Congrats Hannah

As of this moment maybe my Niece is accepting her diploma. She just finished her Nursing Course, so another stage of her life has just finished.

Congratulations Hannah and good luck in whatever career you may undertake.

Going back… we’re happy when she was born, the first niece in the family. She is growing as a pretty and hard working student. I don’t have the pictures when she was born so i just grabbed this one when she was pre-schooler (i guess).

The next photo is during the time she reached her debut we are all excited and because that time Kyla is celebrating her first birthday too.

Time flies really from her childhood turned to a pretty debutant and now part of 2011 Nursing Graduates. We are proud of you 🙂

The last two photos were taken today before heading to the Graduation Ceremony. Congrats again and way to go … 🙂  Accept this as my gift to you, lol.

Anyway, i’m linking this post to Nostalgia Meme happening every Thursday. Thanks Sis/Ate Rose for inviting me before and so sorry that just linked today, wink!

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