Hawaiian Pizza and Kiwi

The other day I was craving for Hawaiian Pizza and Kiwi. So I made my version of Hawaiian pizza again. Last time I used tasty bread but now I bought this cute mini dough. It’s just perfect for 1-2 bites. So as usual for my toppings I used ready made pizza sauce, ham, pineapple and melted cheese. I ate five pieces while Kyla ate the rest. And hmmm, it’s delicious!

After we enjoyed pizza …Kiwi is the next. I like this fruit ever since I was pregnant. But it is expensive here so I seldom purchase but it is worth it to buy because it contains Vitamin A, C and E.

10 thoughts on “Hawaiian Pizza and Kiwi”

  1. What a cute kid along with a cute pizza, very adorable. Do you have a recipe for this or just cooked it by instinct? I’m sure the pizza taste terrific I can see in your kids reaction. =)

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