Feeling Secured with Door Grills

Robberies in our neighborhood are really alarming. Couple of months ago, neighbor’s house at the back of our house had been a victim. Money and jewelries were the things got from them. I think this was the first case of robbery in our neighborhood. Then, months later other houses experienced robbery. For a long time the robbery cases have been stopped. I thought the problem was solved already but recently, the thieves attacked again and entered the newly built house in our neighborhood.

Well, this thing happens not only in our place but I’m sure in other places because I heard this kind of problem in the news. So it’s important that our house is safe all the time from these thieves.

We have sliding doors in the house but, I think for 4 years it was just sliding door without any safety thing like door grills. I’m glad because my sister (owned the house were I lived) decided to have door grills. Actually, we have door grills already even before the sliding doors were set up but my sister didn’t like the design so she decided not to have door grills that time. But it took more than 4 years before she decided to have grills. I guess it’s because of the robbery incidents happening in our place.

Anyhow, for sure it would be hard for the thieves to enter the house now. I knew it’s not the only thing to make the house safe but at least having door grills making me feel secured.

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