How to Fix a Soggy Yard

A soggy yard is no fun, and can actually lead to serious damage to your home. The good news is that you don’t just have to live with a wet yard and there are several different options to give that soggy lawn a new, drier life.

Improve Aeration

Soil that is compact will lead to standing water in your lawn, and by simply aerating the yard, you can eliminate this issue. One of the easiest ways to do this is by wearing a pair of aeration shoes and walking around your yard. Aeration shoes look similar to golf shoes and feature spikes along the bottom. These spikes penetrate the soil creating small holes that promote better drainage. Another option is to use an aeration pole, which will require inserting the pole several inches into the ground before pulling it out. The pole will pull plugs out of the soil to allow for better aeration.

Install French Drains

French drains Erie PA are the go to solution to prevent water from seeping into your home’s foundation or pooling in the yard. How they work is that they direct water into a trench filled with gravel. The water flows through the trench and into a perforated pipe located towards the trench’s bottom. Once inside the pipe, the water can safely empty away from the home. 

Check your Gutters

Gutters that aren’t working properly – either from damage, being clogged, or improper installation – are a major cause of soggy yards. The entire purpose of gutters and downspouts is to direct water away from your house and yard, but when they’re not doing their job, this water has nowhere to go except for pooling in your yard. Simply fixing any issues with the gutters and downspouts will go a long way to reducing soggy lawns.

Build a Creek Bed

If there are low levels in your yard that pools with water, considering building a creek bed. Creek beds will require digging a trench and filling it with rocks but it is a great way to redirect water away from your home. Furthermore, creek beds can be stylish and landscaped in a way that it improves the overall appearance of your home’s exterior.

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Reasons To Utilize Jewelry Appraising Software

Jewelers often find that they have so many crucial aspects of their business that they can not keep up with it all. This is where jewelry appraisal software comes in handy. There are several ways in which it can help you to run your jewelry operation more effectively. We will look at these below.

Increasing Productivity

This kind of software helps you to increase productivity in several important ways. It allows you to develop professional-looking appraisals, to arrange the clientele files, and all faster than ever before. This means that you can produce a greater number of appraisals in a single day.

Easily breeze through the process of developing professional proposals with consistent accuracy. It allows you to do online plotting with reset, figure up gem weights, and avail yourself of still more helpful features. Appraisals that are in progress can be easily reviewed and monitored in actual real time. This gives you ideal oversight, management, and dependable consistency.

Managing Current Clients

There is no reason to miss your follow ups on clients whom you have done appraisals for in the past. You can use this software to set reminders for important client followups so they are not accidentally forgotten. The customer database will help you to stay close to your present clients to make sure the appraisals remain current. This will help to increase your present and future business volume.

Developing Appraisals Remotely

It is entirely possible to meet a client away from the shop. This is where appraisals on the go come in handy. You can develop cloud-based proposals that you can later auto-sync up on all of your various devices as you need to make changes. The changes will auto update and re-sync automatically as well. Secure access to the proposal is available to both you and the client from any computer terminal or laptop. All you need is the password.

Affording the Software

The best feature of such software is that it does not require any large, upfront, or out of pocket expenses. Instead, you simply pay a reasonable monthly-based flat subscription fee. The powerful platform will ensure that you always have accurate and highest-quality, professional proposals wherever and whenever you need them in your jewelry business.

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Homemade Baked Macaroni


Butter/olive oil ,Onion, Garlic

Ground pork, Hotdogs

Mushrooms, Spaghetti sauce

Banana ketchup, Water

Cheese Whiz, Cheese

Salt and pepper


1. Cook macaroni shells according to package directions.

2. In a separate pan,  saute garlic and onion in butter and olive oil.

2. Add ground pork and wait till it becomes brown in color.

3. Put hotdog and mushroom, cook for few minutes.

4. When cooked add spaghetti sauce,  ketchup and water. Simmer for few minutes. 

5.. Add cheese whiz and grated cheese. Season with  salt and pepper.

