My new prospect is Wii Games

In today’s world were technology is taking place to the markets, people are going crazy to get the latest model of gadgets. Not like before, people are contented on simple things. Looking back I have no gadgets while growing up maybe because that time we don’t have money to purchase one. So, I could say I’m so naive in using gadgets but I noticed in today’s generation even kids are enjoying different gadgets like wii games. Sometimes they are good players compared to oldies. My daughter hasn’t tried nor having one so I am considering giving this gadget to her. I am pretty sure she will like and learn it easily. I can’t question kids’ knowledge on gadgets because they learn it so hasty. Anyway, playing this gadget will also be our way of bonding so hopefully I can buy one in the near future.

3 thoughts on “My new prospect is Wii Games”

  1. If your intention is for bonding, learning, with fun, then by all means 🙂 It also helps to allow your child to be updated with gadgets for her future.

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