Let’s Aim for Healthy Environment

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It’s a saddened thing that we experienced different calamities not only here in our country but in different countries. I’m sure we still familiar with what happened last time in Japan resulting to killing and affecting lives of numerous people. It could be because of malfunctioned or misused in our surroundings. Good thing (I will not go far) because in our country Green Living Environment is now pursuing in different places. Like for example eliminating or totally prohibiting the use of plastic bags, styrofoam, and plastic bottles. I believe that we should have part in caring for our environment just by doing simple things because in the end we will be the one who will be benefited but abusing our environment will give bad karma to us.

I want my daughter to live in a healthy and friendly environment good thing I heard about ECOTRADE. It is an online marketplace for environmental product and environmental technology. This was first introduced in Korea by KEITI or Korea Environmental Technology & Industry Institute. It is a supplementary governmental institute established to advance the quality of life by protecting the global leadership of the environment industry and climate change by means of endorsing the growth and supply of green technology and green product which are the center of green growth. ECOTRDE is connected with ECPLAZA.net which is one of the biggest B2B trade marketplaces in the world. It shares company and trade offer database regarding environmental industry.

ECOTRADE Premier Environmental B2B Marketplace

I was browsing on their site awhile ago and read about one of their product which is System for Removing Harmful White Gases. It uses an Electrostatic Dielectric method to remove harmful exhaust gases discharged from manufacturing processes in general semi-conductor industrial facilities.

Product Features:
– Efficiency in removing harmful white gases
– Employs our power-source device design technology
– Possesses Micro-spray technology
– Removes secondary pollutants, preventing the occurance of public complaints
– Allows companies to promote an environment-friendly corporate image

I’m hoping that this thing will be introduced in our country so living in a green environment could be possible.

Anyhow, to know more about the products and services of ECOTRADE I’m encouraging my dear readers to visit their official sites http://www.ecotrade.or.kr.
Visit also their official Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/ecotrade
and ECOTRADE YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ecotrade2010

23 thoughts on “Let’s Aim for Healthy Environment”

  1. Good point. I remember the lines “God forgives, but nature doesn’t” and i guess calamities happens because its pay back time. Scary!

    Here in our City, using plastics is prohibited,and that’s a small way of help to our nature. Go eco living, as it is!

  2. I have so much respect for people that makes a difference in their own little ways. Hindi lahat ng tao ay nabless ng magandang puso. Keep it up and we are always here to support you.

  3. Fully agree with your post.I think with little efforts we can do it easily.Awareness is essential to everyone about.Keep proper recycling of old stuff,a big problem can be solve.Great inspiring article..

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