I’m about to Explode!

Yesterday my nephew accidentally kicked my Sun Broadband USB. It’s not proper but the first word that came in my mouth was (shit). I’m about to explode yesterday because it’s my life, lol. I saw the USB has cracked so I immediately unplugged, checked and plugged it again. But it didn’t recognized 🙁

Earlier this afternoon I went to Sun Cellular Business Center asking for some options in order to use it again. They provided two options but first thing they said that they can’t provide another one because it’s out of warranty already and since it’s not because of factory defect. So, the first option is to go someplace or ask someone who can fix USB (they can’t) but they were not 100% sure of this. The second option is to buy Sun Broadband USB again. Its cost 1,245 pesos or around $30 whaaattt???

Right now … I am using Globe Broadband Tatto. I got this as a prize here in blogosphere. This is my first time to use this USB after 6 months on hand. Well the connection is not bad at all. It’s a prepaid one so I need to load it whenever I want to use it. Now, I have 50 pesos load or around $1 for one day unlimited consumption. If you do the math 50 x 30 = 1,500 pesos wheeew! While my monthly consumption in Sun broadband is 799 pesos only (it’s for 1 month unlimited used) and the connection was good.

Well, I guess I should get the second option or else set aside blogosphere …!!!


16 thoughts on “I’m about to Explode!”

  1. hahaha..hay naku..hayaan mo na sis..may tattoo ka pa naman.. I am planning to buy sun din pero not sure if this will work fine in our area..mas mura nga sya..

    pero okay na rin yung bumili at least one time gastus and makasave ka na rin kagad..

  2. Ouch naman. Ako din, nawala yung usb ko for many months and I am so completely hopeless about it. It wears you out when you lost or having damged precious things. Nice to know that they got those hi-tech stuff in Phil. ROuter gamit namin dito sis. Will probably recommend that to my Mama in Phil.

  3. Wow. That’s really a big blow. Kung sakin din mangyari yan, nako.. ewan na. Internet is part of my life na. Anyway, I’m not sure kung maganda ba talaga SUN. I have Smart and SUN here. Both prepaid. Pero mas prefer ko ang Smart.. Baka sa location din siguro. Hehe 🙂

  4. Mona, you can avail supersurf 220 valid for 5 days na. Not bad right? Or if you like, I can give you some magic so you can use your globe tat for free.Comment back if you like.


  5. it was understandable Mon..kahit ako, i could utter those words din kahit merong mga kids..hehehe..anyway, sayang ung USB.nice pa naman ang offer. sana meron na kming Sun ISP rito so i can switch na..sawa na ako sa hina ng smartb

  6. AWW! Mapapa-*TOOT* din talaga ko nyan noh! HAHA! Naka-DSL kami pero I have my own separate Globe Prepaid Broadband for emergencies outdoors lang kung walang net/wifi. Nagamit ko na din toh dito sa bahay. My highest speed so far was 2mbps plus malakas signal dito samin ng Globe. 😀 Ok din naman ang Sun kasi na-try ko na rin from my classmates. Highly recommended ko ang Sun and Globe. Pero kung tipid tips, Sun talaga haha..

  7. hay naku, pambihira naman si nephew. nagseselos sguro si tattoo kaya nangyari yan..hope ur Sun USB will ge fixed soon madam. musta?

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  9. ouchieeee! i hope you’re okay girl. meron ka pa namang tattoo…i’m planning to buy sun too, i’ve heard good reviews about it too… hope it’ll be fixed.

  10. i also have a sun portable usb broadband but the signal in our place is very poor, so i just use it whenever my pldt dsl is down and i keep on moving from one place to another inside the house to get a higher signal hehe

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