Educational books for preschooler

Today is my daughter’s official vacation at school, I bought these educational books for preschoolers couple of days ago so Kyla will have something to do during her spare time. Some of the contents are her past lessons so these books will serve as guide or reviewer of Kyla especially this book Preschool and Kindergarten Skills. While the other book Beginning Reading will be her lead on reading. She still doesn’t know how to read only some words that she is familiar. Well, I hope this summer will be a productive one and she will know how to read so she will be ready in kindergarten level.

My Share for this week’s Mellow Yellow Monday, Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday 2.

9 thoughts on “Educational books for preschooler”

  1. i haven’t bought books for Bogs this summer. he just keeps on watching tv. hehehe…baka i-enroll namin sa swimming. i taught Bogs A E I O U and yung sounds nya Mon, tapos when he became familiar with it, i taught him ba be bi bo bu till wa we wi wo wu, tapos combine ko muna yung a-ba, tapos e-ba, and so on.. ganun ang ginawa ko kay Bogs, in a span of two weeks, marunong na syang bumasa, and he was still 3 yrs old when i started teaching him reading. try mo, mas madali.. hehehe…

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