6. Mix cooked macaroni shells in the sauce. Be sure to mix everything so all the shells are tasty. 

7. Put in an oven container then top with cheese. 

8. Baked in 175 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes or until cheese melted.

9. Remove from the oven and let it cool before serving. 

This is delicious.  I only used ordinary cheese but i know if i use expensive cheese like Parmesan,  cheddar and other similar cheese will enhance and level up the taste nonetheless still yummy.

How to Achieve Beautiful Look

It’s no secret that most women love to feel and look their best. Besides, when you look good, you tend to feel good. Implement these tips to get started with revamping your look.

1. Add fun accessories.
When it’s time to put together a beautiful look, always remember that the details matter. Accessories as ornate as handmade leather belts can take an outfit to a new level. Purchase a few boleros and baseball caps. When you’re having a bad day, throw your hair in a bun and add a snazzy hat. If you like wearing jewelry, a beautiful pair of hoop earrings will be lovely to wear with anything from a sundress to a denim outfit. Take your purse into consideration. You don’t want to put a ton of effort into your overall look and wear a raggedy bag. Try to either purchase a durable designer bag that’ll last and go with multiple outfits. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase a fun new purse each season. If you buy an inexpensive bag each season, you won’t have to worry about it wearing out on you.

2. Change your makeup routine.
Your makeup routine will help you when you’re ready to put forth a more polished appearance. If you’re not really experienced with makeup, that’s okay. There are millions of helpful tutorials available on sites like YouTube. However, to get started, it’s best to keep it simple. A simple, bold lipstick, some mascara and some under-eye concealer will help you create a clean and simple look you can wear on a daily basis.

3. Exercise.
The more you exercise, the better your body will feel. Exercise is important in order to get proper circulation within your body. It’s also important so that you can get the benefits of weight management. Pick an exercise that excites you and actually inspires you to keep going. If you love to dance, a good dance class will get your heart rate up, burn those calories and release those endorphins. Plus, many women admit that exercise is more for their mental health than anything else. It’s such an incredible stress-reliever. With all the benefits included in a good workout, you should get up and get started right now.

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Where to Find Comfortable Concealment Clothes

A concealed carry permit is easy to get, provided you pass the background check. Comfortable concealment clothes, on the other hand, are significantly harder to come by. Many people choose to carry in holster rather than try to find consumer clothing that is not only comfortable, but looks stylish too.

The problem is that most clothing design conceal a gun is not comfortable, or it makes the fact that you are carrying a weapon too obvious. You need to be able to trust that your clothing will get the job done and will not give away that you have a weapon, especially in these controversial times.

Some of the most readily available types of clothing are shirts, shorts, vests, and jackets. these are designed with hidden pockets or Velcro holsters that will easily contain your firearm and keep it safe without restricting your access to it. The type of clothing is perfect for an off-duty police officer or other law-enforcement official, or even for a civilian that just wants to carry their gun with them.

Certain bulky firearms might not fit as easily with in these types of clothing, but most standard weapons will. The clothing conforms to your body and provides a comfortable fit without the telltale silhouette of a gun. When it comes to undercover clothes, there aren’t many choices that are better.

Imagine being able to put your old holster away and instead carry your weapon on your side or in the pocket of a jacket—without the worry that it will fall out of that pocket or that someone will notice. Weapons make people uncomfortable, especially if they aren’t familiar with them, so take the time to invest in clothing that allows you to stay armed and protected without putting others around you on edge.

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Preparing to be a Homeowner

When you’re moving from an apartment or your parent’s house into your first home, there are a few basic items you need to purchase before moving.  Being well-prepared can ease some of the stress and frustration that first-time homeowners sometimes experience.

