How is your weekend?

How is your weekend so far? Yesterday, the family went to cemetery to visit my father who passed away 4 years ago. After, we went to mall to celebrate my niece birthday. We ate at Buddy’s first then after the kids played in Wonderpark. 

Today, Kyla and I started our day by attending the mass. After the mass we ate in KFC. I went out without eating my breakfast. After we ate, I let Kyla to play again in Wonderpark in just a short time. 

Next spot was supermarket; we bought her snacks in school before going home. 

Anyway, only two weeks ago and they will have their summer vacation. I’m thinking now what she will do this summer. One thing that is definite is her swimming lesson. I’m still thinking what other summer activity she will engage. But I will make sure her summer will be a happy one. 

5 thoughts on “How is your weekend?”

  1. Para sa akin gurl mas okay talaga ang swimming lesson, kasi para at least kung may pool activity man nd ka na mag worry kasi marunong ng lumangoy ang anak mo, recommended ko talaga yan.

  2. si Bogs vacation na… ngayon ang start! wohooo! andito sa tabi ko, nood lang ng cartoons, relax na relax na! hehehe….our weekend was spent very well! we had so much fun kahit nag brownout ng 14 hours!

  3. It is nice to have a weekend with the whole family and have time to bond…But for me, a simple gathering inside a house is fine…

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