Going Dancing

If dancing is a passion of yours or your child’s, then it is important to find the right dance studio in order to cultivate and pursue that passion. A quality dance school is going to make it much easier to enjoy dancing, versus a poor quality studio that will have you struggling. This article will take a look at some of the things you will want to consider as you peruse your options of some of the best dance schools in miami.

What Does the Schedule Look Like?

Scheduling is important for a couple reasons. The first is that you want to make sure there are classes available for you when you are able to attend. If you work a day job and the studio closes at 4 pm, it is likely not a great option for you.

The second reason schedule is important is because it can tell you how classes are grouped and what the variety of lessons includes. A more varied schedule may work better if you aren’t sure what style you want to learn. Conversely, if you already know where your passion lies, this could make it easier to pick a school.

Touring the Studio

This step can give you a lot of insight on the studio itself. Things you should look for are either live music to accompany lessons or a quality sound system that can be adjusted as needed during your lesson. You should also evaluate the friendliness and approachability of the staff and teachers, and inquire about the experience level of those teachers. Lastly, check your floors. Ideally, you want a floating floor with a Marley finish that makes it easier on your body and joints and can help prevent injuries.

Hopefully, this guide helped give you an idea of some of the things you should look for if dancing is your passion. Dance schools should be clean and safe, with well-qualified instructors to assist you. They should also have a schedule that fits yours. Lastly, your school should have a comfortable atmosphere.

About Music Man Guitar

music man guitar

If you love playing guitar, I’m sure you know about music man guitar. According to the site I have visited, this is direct from the imagination of Leo Fender. The latter founded the Music Man Company with partners Forrest White and Tom Walker. The first instrument they introduced was stingray bass in 1976. It was the very first bass to feature active electronics and innovations such as a 6-bolt neck joint. Their guitars and basses guarantee incredible tone paired with sleek, cutting-edge looks and the comfortable playability guitarists expect from an instrument of such high caliber. You might want to consider getting any of their instruments.

How to Learn to Play the Organ

how to play the organ

One of the most interesting instruments to play is the organ. My daughter has standard electronic organ. I thought it wasn’t playing already. Good thing the outlet was the only problem and when I put in another outlet the organ finally works again. My daughter has this organ long time ago. I think she was 2 or 3 when her grandfather bought it. She was 6 now but hasn’t learned to play the organ perfectly. But from time to time she’s using it. There’s a program in this organ where it plays repeated songs. She loves pressing the keyboards and create any sounds. It would be nice if there is someone in the family who has background in playing this kind of instrument. For sure it would be easy for my daughter to learn. Another thing, piano flash cards from musicians friend would be a great help. I should enroll her to a music school but money is always a dilemma. I might search online for sure there are many tutorials available. And I hope it’s not too late for her to learn. I can’t wait to seeing my daughter playing organ  efficiently.

kid playing piano photo kidplayingpiano_zps49131c68.jpg

Listen With Your Heart – A Thank You To The World

We still remember Yolanda, the super typhoon that struck in the Philippines specifically in Tacloban last November 8, 2013. All the flustered victims were asking for help and refuge. We, all the Filipinos were thankful for all the aids we have received from all over the world for the victims of Yolanda whether in-kind or cash donations, rescue, medical assistance and pledges from more than 50 countries. Thank you everyone (Filipinos and non-Filipinos) for all the assistance, no words can ever express how thankful the Philippines. And because of your continuous support Filipinos will definitely survive, move on and rise again.

Now, it’s time to show the whole world our heartfelt appreciation through this song “LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART.” It is a collaboration of Filipino artists featuring some of the most famous in the international music scene like Lea Salonga, Lani Misalucha, Arnel Pineda and Billy Crawford. Other singers who joined were Jaime Rivera, Angeline Quinto, Yeng Constantino, Juris, Bugoy Drilon, Liezel Garcia, Jovit Baldivino, KZ Tandingan, Marion Aunor and Wynn Andrada.

Video Credit: Youtube

Guitar Amplifier

I’m admiring those people playing guitar very well. This was the instrument that I wanted to learn when I was young but for some reason it didn’t happen. Anyway, my nephew has a regular guitar and an electric guitar. I’m not sure if he has an amp that could helps the sound of his electric guitar more powerful. I saw this bugera 2×12 at WWBW that looks interesting. You can have different sound if you connect this to your electric guitar. Well, I have to ask my nephew and he might want to get this amp.

She has an interest on different instruments

Daughter keeps on bugging me because his petite guitar was already broken. So last time when we went to the mall we also visit instrument store to ask if they could fix the string of the guitar. Actually this guitar was only  free when we bought her piano. Daughter doesn’t really play well but she loves using it and just enjoying. Anyway, its almost one week since I talked to the staff of instrument store so she keeps on asking me when will I bring her guitar to this instrument store. At early age she already appreciate music and different instruments so I’m look forward on what music could bring to her. She has an interest on different instruments and I guess soon she will like acoustic bass as well. My dream for her is to master even just one instrument because its my frustration.

Fun with Videoke

When my brother-in-law was still here in the Philippines he was the one who started videoke everytime there is celebration or even just an ordinary day. He loves to sing reason why all his children are also into music. Brother-in-law makes sure that he has musical accessories so that he will perform well. Blackstar Amplifiers at musicians friend is his regret because he doesn’t own one when he was still here in the country. But I don’t know if he already purchase one now that he is living abroad. Well, speaking of videoke I wasn’t sleep well the other day because the neighbor had fun with videoke all day long. It is fine if they sing nicely or they have amplifier so the sound is clear enough but none so it’s irritating.

New Year Trumpet

Time flies and we never know 2013 is here already. I look forward already on the day we will celebrate New Years Day. This is the time when our family usually gets together. We prepare lots of food during this time unlike Christmas. Aside from the food, trumpet and other things that produce sounds are always present to us during the celebration. This is the time we make fun, sing out loud, and create different sounds because we believe in this way luck comes next. Well, the coming New Year celebration I wish to use trumpet mouthpieces at wwbw and hoping this instrument will give us fortune especially in the coming year.

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 Grand Winner – Marcelito Pomoy

Finally the people have spoken … the winner of Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) Season 2 was Marcelito Pomoy. He has a voice of a woman. The first time I watched him in audition made me amazed with his voice. Well, congrats Marcelito you deserved it.

Here is Marcelito’s masterpiece “The Prayer” on last night grand finals. Got this video on youtube (thanks to the owner).