Hello September, Start of Long Christmas in the Philippines

Welcome September! Time flies, “ber” month is here already. It only means Christmas is fast approaching. Here in the Philippines, we have long Christmas celebration. As early as September, you can hear Christmas songs from radio stations, malls, television shows and even at home. Actually, few days ago, I already saw some stores in our place selling Christmas decors. The spirit of Christmas is here already and now that “ber” month is here, for sure many are thinking what decorations they should put in their house. What color combination is in for this year Christmas?

Aside from decors, I think as early as today, it’s better to find good items for your loved ones. At this time, the price is not high compared when buying nearly on Christmas. And another thing early shopping is less crowded so it would be easy to find good items and spend less. Hmmm, I’m thinking to do an early Christmas shopping, mall sale is coming in few days here in my place. Anyhow, I hope Christmas this year will be filled with happiness, love, hope and peace all over the world.

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