make money.  If you have any sort of skills creating unique jewelry, sewing, or building things, sell your own products and designs on Etsy and eBay.

Think of every skill that you can monetize. For example, someone who knows all the film editing tricks can advertise their services on a freelancing website or through a classified ad.

There are also unique ways to make money, such as selling your voice for voice-over work, and being paid to stand in line for someone else to buy concert tickets.

Find Small Ways to Save

Stop buying name brand groceries. Go out less. Utilize your library card instead of buying new books and magazines. Think of small expenses that you can cutout of your daily routine.

Save on your trip supplies with coupons. For example, if you plan to go on a sea adventure, use West Marine coupons to save on your sailing or fishing gear. Cutback on the little trip expenses, but invest in the big ones. Do not skimp on important trip purchases, such as a durable pair of hiking boots or a tent. Paying extra for a nice pair of hiking boots will create less hassle and save you more in the long term.

Ride An Alternative Transportation

Evaluate if you really need to take a car or flight to your outdoor adventure. A hiking or camping location may be within a biking range. If so, leave the car behind and bike to that area.

A train ride to a nearby city may end up saving you a lot more than booking a flight.

Choose Free Activities

Choose an outdoor activity that costs you nothing, such as a simple day on the beach or taking a mountain trail. These activities may not be the most exciting trips, but could still create a zen experience


How to Achieve Perfect Smile

Does the appearance of your teeth embarrass you because they are not straight or bright enough? Perhaps when you smile, there are noticeable flaws such as a chipped tooth or distorted teeth. Fortunately, there are available solutions from a Park Slope cosmetic dentist. You have a chance to correct what you do not like in a convenient and affordable setting.

Dental work that can improve your teeth, gums or bite has many benefits. The focus is on the positioning of your teeth as well as size and color. Some procedures offer a complete smile makeover; others can correct minor problems. Either way, getting this done can make a significant difference in your life.

Social Benefits Cosmetic Dental Work

Getting the pearly whites that you have wanted is an immediate confidence booster. It is possible that your social life will blossom because you will feel better about your appearance. Not only does a well aligned white smile attract positivity, but it can also brighten someone’s day. You will feel great about your appearance because an area of insecurity has been uplifted.

With a better smile, people will change their perception of who you are and how they choose to behave with you. Behavioral studies found in the American Journal of Social Psychology back this up. People who are physical attractive and have bright smiles have an advantage when they are in social settings and during interviews.

Health Benefits Cosmetic Dental Work

Many people are not aware of the effect poor dental hygiene can have on a person’s physical health. When you hear the word “cosmetic,” the first thought is connected to appearance and how someone looks. However, cosmetic dentistry does more that improve the aesthetics of your smile. It also helps you maintain healthy teeth and gums. Poor dental hygiene can lead to chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

Once your teeth are reshaped, whitened and straightened, you will become motivated to increase your dental hygiene habits to avoid losing that bright smile. Additionally, you may rethink some of the previous food and drink choices that stained your teeth. A natural effect is improved health once you stop eating too much junk food or drinking sugary drinks.

There are tremendous benefits to having work done to repair your teeth. It typically takes a short time to get certain procedures and to recover. Speaking with your dentist can help you understand the available options that will lead to a healthy, bright smile.

Tips on How on to Maximize Time

Whether you spend most of your waking hours picking up after five children or closing sales, performing menial chores is probably the last thing you want to do. Other people might look at you askance upon discovering that you employ any of the tips listed below, but you’ll be the one relaxing with a magazine at the nail salon each week while they’re stuck doing laundry for two hours.

1. Use disposable dishes and cutlery
This isn’t the most environmentally sound idea, but when your seven-year-old is having ten friends over for a sleepover that involves ice cream sundaes and macaroni surprise, you’ll probably do anything to avoid the inevitable clean-up. Just make sure to only break out the paper plates when you have guests over, or you’ll find that the amount of waste you produce in a given week may increase exponentially.

