Christmas decorations

Christmas in the Philippines is not complete without Christmas decorations. You can see different decorations anywhere you go from simple to intricate ornaments. And speaking of Christmas decorations as I promised last night I will post our Christmas decorations in the house. Starting with our Christmas tree, for this year we chose red and gold poinsettia. It has Christmas lights and I bought the red star on top. So what do you think? You can leave your honest opinion about our Christmas tree, hehe ā€¦

We have this bell hanging in the living room. My mother bought this one; I was surprised because this bell cost $15.

This small Christmas tree is not new we used this last year but still looking good. You can put this in any place that is visible like in your table.


Another decoration hanging outside our door.

Outside you can see these decorations. You can observe the beauty of these decorations at night because Christmas lights are up.

You want more? Well, we have this lightning Santa and his reindeers. It looks like they are moving because of the effect of the lights. People passing by can view this outside. I think we used this for three consecutive years already.

I hope you enjoy looking our Christmas decorations even just on photos =). Anyway, care to share your Christmas decorations? Iā€™m sure all are set because nine days more left before Christmas.

8 thoughts on “Christmas decorations”

  1. Wow, you have lots of Christmas decor. I miss Christmas in the Philippines. We only have put up a Christmas tree to have a feel of the Christmas season. Though, the true meaning of Christmas is really in the heart.

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  2. I am kind of jealous. LOL I wasn’t able to decorate around the house this year. It took me two days before I was able to finish the Xmas tree alone. Grrrr.. I am starting to hate Odesk deadlines. LOL Nice Christmas spread by the way! Merry Christmas! šŸ™‚

  3. kami rin, we just used our old x-mas tree and decorations; ang mahal kaya ngayon ng mga x-mas decors…parang investment na rin ang pagbili ng mga decors

    i love the bell!

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