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Wishing Prosperous and Peaceful 2017

Hello 2017. Time flies, we just celebrated new year and now almost two weeks has passed already. So, how was your 2016? I must say, I didn’t get everything I asked from Him but still thankful because other things happened unexpectedly. Just like when we went to HongKong  Disneyland last April 2016. This was not yet on my plan but it happened, out of the blue. My daugher was really happy and enjoyed everything in the happiest place on earth.  By the way, my second time and daughters’ first in this place.  I’m still paying our airfare through my credit card and glad that I was able to pay it. My sisters helped us as well in order Disneyland HK  happened.

Well not all beautiful things happened last year, I had a little problem with my health but it wasn’t serious. I believe everything is fine now.

For this year, I hope everything will be fine. I hope our family will have a prosperous new year and good health for everyone. I wrote things that I wanted to happen for this year, hoping I could accomplish everything through the help of God above and of course actions from me. Oh well, happy new year everyone, let us give Him thanks for everything and for we are living in this world. May we all have a prosperous and peaceful 2017.

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Considered myself as a Youtuber

I’m not doing blogging regularly; instead I enjoy making youtube videos lately, hahah! I started my youtube account way back 2011. That time, the only reason was to open an account because I need an account to comply on my previous task online. By the way, you can see my account here, I need subscriber so please do, hahah! The named thepigrabbit1 came from a Korean drama; You’re Beautiful starring Park Shin Hye (one of my fave Korean actress) and Jang Keun-suk. I was watching this drama when I made my youtube account and one of the funny scenes was Jang Keun-suk made changes with the two stuffed toys, pig and rabbit. He said he needs to make surgery with the toys by taking the nose of the pig and transferred to the nose of the rabbit. So, I didn’t think of another name and put thepigrabbit1.

When I started my youtube account, I tried to upload videos of my daughter activities in school. I noticed only few viewers so I think of making videos more appealing. But I didn’t give attention of my youtube account because I prefer blogging. I don’t know but after 4 years, I check my youtube account again and started uploading videos. This time, I tried compilation of korean drama because I’m a real fan of Kdrama. I uploaded video last week of December 2015 about upcoming korean drama 2016 and was surprised to see viewers around the world. I think the highest views I got from my previous videos was 500 something. This time when I uploaded korean stuff, I have viewers regularly and got 30K viewers and counting. Wow, from 500 to 30K. For me it was a success, hahah! I know its far from other youtubers who got million views of their single video but 30K views and I’m claiming it will rise in the coming days, this is something to rejoice, hahah!

I made another korean drama just part 2 of the previous one and it also receives views regularly. The last time I checked, it has 8K viewers. I really can’t believe it. Also, from 3 subscribers for 4 years, now I have 50 something. And I believed it happened because of the korean drama I uploaded. It’s not easy to make videos because you need to give your time. Another thing, I’m not the owner of the images I have used and youtube is very strict to that. I believed I’m using public photos so it passed youtube guidelines. If you need to put music or song to your video, youtube is very strict to that and they can check if it is copyrighted. If you didn’t comply with the rules or guidelines there’s a possibility of removing your account. So, if you want to share videos as well be careful in uploading videos and make sure to comply with their rule and regulations to avoid account termination. I hope it wouldn’t happen to me because I’m enjoying youtube lately and receiving earnings as well.

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Pringles Party Speaker

I’m not updating my blog regularly because this laptop is acting poor already. Sometimes I visit internet café just to update my blogs and do other online stuff. Anyway, I should write this post when I received my Pringles speaker last September but I don’t know why it took so long. I apologized if I wrote negative about Pringles party speaker promo last June. It’s just I was waiting for my Pringles speaker since the month of May but I didn’t receive any. To make the story short after so many months, my Pringles speaker finally arrived last September. I thought they were not true to their promo so I wrote negative. So sorry for that, I should extend my patience!

pringles party speaker photo pringles party speaker_zpsnljb12az.jpg

When I received my Pringles party speaker I immediately used it. The speaker is easy to use, you just need to insert 3 triple A batteries and connect directly to your mobile phone or other device. I only tried connecting it to my mobile phone and it works very well. Putting the speaker on an empty Pringles is helpful to get bigger sound. I like it but I will give more thumbs up if I can plug it in the socket, batteries don’t last longer so I need to change frequently which is money consuming.

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God is Good All the Time

Matthew 7:7
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

I always find time to visit the church. Just like all the people coming in the church, I also asking for his guidance. I always ask Him for our good health and financial. I’m thankful because I know He was there all the time whenever I need him. Just like this month of September. I didn’t expect these blessings I am receiving from him. First week of September I got online tasks and the amount to receive is pretty good. I thought that was all for this month but this morning when I checked my email I was surprised to see additional tasks from the site I am working for a long time. Indeed God is good all the time. He knows that I need money so badly and He is providing this to me. September has been good to me and I hope the coming months would be the same. Praise you Lord for you are good.

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Make Life Easier

How is your Sunday? Hope everything’s fine. Just recently I shared a post of the new automatic washing machine we have at home. This was bought by my sister when she had short vacation here in the Philippines last month. Aside from ironing, I find doing laundry a difficult task to do. So having an automatic washing machine is really helpful. Imagine you just need to put soap and let the machine perform the entire task. Sometimes the clothes are almost dry so it wouldn’t be a problem if you need it right away. I’m just thankful to my sister that she bought the machine, it’s really practical nowadays.

Aside from this my sister also renovated some part of the house. By the way I live in my sister’s house. She is residing in Paris and seldom visiting here in the Philippines. I’m really thankful to her that I and my daughter are not homeless, wink!

