Growing so fast

I can’t believe that my little girl is growing so fast. I remember the time I knew that I was pregnant with her I’m not that excited because it was an unexpected. But it didn’t take long and realized how blessed I am to be a mother. So that time I observed the foods I intake and just enjoy the day that she’s still in my womb.

It was November 10, 2007 when she finally saw the beauty of this world. She was delivered through caesarian section and it only took less than 15 minutes. The joy I have that day was really priceless.

This photo was taken when she was still months old. Look how serious the little baby, she’s watching a dvd that time but forgot what it is.

And this photo was taken after her first birthday. It’s her outfit when she celebrates her first birthday. She is still using teether at that time.

Now, this baby is already attending school time flies isn’t it? Look at her smile in her photo wearing uniform. She was excited that time looking at her new school accessories. But on her first day at school she cried which was expected already. It’s her third day today and still crying everytime I left their school room. Other mommies said that it’s normal and sooner or later she will love and adopt the new environment, hoping for that really.

Anyway, my share for Nostalgia happening every Thursday.


19 thoughts on “Growing so fast”

  1. Awww how cute naman ng uniform. Yup, time flies so fast, my yungest will start school next year na, ayaw nya mapreschool hahaha..

  2. wow! bakit si kyla parang lang pinakaiba she was small and now that shes skoling na?
    nakais ko naman iba talaga sya nong new born at ngayon..hahaha
    visiting from Nostalgia sis..

  3. oh my! parang kelan lang…bilis talaga nang panahon eh…she looks so cute on her uniform…mas type ko talaga ang uniform sa pinas k sa dito…waaaaaa….lol!

  4. ang cute talaga ni Kyla…Yup, time flies so fast. Ayan na nag schooling na si Kyla, bukas nyan nasa college na pala hehe.

  5. Ang bilis ng panahon sis… Malaki na si baby mo. She is now a school girl! Maya2x maging dalaga na yan ng d lang natin namalayan heheh

  6. oi sis 4 years old na ba c kyla? kasi pareho sila ng year ng daughter ko. but c sydelle di pa sya nag school. ang bilis nga ng panahon sis parang kailan lang… 🙂

  7. good luck sa schooling Kyla…bilis nga ng panahon sis..mamaya nyan..mgkaboyfriend na yan hehehe…napadaan lang sis. Nagbabalik sa blog land.

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