Internet Connection is Back

Thanks God the internet connection is back. Four days ago I can’t connect in our WIFI connection. I thought it’s because of the heavy rains happened last week. The other day I called PLDT hotline and talked to the operator. I was happy because I didn’t wait long to talk to the operator. After giving the details of our WIFI he helped me with some possible ways but none of them help. He told me to open the WIFI the whole night and they will check it in the server. So I let the modem open and checked immediately in the morning. Still the connection was failed. In the afternoon I called them again and the operator told me that the issue regarding my WIFI connection was already forward to the office of PLDT in our place. She said that anytime soon the technician will come to check our connection. No technician came yesterday. Though no technician came, I opened the net again this morning and surprisingly I was connected already. Thanks a lot because my source of income based online and it’s a waste of time and money renting computer. And besides I think its not safe to go online outside because of the password you are entering. They might copy the password so as much as possible I want to do my online tasks at home. Oh well, happy that the connection is back and hope it won’t happen again.

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