Photobucket to Imgur

I wanted to write about Photobucket when i saw my images not showing properly. But i can’t blog regularly and just have opportunity to write today. I know this topic was long overdue. Anyway,  Photobucket was a popular image hosting service which launched 2003, it was previously free for all users to upload and embed images all over the web.

All images in all my blogs hosted in Photobucket. At first I didn’t know that Photobucket was no longer free. So, I didn’t have any idea why all my images hosted in photobucket weren’t showing in my blogs. From what I read, photobucket wasn’t free anymore and you need to pay in order to host your image. Sadly, because i used their site for longest time and i find their site very easy to use. I don’t think their site will comeback for free again so i searched another program similar to photobucket and luckily found Imgur. After I signed up i started to use this program right away. I think similar to photobucket, this site is very easy to use. I hope this site will be available for free forever and won’t charge just like what Photobucket is doing.

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Tips for Helping Your Small Business Succeed

Starting a small business can be a thrilling prospect, as you can finally act as your own boss and take charge of your own success. At the same time, starting a new business can be terrifying, as entrepreneurs face a great deal of difficulty in the early years. One expert states that half of all businesses will fail within the first year, as new business owners often make mistakes that cost them everything when they are first starting out. Luckily, your small business doesn’t have to be just another statistic. Here are few tips to help your business get off on the right foot and increase your chances of success.

The first few years of operation are an incredibly risky time for a new small business, and your business decisions should be made carefully. All too often, small business owners go too deeply into debt at the outstart because they overspent and made poor budget decisions. When your business is new, it’s important to spend your money wisely, especially when it comes to purchasing essential items for your job. For example, if you’re opening a hair salon and need beauty and barber supply materials, save money by buying from a reputable, well-established provider like Knight’s Beauty. This will get your business in a good place at the outset.

Make sure you have a clear and well-written budget before you spend your first penny. Don’t expect to pay yourself a salary for the first two years and make sure you can live with that restriction. If you need help creating a clear budget and business plan, call your local chamber of commerce and ask them for assistance with your small business. They can often help new business owners get the assistance that they need in making sure they have their proverbial ducks in a row.

Reach out to your fellow small business owners for advice and counsel, both in real life and online. You can use social media to find other like-minded small business owners and budding entrepreneurs. Not only will you meet other people who can share your triumphs and struggles, you can also get good advice from people who’ve been there before. You can also use these connections to partner with other businesses, bringing new customers to your company and increasing your brand recognition. With this support, your new business can succeed. 

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Paid Blogging

When I checked my email the other day I saw email from one of my favorite sites that offer paid blogging assignments for my blog. I have been working on this site for a long time and happy and thankful to receive paid online tasks from them from time to time. There are times I just received one or two articles and I’m already happy for that. But now my eyes got bigger when I saw flooded pre-written articles from them. I think for the longest time I have been working from them, this is the first time I got many paidpost from them. Well, these are all from God above; I know He used this site as an instrument, so really really thankful for this blessing. God knows how much I needed this thing because it’s always in my prayer.

Before I used to write my own article but they offered pre-written article.  My choice if I will use the pre-written article, make changes or write my own. I prefer to use the pre-written article because it’s hard for me to write lately because of my offline duties. Also, I have problem with the laptop I am using so it is hard for me to update all my blogs regularly. Right now, I am renting computer and it is not easy to work here. It is not comfortable to work in a workplace not in the comfort of your own abode. Well, I hope to receive many paid opportunities online so I can buy new laptop and do my job online on a daily basis.

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Why are People Consumed with the Desire to Appear Younger?

The desire to appear younger can be attributed to many things. However, it is likely images seen on a daily basis through television, the Internet, and magazines that influence us the most. Every day we are exposed to images of young, beautiful, and successful people. The need to appear younger has become an obsession.

Solutions for the Aging Process

Billions of dollars are spent on cosmetic surgery each year. From liposuction to face lifts, tummy tucks, and hair transplants, the quest to appear as young as possible continues. When it first became available, only the wealthy could afford to have cosmetic surgery. Today the cost of these procedures is more affordable.

