HalloHalloMall is Back

Hallohallomall is one of my favorite online stores. The first time I purchased an item online was with this site and I got the item for free. Yes, for free because in this site you can buy even without money. You actually get points every time you visit the site but of course you need to be a member of this online site. You can get more points by visiting the site regularly and play with double your points. The points are good as cash. One point is equivalent to one peso. I think I got 5-8 items from this site without spending any cents.

Well, I didn’t visit the site for a long time already because they changed their policy on giving points. It’s hard to earn points so I stopped visiting the site. Not so long ago, I got email from them saying I can earn points and use them to buy an item. I didn’t open the site right away because I’m too busy with other stuff but today I visited the site and accumulated 7 points, meaning Php7 for today. They also giving bonus if you visit the site for 20x each month, they will give additional 100 points so this is Php100. I’m excited to get more points again and purchase more items from hallohallomall.

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