2. Buy a lot of clothes
Personally, I find that I run out of clean underwear and bras before I find myself low on shirts or jeans. If you wear a particular item of clothing frequently, having plenty of them on hand can drastically prolong the amount of time you can go between visits to the laundromat. For items such as block-color t-shirts or bras, buying them wholesale is a cost-effective option. Uni Hosiery offers a number of wholesale underwear and active wear options, including these delightfully comfortable mamia bras.

3. Prepare extra ingredients while cooking
If you find yourself using certain items in most of the dishes you cook, make extra so you’ll have some already on hand next time you’re putting together a meal. For me, frequently used items include vegetables such as tomatoes, mushrooms, and onion. Rice and potatoes are carbohydrate staples used in many dishes appropriate for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just be sure to place a piece of masking tape on the container with the date of preparation so you can easily avoid eating anything that might be spoiled.

With the right amount of planning and foresight, you can drastically increase the amount of free time you have available. Now the trick is to figure out what to do with all those extra minutes in your day!

When You Need a Little Pampering

It’s summer, the perfect time to deck yourself out. When you feel like a little dazzle and you want to accessorize, Dabby Reid is here for you. Browse a broad assortment of pearls, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Whether you simply want to treat yourself or you have a special occasion, find out what Dabby Reid has to offer you.

Find a Hue that Works for You
When it comes to choosing jewelry, it’s all about finding your favorite style. Color is everything. You either want your accessories to complement your natural coloring and clothing or you want a bold contrast. Warm colors can really heat things up or you can bring down the temperatures with something in a cool shade. Pick black and neutral colors when you want versatile jewelry that will go with anything you pull out of the closet. It’s all about finding the jewelry you love in a beautiful hue that will make the most of the moment.

dabbys accessories photo dabbys accessories_zpso7uvzm03.jpg

Get Ready to Hit the Beach
You’re ready to take off for a vacation or want to spend the day at the beach. As you look forward to sun, surf, and sand, make sure you look your best. A bracelet, necklace or set of earrings from Dabby Reid can make your day complete. Watch your jewelry catch the light while you walk along the sand or dress up your beach garb with that perfect accessory. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, to dress herself up, and be treated like a queen. Dabby Reid knows how to make jewelry that will light a fire in your heart every time that you put it on. Take a look at your reflection, watch the reaction of others, and allow yourself to shine.

Go Understated or Overboard
It’s up to you to make the most of Dabby Reid’s jewelry. You can choose a subtle piece, such as a bracelet that dresses your arm and adds a little spice to your simple dress. Go all the way with a complete set of jewelry that will shimmer against your skin when you are ready for a night out on the town. Dabby Reid has an assortment that is sure to be a temptation. Give in and choose the piece that is a must in your collection. You’re sure to fall in love, adding additional items to your jewelry box. Click here for a little help from Dabby Reid.

What Should You Look For In A Cosmetic Laser Manufacturer?

 photo Cosmetic Laser Manufacturer_zpsl7dwbb1j.png

These days, many cosmetic laser manufacturer are interested in attaining the best products so they can offer their clients the best services. If this is the case for you, it’s important to note that finding a manufacturer that offers exemplary equipment is important. To ensure that you can realize this objective, be sure to look for the following attributes in the laser manufacturer:

1. Extensive Experience In The Cosmetic Industry.

One of the first things you should look for in a laser manufacturer is extensive industry experience. Experience is important because it ensures that the manufacturer possesses the accumulated knowledge and “know-how” necessary to assemble and deliver an absolutely amazing laser. When you start looking for the ideal manufacturer, keep the professionals of Aeslight in mind. In addition to having over 20 years worth of experience, the professionals of Aeslight are on their way to becoming one of the globe’s biggest manufacturers.

2. Outstanding Customer Service.

Another characteristic you should look for in a laser manufacturer is outstanding customer service. Customer service is important because being treated with respect can dramatically improve the quality of your day. Moreover, when you work with a team of knowledgeable professionals, your shopping process is oftentimes expedited. This means that you’ll have more time to devote to other important business-related matters.