Prepare a Tool Kit

Typically,renters are not responsible for repairs that are needed on the rental property. Therefore, you probably don’t have some of the basic tools you’ll need to make minor repairs or to decorate your home. Some of the items you should have in your toolbox are a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, tape measure, adjustable wrenches and a utility knife. You might also want to invest in a power drill or electric screwdriver. When you’re decorating your new home, having tools for hanging picture frames, measuring and leveling will make achieving perfection much easier.

Outdoor Space

If you have been living where you were not responsible for the upkeep of a lawn, you’ll need to purchase some lawn care equipment. A mower and trimmer are essential. You may also need other items such as a rake, shovel and wheelbarrow. If you plan to have a flower garden or vegetable garden, you’ll need to invest in some basic garden tools such as a trowel and spade. A water hose is also something you’ll likely need as a new homeowner.

Preparation System

As a renter, you probably only had to make one call to report a plumbing or electrical problem. Once you become a homeowner, you should prepare a list of names and numbers of repair people just in case you need to call a professional.  Sometimes, you can get recommendations from family, neighbors or co-workers. Keep the list of names and numbers along with important papers such as insurance policies and product or appliance warranties in an easily accessible place.

As a homeowner, you have an increase in home maintenance responsibilities. You can often save yourself some money when you have the necessary tools on hand to do small repair jobs around the house.

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Typical Filipino Breakfast

My breakfast earlier was typical Filipino food. I cooked garlic fried rice, sunny side up egg and longanisa from Lucban, Quezon. We went there last Sunday so we bought longanisa, one of their famous foods. Breakfast won’t be complete without fruit. We have leftover watermelon but surprisingly it wasn’t fresh already. Well, because watermelon was in the refrigerator for three days already. We ate the half when we bought it but half was left. Well, I still ate some portion so lesson learned eat watermelon right away after you slice it. Oh well, my tummy was  happy  this morning. This only happens if I cook in the morning and if there are available food to cook.  For the record, i’m not really good in cooking but i can cook few dishes. I love to cook garlic fried rice. My ingredients for this is really simple all i need are oil, garlic, leftover rice, turmeric powder and salt and pepper. I like putting turmeric powder because of the benefits given of this powder. The health benefits of turmeric include an improved ability to digest fats, reducing gas and bloating, decreased congestion, and improved skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Turmeric has been used as a powerful anti-inflammatory in Chinese and Indian medicine for millennia.

source (


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Things to Know in Getting Car Insurance

If you are a driver in Orlando, then you will need to have car insurance orlando fl. One of the most important components of auto insurance is liability coverage. This component insures you in the event that you are assigned responsibility for a car accident. It covers medical payments resulting from injuries to passengers, drivers, and pedestrians. It also covers property damages. You could also be sued when you are liable for a car crash. Liability coverage further ensures that you are able to pay the expenses of your legal defense if one of the victims decides to sue you later.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

In essence, liability coverage for cars is comprised of the two primary components of Bodily Injury and Property Damage. Bodily injury does what it sound like. It pays the expenses for other parties’ physical injuries. This includes intangibles like pain and suffering. It also covers lost income as well as the obvious medical expenses for treatments. Taken together, these three amounts could be considerable in the event of a serious or life-threatening injury sustained in the accident.

Property Damage Liability Coverage

The second and often lesser component of liability insurance is the property damage liability coverage. This covers all of the costs associated with damage the car accident causes to the other driver’s property or vehicle. In reality, it provides crucial protection against losing your income, home, and savings if the car accident is serious. One lawsuit could wipe all of these out if you do not have sufficient property damage coverage in the event of a car accident.

Having liability insurance is more than just a smart idea. The majority of states (including Florida) require you as a driver to carry it in order to be street legal to drive. It is so very important to carry enough liability insurance that your total amount of assets are safeguarded. Every auto insurance policy is definitely not the same in this regard. This is why you should inquire closely concerning a company’s liability insurance coverage when you are considering going with that company for your auto insurance needs.

