Link Removal Task

link removal

I just opened my paidpost site and surprised to see 37 messages from them. I thought they were sent wrongly because it’s too many but I was wrong. Well, one of them is regarding the payment status and the rest 36 messages were about link removal. Anyway, I was waiting for payout from this paidpost site since December but didn’t receive. I though I was the only one who didn’t get the payment. Thanks for their message and they promised to give payment next week. I hope no more delay on payment next time. Okay, I will start deleting or removing the link of each task. I have 36 posts to delete and the messages were sent yesterday so have to remove it right away because it’s urgent thing. After removing, I will start doing my assignment tasks. Thank you for giving me assignments regularly. Hope for more tasks in the coming days, months and years. Cheers for 2014.

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