Happy with her new bicycle

She has a new bicycle her grandparents bought it when they visited Kyla during their vacation here in the Philippines. Before Kyla used to ride on her baby bicycle and she’s been using it since 1-year-old until today. It is still usable but I don’t think it is still fit with her age she’s now 4 years old. Before everytime we were in the mall she’s bugging me to buy her a bicycle but I don’t have extra money so thankfully her grandparents gave it to her.

I envy with this little girl hahah because I don’t know how to use bicycle. One time, I rode bicycle with my cousin and accidentally fell and got wound. Same thing happened when we were in Baguio city long years ago. With my experienced riding in a bicycle I don’t have the courage to pursue learning it.

I am glad that my daughter is willing to learn riding bicycle. She started riding on her baby bicycle and now she’s using this one. Though it has support or the training wheels still I am proud of her because she’s not afraid to try it. There are times she still fell down but it is part of learning. Now, she’s not afraid of using it outside, good job Kyla. Next time we will try to remove the training wheels so you will be a professional biker, wink!

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