Kepler 22b – Newly discovered planet

Have you heard about Kepler 22b planet? This is the new planet that has been discovered by NASA scientists. They believe this planet has several similarities to Earth. It is sitting outside our solar system and said to be the ideal place for life. The temperature is not too hot and not too cold at all. The temperature is about 72 degrees could be just right for life.

However NASA still does not know what the planet is made of, however, it could be mainly rock, gar or liquid. But the problem is Kepler 22b is about 3,600 trillion miles away from Earth.

So do you want to live here if given a chance?

8 thoughts on “Kepler 22b – Newly discovered planet”

  1. dapat puntahan muna nila yan to ensure if that is livable or not pero I wonder what would be the mean for transportation, lahat kaya makakapunta doon? hehehehe

  2. That’s amazing news! Do you think meron na nakatira jan??! How do they look like kaya? If the planet is too far there’s no way for us to reach it. They have to invent a super fast spaceship pa.

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  3. How i could leave this planet.My friends are here on earth then how i can think about to live away from them.Still i am congratulating NASA scientists for their wonderful discoveries.

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