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My Experienced Being one of the Members of Electoral Board

Synchronized Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections were held last May 14, 2018. I was appointed as one of the members of Electoral Boards and acted as Third Member. Normally, electoral board consists of teachers but in case there are not enough public school teachers, who are qualified, willing and available, qualified substitutes may be appointed by the Commission, through the Election Officers (EO) . So, I was chosen though I am not a teacher.

Honestly, i am clueless on what will happen during Election Day. I am new to this and no experience at all. Bad me because i thought negative things like what will happen if someone tries to interfere the election and what if someone steal the election returns, ballot boxes and paraphernalia. I know I should not think this way and just enjoy what i am doing. Well, thanks goodness nothing bad happened. The precinct i was assigned was peaceful not only my assigned precinct but all the precincts in the school where i was assigned.

At 6 o’clock in the morning, the members of electoral boards were already in our assigned precincts. But the actual voting starts at 7 in the morning and end at 3 in the afternoon of election day. Before 7am many voters in my assigned precinct where already waiting. My duty as a third member wasn’t complicated compared to the Poll Clerk and Chairman of the Board. Basically, voter should go to my table first and see if he/she is in the voter’s list. If the voter is present in the list, the voter will go to the chairman to get the official ballot. From 11am to 3pm only few are casting their votes. Another duty of third member is recording each vote of the voter and record in a tally board. We started counting at around 3.30 and ended at 8.30 pm. After counting, we are not done yet because we need to go back to the COMELEC to submit election returns, election forms and paraphernalia. We arrived at 12.30am in the COMELEC and finished our agenda at 5am. It took so long before we finished everything in COMELEC. Well, happy because we got our honoraria through cash card. The teacher i am with that time tried to withdraw to see if there is money available but none. But it is fine because after 2 days i got the money already. Honoraria are Php 5,000 and additional Php 1,000 for transportation allowance. So total of Php 6,000 but i got only Php 5,200 in my cash card. Comelec said we will get the remaining in their office. Before coming here in computer shop I went in their office and got my additional Php500 so total of Php5,700. They said Php300 will go to the tax which for me they should not get tax from the service we did.

Well, my experience being Third Member was not hard but really tiring, imagine awake for 24 hours, had back and neck pain but i was thankful for giving me a chance to serve my Barangay. If I will be given a chance to do it again, i might say yes again.

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3 Tips for Choosing Your Future Career

Maybe you’re a high school student thinking about colleges. Maybe you’re already in the workforce, but you’re tired of transient, low-paying jobs; you want something more permanent. If you’ve been thinking about potential career paths, here are just a few ways to choose something that will make you happy.

1. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Be honest. You aren’t interviewing yourself for a presidency. What are your skills? What are your shortcomings? If you’re chronically late, a career filled with stressful deadlines might not be the best fit. If you hate dealing with people, a career spent fake-smiling at customers will be a personal torment. Make a list of things that you like and dislike, and use it to help you find a career that’s perfectly suited for your unique personality.

2. Look for Opportunities

Before you decide to invest time and money into a specific kind of education or job training, make sure that there will be real employment opportunities when you’re done. For example, before you go for an HVAC certification in Virginia, make sure that there are available HVAC jobs in Hampton Roads. Before you spend four years getting a physical therapy degree, make sure that physical therapy jobs aren’t going to disappear over the next decade. Look at growth trends for your intended career.

3. Talk to Others in the Field

It’s the age of social media, so you should have no problem making contact with older, more experienced professionals in your field. Look on websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What do they say about their jobs? Do they seem happy? Do they provide any behind-the-scenes information about what it’s really like to work in their industry? Reach out and ask them whatever burning questions are on your mind. The worst that they can do is ignore you.

These are just a few things to think about as you contemplate different career paths. Whether you’re interested in a fancy, high-powered job or a simple life doing something that you love, it’s important that you’re confident in your choices. Good luck! May your future be bright and shining!

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