How to Have a Happy Relationship

Guest post written by friend Sophie

Whether you and your partner have been together for a few months or many years, there may be times when you feel like the relationship you share is a little strained. Whilst this is perfectly normal from time to time, there are things you can do to minimise the chance of stressful situations escalating into full blown rows. Read on as a few of the tried and tested ways of achieving a harmonious relationship are discussed in further detail.

Set a Date Night

When full time jobs, children and other factors leave you pushed for time, it can seem like your relationship gets put on the backburner; combat this by agreeing a date night at least once a fortnight and strive to keep to it. A date night can be anything from going out for dinner to simply opening a bottle of wine at home and making sure the mobiles are switched off to enjoy each other’s company without interruption.

Read your Horoscopes

Those that believe in astrology can take great comfort in reading their horoscopes as it makes them more aware of what could be around the corner. Horoscopes can give readers hope and inspiration especially when it comes to the issues surrounding relationships, so why not have a look at yours and see if you can take anything from it?


This word is something that crops up a lot when discussing relationships and with good reason. Compromise is essential within a relationship and it must be something you are prepared for before getting serious with your partner. Compromise can be necessary in all sorts of situations from moving in together to the many differences that crop up throughout parenting so if you cannot do this in the early stages of your relationship, you may find it a much bigger struggle further down the line.


As a couple, people can often find they end up living out of each other’s pockets; something which can leave you feeling like your independence is lost. Try to keep money matters split fairly down the middle and find time each week to do something you enjoy separate from them such as dropping in to see an old friend or attending an exercise class.

The key to a happy relationship can depend on many things, but making sure you find time for each other whilst at the same time retaining your independence is a solid foundation for a lasting relationship.

Sophie enjoys reading horoscopes as an indication for what could be around the corner for her and her partner and believes that independence and compromise are key factors in ensuring a happy relationship.

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