Should Protect our Child to the Fullest

I heard from a news channel that a 7-year-old girl was raped and died due to 20 stabbed. I have daughter that will be turning 7 this year so, I know the feeling of the mother. I admit there were times I scolded my daughter but it doesn’t mean I don’t love her. And if something happened to my daughter I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m really sad to what happened to the innocent child. This child could have better future but the evil people made everything stopped for this girl. I pray for the soul of this child and rest in peace besides our God. Anyway, it’s good to hear that the suspects were arrested but I don’t think this is enough. They got the life of the innocent child so they should pay for it by giving their lives too. Sorry, but the thing they did was a serious crime and they should suffer a lot. It’s so sad that we give the best to protect our child but other people would make everything to harm them. We don’t know accident or incident would occur so taking care and protecting our children 24/7 is a must.


Make Teaching Fun and Enjoyable

I’m glad this blog is working again. I was alarmed yesterday when I checked my blog and got error message. This afternoon I checked again and still error. I thought it wouldn’t be fixed this day but I’m glad it’s working already. I was worried because I have pending task that I need to do right away. Aside from that my earning depends on this blog so really important to access this blog. Thanks to my hosting carrier for the quick solution and hoping no more dilemmas occur.

Anyway, I’m busy tutoring my daughter everyday. Elementary level is really different compared to preschooler. Now, I’m teaching her lesson everyday because if not, she might not get her lesson clearly.

Her first long examination will start on Friday and the following week. I hope we wouldn’t have any problem reviewing all her subjects. Sometimes it’s hard to teach her because she doesn’t listen when not in the mood. I need to make or create ways on how to make our review fun and enjoyable. In that way i’m sure she wouldn’t be bored. Haist, I need patience haha. Well, good luck Kyla I know you can do it. I believe in you so have more confidence and concentrate with your examination.

Loom Charms and Hair Accessories

I’m still enjoying making loom bands. My addiction began last summer (May) and now I’m still doing it regularly. I already showed some of my done bracelets and really satisfied with the result. Now, I’m enjoying making different charms. Thanks to the tutorials available online. It would be impossible for me to make one. All my works depend on the tutorials available on youtube.

Anyway, here are my recent loom bands creations. My daughter asked for some panda so I made different colors. Daughter wasn’t satisfied and asked for more panda’s haha. And because daughter likes guitar I also made one for her. For the second photo I made starburst headband and lastly, bow tie ponytail. Again, all the tutorials came from youtube.

loom charms panda photo loomcharmspanda_zps3ea4fedc.jpg
starburst headband photo starbirstheadband_zps1c8baddf.jpg
bow tie ponytail photo bowtieponytail_zpsd0e0f40f.jpg

The possibilities are endless with loom bands. I thought its only for bracelets but now I have charms, hair accessories and soon will make Disney characters.

Now that she’s in Grade One

Time flies this is the last day of the month of June. I hope my daughter finally adopt her new school. The previous school was okay but I don’t think we can go far. I mean the school is merely for rich students only or if not those who can afford the increasing tuition fees yearly. And since we are not that rich or should I say we are really not. So I decided to transfer my daughter in new school.

My daughter is in grade one now, so whole day class already. It’s a big adjustment on her part because she needs to wake up early in the morning. After lunch she needs to go back to attend her afternoon class. Now, she has twice the number of classmates compared to the previous school. She is a shy-type person and I hope in the new environment with lots of students and classmates her shyness would be gone. I look forward to this thing and her confidence would also develop now that she is in elementary stage.

Well, good luck Kyla. One day you will read my blogs because you are already learning how to read. Many of my blog entries are about her. I was upset because she doesn’t like reading. Well, I won’t push her and will give her time till she decides but I will continue to remind her that reading is important and through this she will learn everything.

Preschool Amazing Talents

Earlier at my daughter’s school, all the preschool students showed their talents through dancing, singing, story telling and modeling. This is line with the school foundation celebration. The girls from my daughter’s class participated through a dance number. They were asked to wear semi formal outfit. While my daughter’s boy classmates showed a medley dance number. They were cute with their glasses and toy guitar, an exceptional fender custom shop bass wasn’t used of course. Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching tomorrow’s activity which is kite flying.

On making scrapbook

One of the gifts that my daughter received on her 5th birthday is “Express Yourself” Scrapbook. I think we will be busy doing this scrapbook in the coming days. Daughter has many photos that can be put in this scrapbook. Her photos are just saved here in laptop. So I’m thinking to make a copy of her photos since it’s already thousands. While browsing the file of photos I saw her videos and photos of her first lesson in swimming. Unfortunately, she didn’t finish her swimming lesson. She didn’t want the instructor to teach her. All she wanted is just to enjoy the water without having pressure from the instructor. So, I just let her enjoy the water, maybe it’s not yet her time to attend swimming lesson. Anyway, this is the place where my daughter attended swimming lesson. It has 2 swimming pools; for kids and adult. I’m not sure if they have led pool lights because if they have for sure this will add attraction to their pool. Anyway, I will be browsing more of her photos and try to start her scrapbook.


Second Trick or Treat for this Year

So busy in my offline stuff for the past days so I’m not able to update this blog. I should share this thing two weeks ago but forgot to do so. Anyway, aside from attending trick or treat in school my daughter also attended trick or treat in one of the hotels in our area. This was her first time to attend trick or treat wherein hotel is the venue. She used to attend in school and trick or treat in Jollibee. But for this year I didn’t join her in Jollibee. There are many participants every year in Jollibee I think all the Jollibee branches in Quezon province are gathered in one place yearly. I don’t want to mingle with hundred of parents and participants so I chose to join in one of the hotels here.

