Dora’s Shoebox

Kyla needs to bring shoebox to put their grooming stuff in school. So instead of getting a new one or buy a box I used her old shoebox and just wrapped it. I’m looking for some design in the bookstore when Kyla suddenly told me that she saw Dora’s wrapper. So that’s what we got and here is the finished product :).

8 thoughts on “Dora’s Shoebox”

  1. Great idea of recycling sis, Ms. Burrito made4 my shoe boxes into her bling boxes. She decorated them with beads hehehe..

    Pardon me if bihira makahop, uber busy.

  2. That’s great! =D
    Just goes to show you don’t always have to buy something new when you need something. You can be creative and turn something old into something useful still. =)
    *thumbs up!* =)

  3. wow, that’s nice, galing…and what good is kyla loves her shoebox because its dora! visiting late from orange tuesdays and wishing you a great week. 🙂

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