Paracetamol is important to keep

Daughter had fever last Wednesday night. Normally she sleeps at 8 pm when there is school the following day. That night she was unease and can’t sleep. I never thought she will be having fever that night because she played all day long after her school in the morning. Anyway, I already closed the light so she could sleep but after only few minutes she began to vomit. I opened the light hurriedly and I saw daughter threw up everything she ate on pillow, bed sheet and floor. I cleaned her first then later on her messed. 

Child doses of paracetamol are being revised following concerns that youngsters are regularly overdosing on the painkiller, it has been announced.
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I started to give her sponge bathing while sleeping. I learned this through my Caregiving class. If you’re kid has fever you should do something to lower her fever right away. So that’s what I did, giving paracetamol and sponge bathing. I don’t have ready ice so just wet small towel and placed it on her armpit, groin and forehead. There are times from 10 pm – 12 am that she wakes up and still uncomfortable. 

At 2 am the alarm clock waking me up, I was thankful because the little girl also woke up so I gave her another paracetamol. I thought daughter will not attending school but in the morning I checked her temp again and the fever has gone. I don’t give her a bath instead just cleaned her up. 

In the school I asked her teacher to check my daughter from time to time and text or call me if something happens. Good thing I don’t receive any text or call so after 3 hours I went to school to fetch her. When we got home she plays the whole afternoon again. At night I noticed she has slight fever but not similar to the fever she had the other night. I don’t give her paracetamol because her body temperature was only 37.3°C. 

In the morning she had a bath; I do this to remove the heat in his body. Ok, to make the story short she is fine now and been attending school with no absent since this school year started. As much as I desire, I don’t want her to skip her class because the school is giving an award to any students who can complete attendance for the whole school year. Last year she failed to get this award because she has one absent, so hopefully this school year she will complete her school days and don’t encounter any fever again. 

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  1. awsss…i am happy to know that Kyla is fine now. my boys are sick now… and i hope that they’ll be fine by tomorrow especially Baby Job because we are going to Cebu on tuesday… i hope Kyla won’t have any absent so that she gets an award at the end of the school year! good luck!

  2. Just in time, I’m not feeling to well right now and I refuse to take a bath because it’s cold…

    But I think I’ll heed your advice, take a bath to let off some of the heat. I hope I’ll feel better afterwards.

  3. Nice to hear that your daughter is okay now. It really pays to be ready in case of emergencies and stocking up with meds like paracetamol really helps. Hope all is well with her.

  4. I hope by this time your daughter is feeling much better now. I give a quick bath as well for my daughter everytime they have a slight fever. It reduces the heat of the body. Some disagree with it, but we’re the mothers so we know what’s best for our kids right.

  5. My mom does the same thing. She always have paracetamols and other tablets on our kit. I also learned to keep paracetamol from her so everywhere I go, I have some tabs with me.

  6. We used to have this medicine in our house especially for our son. we had also tablet which i took incase I have a bad headache. Having medicine for cough, colds is also important.

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