Halo halo can beat the heat of summer

Indeed summer is here because its very hot for the past days. Every summer halo halo is very popular here in the Philippines. Certainly halo halo can beat the heat of summer. For others who are clueless about halo halo, it is a traditional treat consisting of a blend of fruits, sweet preserves, evaporated milk and the most important ingredient shaved ice. In restaurants they normally topped it with a scoop of ice cream. 

Last time when we went to Liliw, Laguna I tried halo halo in one of the restaurants in the place, they said they have different halo halo  because of curiosity I tasted it . While eating the halo halo I noticed that pineapple makes it different from other halo halo because here in our place we don’t put pineapple or even in other restaurants I already tasted halo halo. So this is the first time I ate halo halo with pineapple. Well its good but if the pineapple is not sweet enough I don’t think it can blend with other ingredients of halo halo. Here is the photo of halo halo I ate in Liliw, Laguna. 

Halo halo is not expensive well it is expensive if you will eat this in the restaurant. But if you will buy this in your neighborhood this will just cost 15 pesos. The one I ate in Liliw cost 35 pesos not bad because it is good for two persons already. 

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