3. A Great Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating.

The final attribute you should look for in a laser manufacturer is a great Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. Over the years, the BBB has earned a reputation for consistently providing consumers with accurate information regarding how efficacious a company is in offering excellent products and services. Typically, a cosmetic manufacturer that has maintained a rating of A or higher will be able to offer you the excellent equipment you’re looking for.


If you run a cosmetic company and are interested in keeping your shelves stocked with the highest quality equipment, note that finding the ideal manufacturer will help you realize your objective. To ensure that you can do so, be sure to review the information and advice outlined above. Good luck!

4 Tips for More Sustainable Living

Would you like to live more sustainably? It’s easier than you think. Here are just four ways to embrace a more eco-friendly existence.

1. Shop Locally

Not only will you support the farmers, vendors and businesses of your own community, but you’ll also reduce pollution and waste by cutting down on shipping costs through the big chains. The less demand for it, the less they’ll do it.

2. Look for Eco-Friendly Businesses

The next time you’re seeking, say, a jewelry refining group, take the extra time to find one like They’re committed to the environment, so their actions won’t cause harm to the earth like other companies of their type.

3. Start Recycling

Gone are the days when everything had to be meticulously sorted and physically carted to the recycling plant. In the 21st century, it’s as easy as putting your garbage in a special bin and rolling it onto the street for the recycling trucks. There’s no excuse not to recycle anymore!

4. Use Less Water

You waste gallons of water every day without even realizing it. Can you cut back on your shower time? Can you wash the dishes in a sink full of suds instead of individually under the stream? Simple cutbacks can make huge differences, so every little bit helps.

If you’re serious about living a better, more sustainable life, follow these four tips to work for a brighter future. There’s only one earth. It’s time to do your part for it.

Why Is It Important To Get Life Insurance Sooner Rather Than Later?

Though no one likes to talk about it, death is an inevitable end to life. Imagining yourself old and grey in some distant future is all too easy, but the reality is that death can strike at a time that you least expect it. Planning for this is definitely not something you have to get started on, but preparing for it will help to ensure that you and your loved ones can deal with the consequences.

No one can ever be properly prepared to die, but insurance was designed to make sure that your financial house could be in order when this does occur. If you want to get life insurance, then it helps to get it sooner rather than later. The younger and healthier you are at the time you insure, the better your rates will be. By getting started young, you can begin your journey forward without worrying about some fateful event tearing your family apart.

Getting the Best Premiums

When you are looking to get the best premiums on your life insurance, there is no better time than now. The longer you wait, the higher those premiums will go. The truth is that the older you are the higher the risk you are for death. This is why premiums will continue to go up each and every year. If you get the right policy, you can lock in rates for some time, keeping them at a reasonable level as you age. Eventually your age will catch up to you, but for the foreseeable future you can keep those rates at a good level.

Being At Your Best Health

Being in good health is another great way to keep your life insurance policy affordable. If you follow a healthy lifestyle and stay in good health then your rates will be much lower than someone who does not. Take the chance to get an insurance policy while you are still in good health to lock in the best rates available.

Benefits Still Matter

Of course, there are those who believe that just because they are single means that they do not need insurance coverage. This could not be further from the truth. Simply getting buried in today’s world costs quite a bit of money and most of the time you still have someone you are leaving behind. Whether it is your siblings, parents, or another loved one that might be left behind, make sure that they have the money they need to settle your debts and cover your funeral expenses.

Death is not a subject that anyone wants to talk about, but it is a natural part of the cycle. Getting life insurance can help you feel secure that you are protected should something unexpected occur. In the meantime, you can go about living your life without the fear that you will be leaving behind a large bill to pay.

Getting life insurance now will help give you a firm foundation. When you go, your loved ones will have enough to deal with emotionally. Don’t leave them with an extra financial burden too.