The fee amount is Php 250 which includes pumpkin basket, face painting, photo booth and food. I was surprised with the pumpkin basket because it’s so little, haha. Even the apple that they gave didn’t fit in this pumpkin basket.


Anyway, daughter wanted to have butterfly on her face so here she is while the paint artist is putting her requested butterfly. On photo booth we got 4 shots.


These are the foods included in the package. Well, I’m not satisfied with the foods. The spaghetti noodles are so thin but the taste is quite good. There is white pasta but lacking of flavor. Pizza is good but I think they only used tasty bread. For the dessert there are cupcakes with Halloween theme. Well, the one I tasted was banana cup cake, quite good.


After eating children were asked to go in different offices of the hotel for the trick or treat. Daughter got 1 apple, small imported chocolates, candies and cookies. There is one room where the kids are giving 1-2 minutes (I think) to find the hidden goodies. It’s hard to find because it has dim light. The goodies were hidden under the bed, pillows, drawer, tables, and blankets. Daughter didn’t get anything in that room so the staff gave her some candies.

Overall, it’s a nice experience but I’m not sure if we will attend here again next year. I want my daughter to experience other trick or treat event maybe in the mall next time, we will see!

Super Hero Costumes to the Rescue!

Everyone wants to be a superhero. They watch them on television and in the movies and read about them in comic books and other publications. Superheroes are a sign of people rising above their limitations to become something much greater, which is a moral all of us can relate to, even if we have to go without the super powers. The popularity of superheroes is the main reason why they’re at the top of every list of most popular Halloween costumes for kids. When all else fails, you can lean back on the old standard super hero costumes. The classic superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, Superman, and all their friends aren’t going to go out of style anytime soon. When Halloween costumes start popping up on the shelves, you’re bound to see a multitude of options for all of these superheroes. You might even be able to find a costumer that’s going to fit your dog. As you head out to costume parties, you will notice a majority of people are wearing something that fits within the superhero category. It doesn’t even have to be the classic superheroes mentioned earlier in this paragraph. You could put your own creative twist on your costume and come up with a completely new superhero. 

Luckily, the opportunities are endless when it comes to picking out your costume. Super hero costumes are frowned upon because they’re not creative enough in some circles. Sometimes you will be able to find a version that’s different enough from the normal superhero costume that it’s accepted as being something remarkable. Unfortunately, you’re likely going to have to consult with a professional or perform alterations on your costume yourself. There are numerous iterations of a superhero’s costume throughout its history. You could start reading some comic books to get some ideas and then go from there. It’s important to have a keen awareness of your skill level in the department of creating and altering costumes. There’s nothing wrong with consulting with a professional to get the job done, especially if you plan to enter into a costume contest. They will cost a little bit more money, but you will get your money’s worth out of the deal because you are able to receive attention and prizes for having the best costume. It doesn’t matter if someone calls you a derogatory name after seeing how much detail you put into your costume. The people who recognize costumes as what they are deserve the respect of everyone involved. 

There are so many different ways you can go when you’re trying to find the right costume. A great classic costume option is to dress up like a superhero. You might come across a lot of people who have a similar costume to you, but they never put in the same amount of money and effort to get the creative masterpiece that stands before them. It’s interesting to see how far the world of costumes has come along. It’s hard to imagine what’s lurking in the pipeline for the next 10 years.

On making Tutu

I got an interest on making Tutu couple of days ago. So what is tutu? According to Wikipedia – A tutu is a skirt worn as a costume in a ballet performance, often with attached bodice. It consists of a Basque (or waistband, it can either be part of the bodice or a separate band) and the skirt itself might be single layer, hanging down, or multiple layers starched and jutting out. 

But today I noticed tutu skirt is not only used for ballet purposes because I see kids wearing tutu in occasions like birthday party, trick or treating or any similar event. I find this costume cute so I’m eager to make one for my daughter. This is one of the many costumes I have in mind in trick or treating. I’m thinking so advance, hahah… but time flies. 

Ok, so to make the story short, I went to YouTube because I know there are many tutorials there. And I wasn’t wrong because I found lots of tutu tutorials. Watching them made me realized it’s easy to make tutu skirt. So, hopefully I will pursue this thing and make one for my daughter. 

Open to have a Tutor

Have you ever had a tutor way back when you’re still studying? Honestly, I didn’t have any till I graduated from school. We couldn’t afford to pay for it especially that time. But today I noticed even younger students have tutors. Just like some of the classmates of my daughter. Even when they were in Nursery level they already had. Actually, not only her classmates but almost all the students in their school rely on tutors. Well, right now I don’t hire any tutor for my daughter instead I’m her teacher. But with the fast changing of technology I knew education is also shifting. My knowledge might be limited so for sure I need to find someone who can help me in my daughter’s lessons. I’m not closing any door and open to have a tutor for my daughter soon.

Last year my daughter joined Math quiz bee as part of their Math week celebration. She competed with her five classmates and got second placer on that contest. Now that she is in Kindergarten I see her doing better in her Math subject. I’m thinking soon she will have  math tutors not because she can’t do it but I want her to excel more in that subject. Tutorspree can help me with this thing because they offer high quality private tutors. I was surprised to know that they have more than 7,000 tutors across the country. Tutors can be done in the house, library or any place more convenient to both of the students and tutors. They offer math, language, science, economics, test prep tutors, programming, English and history tutors. It’s so simple to enroll in Tutorspree just reach them through their site or over the phone. The tutor cost depends on the lesson, duration and the city. The good thing is if you are not happy with their service they can refund the money but make it sure to notify them within 24 hours of your first lesson. Well, I will be considering them in the near future in the meantime let me share them first with my other relatives abroad.