My New 32" TCL Television

I forgot to share my Christmas wishlist. Well, I’m pretty sure that those in my list will not happen because Christmas was over. But still happy because one of them did come true. I was eager to buy new television because the old TV was acting weird already.

To make the story short, I bought 32” TCL. I was glad because the money I used to purchase came from my earnings here in blogosphere, indeed a fruit of blogging. Anyway, before I bought this TCL television I thought of buying other brand like Samsung or LG that has 3D and WiFi features. But when I checked 32” LG television its only 3D but don’t have WIFI. Unlike 42” LG television that has both features (WiFi and 3D). As much as I wanted to have 3D television but the salesboy said I need a 3D player and the 3D CD isn’t cheap even the pirated CD cost much.

So, I made up my mind and purchased 32″ TCL brand. The original price was Php 26,995 but I got it for only 14,800. Among the features are LED, True Color, Ultra Slim, Blue Ray, USB, and HDMI. Photo below was taken few hours after brother and I bought it. It was first put on the floor and the following day, my brother with the help of our cousin put in on the wall using the free wall bracket. Aside from wall bracket I also received free 4GB USB baller.


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  1. hey you have shared some really good points happens sometimes that you can get everything in other brand…

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