My Experienced Being one of the Members of Electoral Board

Synchronized Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections were held last May 14, 2018. I was appointed as one of the members of Electoral Boards and acted as Third Member. Normally, electoral board consists of teachers but in case there are not enough public school teachers, who are qualified, willing and available, qualified substitutes may be appointed by the Commission, through the Election Officers (EO) . So, I was chosen though I am not a teacher.

Honestly, i am clueless on what will happen during Election Day. I am new to this and no experience at all. Bad me because i thought negative things like what will happen if someone tries to interfere the election and what if someone steal the election returns, ballot boxes and paraphernalia. I know I should not think this way and just enjoy what i am doing. Well, thanks goodness nothing bad happened. The precinct i was assigned was peaceful not only my assigned precinct but all the precincts in the school where i was assigned.

At 6 o’clock in the morning, the members of electoral boards were already in our assigned precincts. But the actual voting starts at 7 in the morning and end at 3 in the afternoon of election day. Before 7am many voters in my assigned precinct where already waiting. My duty as a third member wasn’t complicated compared to the Poll Clerk and Chairman of the Board. Basically, voter should go to my table first and see if he/she is in the voter’s list. If the voter is present in the list, the voter will go to the chairman to get the official ballot. From 11am to 3pm only few are casting their votes. Another duty of third member is recording each vote of the voter and record in a tally board. We started counting at around 3.30 and ended at 8.30 pm. After counting, we are not done yet because we need to go back to the COMELEC to submit election returns, election forms and paraphernalia. We arrived at 12.30am in the COMELEC and finished our agenda at 5am. It took so long before we finished everything in COMELEC. Well, happy because we got our honoraria through cash card. The teacher i am with that time tried to withdraw to see if there is money available but none. But it is fine because after 2 days i got the money already. Honoraria are Php 5,000 and additional Php 1,000 for transportation allowance. So total of Php 6,000 but i got only Php 5,200 in my cash card. Comelec said we will get the remaining in their office. Before coming here in computer shop I went in their office and got my additional Php500 so total of Php5,700. They said Php300 will go to the tax which for me they should not get tax from the service we did.

Well, my experience being Third Member was not hard but really tiring, imagine awake for 24 hours, had back and neck pain but i was thankful for giving me a chance to serve my Barangay. If I will be given a chance to do it again, i might say yes again.

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