People are living longer and finding it necessary to undo the damage they may have done when they were younger. Years of exposure to the sun, lack of sleep, smoking, and other factors contribute to the lines and wrinkles that begin to appear as people age. There are a number of ways to improve the skin to erase signs of aging. One example of a company that offers the best product for sagging neck is Neck Cream Center.

Looking Younger Helps in the Job Market

Looking younger is not only desired to help people feel better about themselves, but employers often seek younger employees. Workers are not retiring at the same age as they did in the past. Many have to work to make ends meet. Retirement is not always enough.

While it stands to reason that older workers have more experience, employers often think that they do not keep up to date with changes. Therefore, it is important to look as young as possible when going to a job interview. Many career counselors and others recommend several ways that older workers can appear younger.

Other Reasons People Want to Look Younger

Aging may be a natural process, but today people want to look and feel younger. They do it for a variety of reasons. It may be for work. Entering the dating scene again is another. Men seem to prefer younger women. Everytime you turn on television, we are being bombarded with pictures of women in their 50s that actually look like the are in their 30s.

Fighting the aging process is not a new battle. The search for the “Fountain of Youth” has been ongoing since the 16th century. There is no doubt that looking younger gives people more confidence.

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Praying for Peace in Marawi City

So the batte of Marawi is still ongoing. I seldom watched news lately. We sleep early ever since classes started. Earlier I had a chance to watch news and saw report on Marawi siege or Marawi crisis. This was started last May 23, 2017 and now it’s already August. It is just sad that no one knows when this crisis will stop. Marawi residents are affected and their lives changes since this battle started.

I salute those soldiers doing their job and fighting for the sake of Marawi people and Marawi itself. Sadly many soldiers lost their lives and even civilians. Huge numbers of soldiers were wounded; I admire them for showing their bravery. They even said that they are willing to comeback in the battle field because they wanted to finish the crisis and bring back the old Marawi City.

My prayers are for Marawi City, Mindanao and our country. That He will continue to bless our courageous soldiers and all the people who are working so hard just to end the crisis. I hope this will last anytime soon and all the people of this city will get the freedom and peace which they are hoped-for, for the longest time.

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Wellness Optimization 101: Simple Strategies That Will Keep You Healthy And Happy

Cultivating wellness is an incredibly important life strategy to implement. This is the case for numerous reasons, including the fact that you must have a great deal of energy to realize your personal dreams and professional goals. Also note that being well helps optimize your physical appearance, thereby enhancing your self-confidence. Luckily, there are numerous strategies you can deploy to make wellness an integral component of your life. Here are three of them:

1. Take A Break.

In a world where many people find themselves continually stressed by their jobs or social life, it’s important to periodically get away from it all. One great way to make this happen is by going on a great vacation. There are a ton of options available to you, but it’s typically best to concentrate on finding a location that really appeals to you. If you like resort-like spaces, you might be interested in Marriott Singer Island. Before you select any specific resort or vacation space, make sure you do online research to ensure that you’re going to a reputable location.

2. Drink More Water.

As many health experts know, the majority of Americans are dehydrated. This reality is highly problematic for several reasons. First, being dehydrated oftentimes leads to overeating as people mistake thirst for hunger. If this happens regularly, you could put yourself at risk for gaining unwanted weight. Another problem that can result from ongoing dehydration is constipation. A third issue caused by dehydration is a compromised metabolism, and this factor can make it more difficult for you to maintain your current weight or shed extra pounds if you feel the need to do so. With these realities in mind, make sure that you focus on implementing strategies that will help keep you hydrated throughout the day. An example would be keeping a water bottle with you at work!

3. Implement An Exercise Routine.

One final strategy you should deploy to get and remain healthy is implementing an exercise routine. This process is empowering for many reasons. For example, engaging in regular physical activity will typically engender most or all of the following outcomes:

• boosted immunity

• enhanced metabolism

• clearer skin

Don’t Delay: Start Focusing On Wellness Today!

