Largest Crocodile in the World – Lolong

 Lolong was officially declared as the Largest Crocodile in the World. Today, the National Geographic Channel together with Australian Crocodile expert Adam Briton came here in the Philippines to measure Lolong. The latter measures 20.3 ft. while Cassius who hold the Guinness World record for the largest crocodile measures 17 ft. only. 

Lolong was caught in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur last month of September. He was named “Lolong” after one of its captors Ernesto “Lolong” Conate, aPalawanbased crocodile hunter who was part of the team. He helped to capture the gigantic crocodile but dies from heart attack at the course of their mission.

2 thoughts on “Largest Crocodile in the World – Lolong”

  1. Lolong took away the limelight from Cassius Clay…hehe
    Sad though for the croc hunter who died at the course of this mission. But glad to know that they paid tribute by naming this gigantic creature after him. 🙂

  2. i was in Agusan two weeks ago and a friend invited me to see this famous crocodile lolong, but did not able to see it because when we arrived, heavy rains keep on pouring till we have to go back home. not meant to be i guess. one day lolong i will get to see you. stay there in agusan..hehehe

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