Anyway, one of the bathrooms was renovated. There is a shower now and we don’t use dipper in this bathroom. For so many years we’ve been using dipper, I don’t complain it’s fine because I used to it. But recently, I have dilemma on my back and its hard to bath. With the new bathroom and with shower attached, there’s no need for dipper. Just wait for the water to wet you all the way, hahah! I may be sound corny but I’m really blissful. Bathing with shower is more convenient and I feel relaxed. All thanks to my sister!

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Improving or Changing One’s Appearance with Professional Care

People judge you based on how you look. As shallow at that may seem, it also can mean that you must take good care of your appearance if you want to be successful or if you simply want to feel more confident about yourself. When you want to change the way you look or you want to maintain the appearance that you already have, you may do well to retain help through establishments like Portland how to look pretty photo how to be beautiful_zpsnoxyobfz.jpgOregon hair salons. The stylists there can provide you with services and advice that will ensure that people judge you by how well you look and feel each day.

Salons typically offer a variety of services. Some of these services require discretion and confidence. For example, if you want hair removed from sensitive areas, you want to know that the staff handling this care for you are discreet and also thoroughly trained to handle this task. You want to experience as little pain as possible. You also want to know that the hair will be removed successfully. Rather than do this task at home, you can allow a trained stylist to handle this personal matter for you.

Skin care also goes into how well you look. If you have always just used soap and water on your skin, you may come to realize that this basic care does little to prevent wrinkles and to stop blemishes from happening. When you go to one of these businesses, your stylist can exfoliate your skin and also use a variety of products on it to make your skin look its best. You may be left with skin that looks and feels younger than what it truly is. You also will be taught how to care for your skin by yourself at home.

Salons are also well-known for helping people change their hairstyles and for maintaining their current cuts. If you want to change the length or style of your hair, you can go to one of these establishments and ask the stylist what cut would look best on you. Your professional stylist can base his or her opinion on factors like the shape of your face and how much hair you already have on your head. You can walk out of there with a new look and even a new color that makes you look different and feel better about yourself.

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How to Renew Eon Visa Debit Card

My Eon Visa Debit Card was expired last May 2015. Good thing it’s not hard to replace the card. You only need to visit the nearest UnionBank near you. Present two valid Identification cards and pay Php 150. Wait for 1-2 weeks. In my case; I got my card exactly one week. My eon card has been my partner for so many years, well since I started my online job. I received my payment from my online tasks and use it in my shopping purchase. Eon card doesn’t need maintaining balance so you can consume all your money. You just need to pay the annual fee of Php350 not sure though if the fee is still the same.

Features and Benefits  (copied from Unionbank site)

The EON Visa Debit Card is UnionBank’s Internet-based deposit account. It allows you to do absolutely all your banking transactions with a click of a mouse. You can even make electronic fund transfers to any bank in the country — anytime, anywhere!

The fastest and most convenient way to bank
No branches. No passbooks or checkbooks. No transaction slips. No time wasted. Do your banking transaction in 60 seconds at home, or anywhere in the world where you have Internet access.

No minimum balance to maintain!

Transfer funds from your EON account to another UnionBank account or any other bank account in the Philippines
EON is the country’s first electronic fund transfer facility among other banks. All you need to do is specify the bank, the beneficiary or account holder’s name and his /her account number and you’re all set!

Pay your bills online
Just enter your billing details – the corresponding reference number and the amount to be paid. You will receive a confirmation number as your receipt for every payment made.

Make balance inquiries
Get account summaries including transaction details. Monitoring your account has never been this easy.

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How to Get Barangay Clearance

I was asked to get police clearance for identification purposes. Before you can get this clearance you need to get Barangay Clearance first. Good thing it’s now easy to acquire unlike before not sure when was the last time I acquired barangay clearance, I think a decade ago. That time everything was manual and still using typewriter. Today is computerized already that makes everything easy.

If you need barangay clearance just visits barangay hall office where you belong.

You need to bring cedula but in case you don’t have don’t worry because they can provide you one. I paid Php 28 for the cedula.

After getting cedula, proceed to other brgy. staff. You would ask why you need barangay clearance. So just state your purpose and then present your cedula. The staff would ask some info about you and in less than 5 minutes I already got my Barangay Clearance. I didn’t ask to provide other things except cedula and personal appearance. 

By the way I paid Php 50 for the clearance. I’m so blissful that getting barangay clearance isn’t hard unlike before. The workers were kind enough the only dilemma was the location of the barangay hall where I belong but service was good. If  I’m not mistaken clearance is good for a year.

Will share how to get police clearance in my next post.

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The Art of Makeup: It Comes From Within

Toronto special occasions call for the best makeup artist Mississauga can provide. Most people do not realize how much a good makeover can transform them and make their special events spectacular. It builds your confidence to walk into a room looking radiant and helps you leave a lasting good impression on all you see you.

how to apply makeup photo makeup_zps15c9149e.jpg

It is true that being able to apply makeup in a complementary manner is an art. Stylists need to understand the science of color and contouring in order to give clients their best looks. However, it always takes so much more than basic makeup knowledge. Any makeup school Mississauga stylists attend cannot teach the true secret of making something beautiful.

makeup photo makeup1_zps8db74bae.jpg

Stylists must know how to relate to people. They have to be good listeners to understand the vision for beauty each client wants. Sometimes, clients do not always have the right language, and a good stylist must be able to read between the lines. Transformation is as much a spiritual process as it is physical, and stylists learn to make what happens to a client’s hair or face match what is transpiring in their lives as a whole.

Those who are not good listeners do not always get the best results with clients. They sometimes miss the mark totally or end up giving a client their own visions instead of what the client wants. This is the wrong approach. Beauty is always what can be seen on the outside, but the most lasting effects of beauty always come from within.

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