There are many ways that you can begin leading a life marked by profound wellness. Three of them include taking a break, drinking more water, and implementing an exercise routine!

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Missed Blogging

I missed blogging really! I was actively doing blogging and it has been my bread and butter for a long time. I used to get huge amount here and other stuff aside from money. But it is different now. It is hard even just opening this blog. Before I was complaining our internet connection but now the laptop I was using for long time ago is the problem. It is hard to work online if you don’t have good laptop and internet connection. By the way, I have good internet connection now and laptop is really my dilemma. This is also the reason why I haven’t updated this blog and other blogs of mine regularly. It was hard for me to let go my 2 blogs but I need to do it since I haven’t updated them and no income coming.

This laptop is still working but it takes time to finish just one update of my blog. If I have a copy paste task normally I can do that in less than 5 minute or less. Because you just have to copy and paste it but now it takes hours to do that. I guess one reason why this laptop is acting weird already is because this laptop was really old. I need to get one but it is not easy for me to buy because there are other important things to consider. There are times I need to rent computer just to update my blogs. Though I could finished my task in no time still it is not convenient to work outside your own abode. I hope to go back to my routine back days when I was actively doing online job.

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6 Tips to Save on Your Next Great Outdoor Adventure

Everyone should aim to take at least one great adventure per year. A change of scenery reawakens the mind, boosts happiness, and gives a purpose to hard work. The great outdoor adventure also creates a dialogue between nature and our inner selves. This helps grow the soul, body, and spirit. Now all you need to do is save for this serene outdoor trip.

Pick an Activity

You may define an outdoor adventure as sleeping on the beach of a tropical island. Someone else may define it as a weekend fishing trip. The term ‘outdoor adventure’ means different things to different people, which gives you a broad range of activity choices.

Narrow your choices by picking the adventure that matches your personality and budget. If you need help picking the adventure, close your eyes and visualize the activity that brings the most zen into your life. Make that one the focus of your trip.

Set a Budget and Start a Savings Account

Set a trip time limit. Decide between an immediate trip (one that occurs within a few days or weeks), or a long term trip (one that occurs months or a year in the future). Immediate trips probably won’t cost you a lot, so you do not need to save that much. However, future trips may require a bigger budget.

Breakdown all your expenses: write a list of all your potential trip costs, everything from transportation to food. Next, add at least two to three hundred dollars extra to your estimation for emergency expenses.

Open a new savings account, and set an automatic deduction amount that helps you reach your goal before the trip.

Make Extra Money

Sell clothing that you no longer wear to make money.  If you have any sort of skills creating unique jewelry, sewing, or building things, sell your own products and designs on Etsy and eBay.

Think of every skill that you can monetize. For example, someone who knows all the film editing tricks can advertise their services on a freelancing website or through a classified ad.

There are also unique ways to make money, such as selling your voice for voice-over work, and being paid to stand in line for someone else to buy concert tickets.

Find Small Ways to Save

Stop buying name brand groceries. Go out less. Utilize your library card instead of buying new books and magazines. Think of small expenses that you can cutout of your daily routine.

Save on your trip supplies with coupons. For example, if you plan to go on a sea adventure, use West Marine coupons to save on your sailing or fishing gear. Cutback on the little trip expenses, but invest in the big ones. Do not skimp on important trip purchases, such as a durable pair of hiking boots or a tent. Paying extra for a nice pair of hiking boots will create less hassle and save you more in the long term.

Ride An Alternative Transportation

Evaluate if you really need to take a car or flight to your outdoor adventure. A hiking or camping location may be within a biking range. If so, leave the car behind and bike to that area.

A train ride to a nearby city may end up saving you a lot more than booking a flight.

Choose Free Activities

Choose an outdoor activity that costs you nothing, such as a simple day on the beach or taking a mountain trail. These activities may not be the most exciting trips, but could still create a zen experience


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Who Doesn’t Love Korean Drama?

