It's good to be back

It’s good to be back. I wasn’t online for 3 days (I think) because I sent this laptop to computer technician. I had problem with the speed of this laptop and the technician said it’s because of virus. He said the best remedy is to reformat the laptop. So for 3 days I haven’t online. Well, yesterday I finally got this laptop and now it’s working very fine. But when I first tried it I had problem connecting the net because my Avast antivirus blocked my Sun broadband wireless and gave me this reason malware detected. I sent SMS messages to the technician and he said Avast might block my sun broadband because he updated Avast to the higher version. The best solution he said was disabled antivirus for the meantime so I can use my net. Now, that the antivirus is disabled I have high risk of getting virus again. So by Monday morning I will bring the laptop to the technician so he will update my antivirus that is fit to my broadband connection.

Anyway, I’m glad because this laptop works very fast. Before even I opened only 1 site it takes long minutes to download. Now, I open more than 10 websites and it working very fine.

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