Who doesn’t love korean drama? I have youtube channel that shares korean drama. I was surprised to know that many are hooked in kdrama all over the world based on the visitors checking on my posts. I forgot when was the first time and what was the first Kdrama I watched. If my memory is right, it was Autumn in my Heart. I cried a lot on this one. Sadly, Song Hye Kyo died in the said drama but overall I liked the story. From then on, I started to watch Kdrama so its been a decade.  

 Before in order to watch Kdrama, I had to rent a DVD but this time it is easy to watch korean drama. You can even watch the latest kdrama airing in Korea. I have favorite site that I watch korean drama and the nice thing about this site, i can download it first and watch later during my free time.

Anyway, why I suddenly talk about korean? I watched Its Showtime and heard Anne Curtis mentioned Gong Yoo. If you doesn’t know him, he was the lead actor in the movie “Train to Busan” and also he was from the kdrama “Goblin” last aired January 2017. So, Anne is watching korean drama as well. Even celebrity like her in love with korean drama. Anne Curtis is watching Goblin which I just finished few days ago.  Oh by the way, Vice Ganda was also a fan of korean drama. He is watching Love in the Moonlight,  this one is currently airing on abscbn. I watched Vice Ganda’s celebration of his birthday in GGV and Jin Young one of the casts of Love in the Moonlight greeted Vice Ganda. Wow!   

I have to admit that I’m enjoying korean drama than our own series. Sorry to say that but I really love their stories whether it is comedy, drama, fictional or whatever, hahah!. And also the charm and looks of the actors and actresses. I also like the scenery and their foods. I really like them so I hope one day I will have a chance to visit Korea. Saranghae :>

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Why So Many People Rely On Great Psychic Readings

There is absolutely no valid argument against the proposition that modern life is tough. No matter how educated, how sensitive, how alert, or how connected a person is, aspects of modern living elude the best and brightest. Someone can have well-laid plans that would put a Renaissance era explorer to shame, and still feel as though they are ill-prepared for the challenges of life.

Most of the concerns people struggle with have to do with intensely personal conundrums, not just the how to’s of everyday living. In the modern, fast-paced world, it seems as if successful people have an inroad to esoteric information that is not necessarily the privy of the masses. This is the primary reason many people learn to love psychic readings. This brand of essential mind, body, and soul help is exactly what is needed to counter the onslaught of modern living stress and struggle.

Everyday people can receive great life advice through the insights of experienced and approachable psychics. Phone psychics are, not surprisingly, the richest source of valuable life information. Individuals with vetted and true psychic abilities choose to communicate via phone connections because it creates an intimate and free atmosphere where valuable information and knowledge can be exchanged.

Without question, the most frequent searches using psychic abilities are centered on relationships. Every aspect of modern life revolves around a person’s interactions with others. These relationships encompass professional duties, friend interactions, and the ever-present need to find lasting romantic bonds. True psychic power and insight is easily communicated over the phone, and is a solid source for resolving any concern.

For many people, the prospect of asking a sensitive phone psychic about very personal problems is a big leap into realms of insecurity. The best way to understand the service that phone psychics provide is through personal need. A psychic is someone who is gifted with the ability to connect with an individual on a level that is foreign to everyday interpersonal relationships. A psychic connects with an individual without judgement, and without pretense.

Individuals are constantly looking for truth that permeates the problems in life. Psychics have the talent and experience to weigh these concerns against information that is provided from sources far beyond the scope of everyday modern thinking. With the simple use of a telephone connection, anyone can enlist the help of a person whose understanding of life is beyond the norm.

The love of using phone psychics to answer questions about love, romance, careers, and family life only comes from positive connections. Most people who resolve to gain insight from psychics over the phone have immensely edifying experiences and gain valuable insights that cannot come from any other source. Phone psychics are a great way to help boost an overall proactive understanding of life itself.

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